11 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Talking about my symptoms and my first OB appointment! Can’t say I’m very thrilled with this doctor, watch the video to find out why! Don’t forget to watch part 2 =)

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Rhiannon Urso says:

When I was pregnant with all my babies I had a team of doctors and then you
saw one doctor per visit and then there was a separate u/s tech

Jamie Bell says:

im 11 weeks pregnant with twin and i feel movement too i luv it

Jamie Bell says:

oh no i dont like that dr. you should find another one

mizicy .tasha says:

I would find another OB, I’m in my second pregnancy. My first apt is in 8
days, and if i get treated like that I would leave and not come back! I
would actually probably go off on someone. 

LivingLoving says:

Unfortunately, that’s very common. C-sections and formula-fed babies are
the norm. And anyone who does otherwise is seen as weird, or a risk-taker,
etc. And the reason that c-section mommies don’t breastfeed as much is
strongly influenced by the fast that the ‘mommy hormone’ that is released
during birth is at it’s highest as the baby is leaving the body. But when
the baby is removed from the stomach, those cues aren’t being sent, the
hormone isn’t released like it should be, and it affects the bonding
process, which is often left incomplete. Not that they can’t bond with
their babies, but it is this hormone that promotes the strong mother-baby
bond. There’s a documentary called Pregnancy in America, and you can view
it here on Youtube; it’s an expectant couple exploring their birthing
options, and what they uncover is quite interesting and revealing!

BostonLatinxoxo says:

what a sucky Dr.!!!!

MamaLauraMUA says:

A lot of OB offices don’t have ultrasound machines, so that’s normal. I
don’t see the need for you to see a twin specialist and a regular OB
though. I would give them another appointment to see how it goes. You could
have caught them on a grumpy day.

Heather Peterson says:

Hi Jessica, I love watching your videos and Lillia is so so beautiful! I
was reading what you wrote about this situation and I have a couple
questions I was hoping you could answer.

GabeandJesss says:

@spurpayn Love you too, mommy! =D

candicherry1987 says:

I totally agree with your feelings on the doctor! Although, just so you
know, the pain typically lasts for only a few days. I have had two
c-sections and I really want to go natural with #3 when that happens, if I
can at all. I don’t think your doctor should be using such pressure
tactics. But, should you have complications and for any reason *need* the
surgery, don’t be afraid of the pain! I’m sure it’s more painful than after
a vaginal delivery, but once the staples come out pain is minimal.

XxSarahNicolexX says:

Jess, I would definitely find another OB! Doctors like that are ALL ABOUT
MONEY. Trust your gut feelings. My husband had a similar experience with a
regular doctor who just wanted money and said things like, “well I have to
make money” blah blah blah. You need to have an OB you can trust.

Pauline Chambers says:

@Missunkn0wncritic C-section is still something you don’t want unless it’s
absolutely necessary to save either the mother’s life or the baby’s
life…it’s major surgery, and makes it harder to take care of your baby
while you’re recovering. Twins can be delivered vaginally even when one or
both are breech, and it can be done safely!

SweetSeptember2010 says:

haah when I was pregnant I had to brush my teeth ALL the time because the
taste in my mouth would eventually make me throw up if I didn’t. The taste
would make me so nauseas. :(

LasienasMommy says:

This is not ur life this is Jessicas and whether she lied or not she is a
good mother Lilia is one of the happiest little girl ive ever seen. She
does not need to put her life out there ya she is like a celebrity bt she
is also a real person and all u haters r going to ruin it for ppl like me
and Lindsandbaby we love jess and support her 100% no matter….

blynnie89 says:

Jess — I watched you since you were pregnant with Lilia and now that I
myself am 6 months pregnant I just want you to know that you have
influenced me so positively. I have Cerebral Palsy and I want to try my
hardest to deliver vaginally for the same reasons. I want to bond and be
able to have my baby girl as soon as she is out, you have made me so
confident in the idea of breast feeding and I am so scared that if I need a
c-section that I have to wait an hour or so to hold my baby Thanks xo

stephanie jarmin says:

yeah me too lol

mastuhrodent says:

sucks you had a bad experience with that doc.. there are good and bad docs
unfortunately.. they need to teach better bedside manners in medical school
for sure..

aMochaMommy says:

Im not saying that all csection ladies dont breastfeed but all the factors
of birth will play a role on wether you breastfeed or not. I think that is
what Jessica is trying to say but of course her every word will be picked
apart =(

alibugbug says:

male doctors freak me out :/

stickylove1 says:

My son was born via c-section because my doctor didn’t give me a choice. I
regret choosing him and I’m still very upset about how the birth went. I
don’t remember much of the birth or the first few days afterwards, so I
don’t blame you for not wanting it if at all possible! Good luck finding a
great doctor!

