10 weeks pregnant + belly shot

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RacomaRee says:

congrats fellow prego mama!! so exciting!! I created a pregnant skin care
video for fellow prego mamas like me!! hope you can check it out! Good

paigexcorefan123 says:

your husband is looking forward to being a MOTHER of 2? lol cuz ur like “im
really looking forward to being a mother of 2, and so is my husband, hes
really excited”

22708love says:

Thanks =) And no not recent, I am now 24 weeks pregnant..i found this video
and wanted to post it to help keep my progress. And thanks moni22poni :))

tammyann15 says:

cute tummy button!

alicia anderson says:

r u sure its june 6th? im 10 weeks today and im due in sept.

moni22poni says:

u look nice with either hair color!

Marisol AG says:

Hey girl, I’m gonna have my first baby, I’m 11 weeks. And I’m so glad to
find a pretty girl like me lol who isn’t look like an anorexic pregnant
like other. You just got me the idea to start a recording my pregnancy or
something like that. Regards from Mexico. And Congrats!!!

Amber Nesseth says:

Im so jealous!!! im 12 weeks and u cant even tell,and i was like well im
rly skinny ull be able to tell bit NOOO lol

kingofpop4eva says:

Ha this was recorded on me and my moms birthday

Natasha Jenner says:

Wow your huge for 10 weeks. I’m 10 weeks and you wouldn’t know

Walt Jones says:

Me and your baby have the same birthday wow

PillowTalk says:

this isnt current is it

seasara10 says:

good lord,, you look like an attention seeker. And the fact you keep trying
to get your breasts in the shot isnt helping your case.

cjellwood says:

i thought you had a giant mole on your hand lol

carla alvey says:

u look really pretty milf lol im 22 weeks at the mo and i have had nuffin
no morning sickness nuffin

forcedto give namehere says:

hey what brand of belly band is that there is just so many!!

karen li says:

Hi i like your jolly attitude. I’m expecting my third soon and very happy.
Nice video -KL

roseannmoore21 says:

Hey I am roseann and I am 10weeks pregnant and I whould like to be ur
friend on facebook if u have one look me up roseann moore k

22708love says:

@Teenmummytobe- Thanks, I am currently 24 weeks but i wanted to upload this
video even tho its old lol =)

akozloski23 says:

My birthday is June 6th 😀

Macnavor says:

A pregnant woman is a beautiful creature in a state of pure bond, and
extraordinary bloosom, the ultimate stage for womanhood that creates this
insane facination in my mind! So mysterious curves rounding the infinite
and awesome glow!

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