10 & 11 Weeks Pregnancy Update with Twins | Meeting OB & Belly Shot

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10 and 11 Weeks pregnant with twins! We had our first intake appointment with a nurse through Kaiser, and then met our new OBGYN Doctor.
We’re finally pregnant with baby #1 (and #2!) through our first In-Vitro round, after years of trying to conceive and struggling through many failed IUI’s.

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infertility whyme says:

I hope you start feeling better soon!! You’re ridiculous, your bump is

pinkfairydust83 says:

Makes me feel super excited, we should be, fingers crossed, having our eggs
retrieved in 2 weeks!! Its all happening so quickly! Wish you a healthy and
happy pregnancy! X

Butterfly Mama says:

Yay for nearly being in the second trimester! 

VAD IS RAD says:

the outtakes were so funny :) hubs – “full frontal this time!” hahah. hope
you start feeling better soon! <3 <3

aneshiacbundy says:

Hope you begin feeling better very soon

Someday Mama says:

Another week pregnant with our 2 miracles!! Still can’t even believe it!

barbiediva231 says:

You should remove your piercing it will cause complications later in the

TeenMommy2be says:

One hott momma you shpuld be proud!!!

Claire Wolfe says:

new subscriber!
happy i found your channel. congrats on the twins 😀 x

Victoria R says:

Yay belly shot!! Very cute bump does not look like fat lol. Omg I better
call my ob I did the same thing!!!! We graduate Wed from the ivf clinic : )
try to make some nutritional juices that’s what ive been doing. I know it’s
hard some days you just don’t want anything… Good luck hun!

Teasapetal says:

Yay! What a cute bump shot:0) I remember being confused about seeing my RE
and transitioning to a regular OB as well. It was one of those
communication things that was not very clear at first. But it worked out,
and I’m glad things are flowing smoothly for you guys too.

Sarah Fleming says:

Hi there!
It’s soo exciting to watch you go through this! ( aside from the constant
nausea:() but my hubby and I are starting ivf next week- and I am super
nervous… So watching you be candid and honest about everything is making
me a little more calm. Thanks! And I hooe the nausea quits soon for you!

Erin Locke says:

You look great, hang in there… Hopefully the nausea will stop soon!!!! I
just got my second beta today and it went from 439 to 1,037. We go in for
our first u/s in 2 weeks and am so anxious to find out how many are in

Natty love says:

i have Kaiser also and when i did my health history and i had to put down
that my dad side had alot of diabetics so when they seen that I had to do
the drink early. I glad i did because i indeed had the gestational
diabetes. No fun. Hope to hear more updates and belly shots. :)

Wanda Soto says:

Hola yo me lo quiero hacer pero tengo miedo que no salga embarazada y

Eventual Momma says:

Your bump is so adorable! It’s definitely not just a pouch. Do you find
yourself constantly trying to catch your breath or feeling short of breath?
My sister said that she feels that way all the time.

Jennifer Miller says:

Kaiser does a glucose at the start to get a baseline. They will do another
one later on. I was surprised too. 

Kayla Hernandez says:

Hi, My husband and I are looking to do IVF can you tell us how much is

Alissa Kelley says:

Congrats for starting with your OB! Love following your story. I had my
transfer 2 days ago. I transferred 2 perfect embryos…one hatching and one
already hatched. Can’t wait for my 2ww to be over! 

Dyslexic Heart says:

Hope you feel better really soon. I’m sure it will all be worth it. Hugs :)

BabyHopes13 says:

So glad you like your OB! Good to hear everything is going well, I hope
that nausea goes away soon. You look so great! 

Deborah Hayden says:

Hi, I’m just wondering did you have Icsi or just normal ivf? 

Carla Albarran says:

Have you tried zofran yet? It helps a lot with the nausea.

Emma Rey says:

I was sick my whole pregnancy with my twins , I drank hot tea that helped
me :)

Christina T says:

u look different, your face and skin. I think you have ”the” glow : )

aneshiacbundy says:

I was good until this week 13 and rather i eat or not im nauseous or
throwing up smh i thought i would miss this!!

staysea243 says:

Hey Someday Mama,

Congrats on your twins!!

I’m 27 (pretty young to be doing IVF- like you) but my husband had
testicular cancer, and we haven’t been able to get pregnant.

I just have to say it’s SO wonderful to have your videos to watch! My
husband and I will be starting the IVF process this week, and I was going
into it so fearful, nervous, and negative until I found your channel.
Watching how positive, upbeat, and lighthearted you are has inspired me to
change my attitude. Although you’re already through IVF, the videos make
me feel like I have someone to go through it with.

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that you’ve helped answer a lot
of my questions, take away some of the fear of the unknowns, and really
inspired me to be more positive and grateful.


surromommy2012 says:

Do u have an instagram?

muffywille says:

Hope you feel better soon! When I was pregnant with my twins I was still
feeling sick until 17 weeks or so!! I did end up getting a prescription for
Zofran and it helped the sickness but kind of backs you up(tmi) And the
chocolate Ensure drinks were a life saver for me!

V Loves Stationery, Natural Living, Homeschooling, & Thrifting says:

you look wonderful! congrats.. new subscriber here!!!!

ConceiveABaby says:

functional! lol :) Hope you feel better soon too!! It’s such a lonnnnggg
time to feel consistently sick! You won’t know yourself when you aren’t
actually suffering from nausea anymore!

Cristy Boo says:

How tall are you?

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