EmLovescrazy says:

Ugh those DRs sound annoying

TuckerBugg says:

ONE OF THE HARDEST THINGS IVE BEEN THROUGH!! ..besides my broken leg lol

Nichole Brewer says:

My sister had twin girls last june, And Had to have a c section with them,
Because baby A was breech. They are not that bad! You hurt for a few days
after, you are certainly not in “excrucatng” pain for 6-8 weeks! You will
be fine either way. Sometimes a vaginal has more risks for twins than a c
section. Good luck!

Kinkycurlycoil says:

I don’t blame :)you r doing right

EmLovescrazy says:

Just because hes a DR doesnt mean he knows everything. Sometimes you have
to go with your instincts and knowledge.

zelda5553 says:

@emogothiicbaybee will you just shut up and leave her alone. it’s her
opinion and it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong as it’s what she feels
as being right. you need to be more careful with what you say to someone
who will probably be offended by what you’ve been saying in all these
comments. she’s not making videos for you to criticize. you either take her
word or don’t take it. make up your own mind about it but don’t judge hers.
i know you’re sticking up for others but it’s really rude.

lozis15 says:

I think the doctor was just judging you to quickly as a teenager who was
like all squeemish about having a scar or something…. he should have been
nicer… but there are soooo many risks with vaginal birth for twins but I
think its a desision that u need to talk about with a doctor who you can
talk to closer to your due date when he can see what possision they are in
and all that rather than this rude man thinking hes superior to you and
snapping at you early on….

mpetrie84 says:

after thinking about this who cares! so she decided to have a baby young so
what , shes doing a great job at it so whats the issue? Granted i saw all
the questions and i am going to believe that she lied about how it happened
but im over it im still going to watch! This is Youtube , its not the end
of the world what happens on here.

Amanda B says:

Midwives deliver twins ALL the time, not all twin pregnancies are high risk

munazza m says:

jessica-i wish to apologise to you for my previous comment. i said that if
you lied then you have decieved us and that it is our business. i take it
back. i only had to read your mother’s comment to realise that every
negative comment about your ‘lying’ are the real lies. again im sorry. you
are a fabulous mother and im going to obviously keep continuing to watch
your videos. xx

xXCozzyCautionXx says:

cute bra

michaelsmommy89 says:

Hey jess maybe think of home birth I’ve seen lots of videos on youtube
where they have the twins at home :)

Alycia Nance says:

Jess, I’ve been watching you from the beginning when I accidentally
stumbled upon one of your videos! I personally love them. They are so
informative and I know when the time comes for me to be a mommy I’ll be
better suited! (just because of how much I’ve learned from you and the
other viewers) Thanks for taking us on this incredible journey (your life)
because we ALL know, supportive or not, that you DON’T have to! Love your
videos, girl! Go hug that beautiful baby and remember why you do

stephanie jarmin says:

same here.

HazardousAmusement says:

@HazardousAmusement (cont.) Yes i understand that lying is wrong but come
on people. I see how you feel you ‘know’ her from following her videos for
a long time, but i don’t find this such a big thing t be freaking out over,
then again it may just be me lol.

stickylove1 says:

My son was born via c-section because my doctor didn’t give me a choice. I
regret choosing him and I’m still very upset about how the birth went. I
don’t remember much of the birth or the first few days afterwards, so I
don’t blame you for not wanting it if at all possible! Good luck finding a
great doctor!

LaurensMusic15 says:

I’m so sorry you had to deal with that kind of doctor. And good for you for
looking for a different doctor! It’s important to have a doctor who listens
to you and works with what you want and answers your questions. I love your
vids and I will always support you! 😀

MauiMama_toKianaPlus1ontheway says:

So that was @MissCarly84 actually my Apologies Jess not twords you

lukeandmelissa1 says:

i had to have an emergency c-section and i really struggled to breast
feed!!! i had to pump as i couldnt get my son to latch onto my nipple and
then my milk dryed up after about a month and i was very upset that i had
to use formula!!! im sure it was the c-section i think jess is right to try
for a vaginal birth!!!! hope it goes your way jess =]

Lori Huber says:

It’s so hard to recover from a C-section. There is a lot pain..I truly
believe mine was done because my Dr wanted to go home…I successfully
delivered my 2nd daughter and she was exactly the same size….

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