11 weeks and 4 days pregnant with twins…ultrasound…symptoms…belly shot

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IVFCaliGirl says:

yaaay!! Congrats on the graduation! 😀 I graduated from my fertility dr.
last thursday! I go in for my 1st ob/gyn appt. next Wed. I got to hear the
heartbeat again at my last appt. (170 bpm) and the dr. says everything
looks great!! I’ll post the vid but it will be private and I’ll send ya an
invite. I haven’t posted any vids in a long time, we have just been so
busy. Your babies are so cute, they’re getting so big!!! Miss and <3 ya!

randv213 says:

@IVFCaliGirl first im gunna say ditto on what I said to jluna914, and then
I totally cant to see your little bean…yay for us preggo moms :) I
totally miss seeing your videos, cant wait til you post!

jluna914 says:

YAY! So EXCITING! You look so great! Your face is just glowing! Your two
little ones are so precious! I’m glad you got to see them move. I can’t
wait for that day! As you know I’m 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. My HCG
numbers have been acting up. 1st was 5,986 2nd. was 7,530 3rd. was 10,797
and 4th. was 18,685. She said the last number look good so not to
worry….Even though I am! I go back on Friday for another ultrasound.
Hopefully there will be a heartbeat:)

Marianna Havlitusova says:

Belly is geeting rounder and rounder. So cute.

willConceive2011 says:

happy to hear from you. babies look great!!

IVF Mumma Vlogs says:

awww vicki! thats so cool and you are sooo close to the 2nd trimester too

MM0600 says:

So happy you got to see them both! That’s so awesome!

randv213 says:

@jluna914 omg I am so happy…you have a major miracle in your belly and I
am praising God all the time for our miracles…wow!!!

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