10 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!

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Sally Parker says:

Did you know that having hair growing faster than usual on your legs is an
old wives tale meaning your having a boy? (Obviously just a hormonal thing
but if your doing an old wives tale video before you find the gender, to
see if they comply to you or not, you could include that). Although I think
your having one of each!!

shiny753 says:

Ideas: Baby Buys Favorite baby products?

MissLea922 says:

I might very well be baby movement since your having twins.

Nichol Micheaele says:

Don’t scratch it!

jessedholm says:

i felt my second and third babies way early. At 10 weeks!! So it can
definitely be some movement.

kitq89 says:

Damn iPad haha as I was saying it’s still early to tell but I am hoping it
prevents stretch marks. Fingers crossed!

AleeSha Jennings says:

I heard you can recognize movement earlier in later pregnancies because you
would already know what it feels like.

choubleubh says:

month to month can sometimes be worse because my landlord would raise the
rent by 10-20 dollars each month until we finally moved out then they
wanted to keep the whole security deposit!! yea right!

aenize4444 says:

@MakeupMeLove I think they are monthly instead of weekly now :) although i
dont know for sure

drpjjl says:

your so lucky if ur actually feeling movement at 10 weeks!! im 33 weeks
pregnant and i only starting feeling my baby girl about 9 weeks ago due to
the position of my placenta. best feeling in the world tho :)

nevaehsmomma83 says:

Congrats!! U might be feeling movement….i felt my 2nd child at 10 weeks 5
days and everyday after that which is odd especially for me cuz im a bigger
girl. My first I didnt feel till 17 weeks

mdawnk says:

yesterday my friends had a natural birth of healthy beautiful twin boys!!
excited for ur twins!

KyraIsFunny14 says:


Ellie Jones says:

i have heard that with your second pregnancy you can feel it earlier and i
have even heard 10 weeks so may be! 😀

SupaDupaCwazy says:

I’m so excited to find out the genders(: I had a dream that it was two
boys! lol and then I had another dream that you went for another ultrasound
and they found nine fetuses..lol

OfficiallyStelzer says:

You deff have a baby bump!!!So cute!!! Stay healthy and happy!

kaboooooosh says:

feeling movement in second pregnancies occurs earlier than in first

Sasha Radanovic says:

What colour hair are you going to dye ?

Amanda Love says:

woot woot wedding in turlock :) my motherinlaw has a wedding decorating
business if you need help…just throwing that out there :)

jjpuppylove1 says:

she is soo cute

GabeandJesss says:

@Lindybugg Ohh I had no idea! How cool!

trinitygirl81 says:

@shannonst95 The older baby gets, the less week to week changes. I would
imagine if she did 2 week updates now, there wouldn’t be as much new stuff
to show us. Also, I imagine things are going fast for Jess at the moment…
big and exciting things. I have a feeling that we are about to see a whole
lot of Lilia “The Big Sister/Mommy’s Lil helper”. I’m looking forward to it

MandeeTheGreat says:

they say you feel movement earlier with twins! there is twice the baby in
there. Id say its definitely possible you are feeling flutters at this
point :)

sydneyelizabeth16 says:

She’s starting to look more like you!

Crystal Santos says:

how many teeth do your daughter have? My niece is only ten months n she has
almost 10 lol. it kinda crazy.

GabeandJesss says:

@katemanning3 Great idea! Thank you!

kitq89 says:

Possibly try mama mio I am using the tummy butter and the boob tube cream.
Kandee Johnson raved about it a while ago so I am giving it a go and it
stops my tummy being itchy :) I am coming up for 18 weeks on thursday so

ReillyAJ says:

lol lilia is so cute! yay happy 8.5 months!

Gicelle Estrada says:

awwww twins:)

crissyfab says:

I felt movement with my twins at 11 weeks but I thought I did at 10 weeks!!
Twins is way earlier!

noreen93646 says:

Wats ur Facebook name

M Lo says:

With your second pregnancy you definitely feel movement earlier than your

nychaiisawriter says:

@MissCarly84 yep this is an urban legend, stretch marks are caused by the
skin stretching lol.

RanDamn777ShoreT says:

I felt my daughter move at 14 weeks and with this pregnancy i felt it at 10
weeks so its possible you really are feeling them move

beccanbrad1 says:

how is cloth diapering going for you?

Anastasia Beavenhausen says:

I felt movement at 13 weeks with a singleton, so i reckon it’s possible !

MyLifeinStyle says:

try not to pay your self out of the lease if you can help it. if you do pay
out it will go on your renters history and other land lords might not rent
to you for breaking a lease.

Mykayla LaBelle says:

Shes too cute…!!!<3(:

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