WEIRD SHAPED BELLY FROM SEPTATE UTERUS – The Bumps Along the Way Pregnancy Vlog

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PandasGaming says:

Omg either her stomach is really small or Bryan has a huge hand xD

Lisa Bookram says:

That belly is huge and wierd shaped!

KatieExtras says:

How did you not get one stretch mark ! Your belly is perfect !

Sha721 says:

I had a line when I am pregnant & after I had my daughter I had it for

Ellen Munsey says:

What does the line mean? You see it on some women’s baby bumps but not

sithious3 says:

Such a lovely belly~

Christina Green says:

Cool can not wait when my baby it w girl☺ and I am getting marrie

DanaKnowsItAll says:

Hey, I don’t know for sure, but they say you shouldn’t expose ur bump to
direct sunlight, because of UV rays and what not?

techieleader1 says:

You look nice pregnant. What was it like being pregnant? Am what did our
belly feel like? I’ve never felt a pregnant belly before.

Maylin Area says:

“Mix him like a margarita!” I said “Shaking him up.” before he said that.

Nancy Grimes says:

I can’t wait to meet him!!

gemacutieputtutie says:

Lol ive henn watching you’re videos for awhile now and I just noticed Bryan
looks exactly like my math teacher haha awk..

Missy Lanning says:

Oliver was my 3rd pregnancy. I had a 10 week loss and then a 20 week loss
before Ollie.

nene styles says:

how come its like that feel bad for u looks like it really hurts

victoriapottle says:

I just found your channel! Love it! I have uterus didelphys which is a form
of Bicornuate uterus but I have two completely separate uteruses. My belly
was the same shape!

debbiegucor says:


Jess Symes says:

I liked this video – but not because Oliver is being naughty and hurting
missy, but because that belly is just so big and cute! This was such a cute
little video of it. Not long to go now guys! Can’t wait to see little

plussizemommy2B says:

That is so strange. He looks baby sized already. Lol.

AlwaysEmily20 says:

Missy, I got the linea nigra when I was 10 weeks pregnant, I’m currently 18
weeks pregnant and the line is halfway above my belly button.

Missy Lanning says:

Ok, thank you for telling me.

angelai caro says:

Someone with the usarname pregnantguide10 uploaded your pregnancy surprise
video as their own. You might want to report this to youtube.

Vyanh Vo says:

Missy! I love your videos! I just commented on both of the videos on their
channel and asked them to take it down. It’s so annoying that people take
your videos and make it their own!

Cara Thames says:

I have that baithing suit XD

Jerry Vargas says:

Cool wat u had twins…. My moms having twins both girls n me n my sis r
girls not twins im 10 my sis 9 n my moms belly is big as hell

MrRiffraff84 says:

*kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss*

Denaderoode says:

My belly was as huge as yours with both my daughters! The first one was two
weakes overdue and the second one was 6 days to early

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