VLOG: My new body! (before and after tummy tuck and breast lift)

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Here’s the pictures!!

And here is my surgeon, who is AMAZING:

PLEASE don’t think that I am promoting surgery- I am very much focused on tightening what you can with strength training. But in all honesty, I lost this weight the correct way, and strength training couldn’t take care of all my loose skin…

Just my thoughts anyways :) Have a beautiful week, my makeup geeks!!
MUCH love,
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4lifetamina says:

*I agree you **+Huawe011** One of its greatest points is that it is
*powerful w/o applying laser devices, medicines or something different*
*which is possibly dangerous. The only technique this system applies*
*a workout w/c confirmed to get rid of cellulite naturally just tat quick.
*tried it myself and it was great.*

Debra Mozqueda says:

Hi! This is actually my first time watching your videos and I am interested
in getting a tummy tuck. I have been thinking about it since 2 1/2 years
ago but a lil scared of how the process will be since my kids are still
young. I have been bugging my husband for a tummy tuck. I had 2 c sections,
lost weight but I still have that pooch and extra skin I do not need.
Finally my hubby is telling me I can get it but I am just worried of pain
wise and the process

Christine Jones says:

That’s so awesome and I’m proud of you girl for losing all the weight keep
up the Great work out and make up videos for us peeps. I had a breast and
tummy tuck to and love I say love my results! After 8yrs my 34D & tummy is
still tight. My 2 other sisters have gotten it done as well. Awesome
blossoms to you and your achievements!

Katy Cat says:

This is the only time i think you should go for a tummy tuck, you did

Val Bartolini says:

YOU LOOK AWESOME BOO!!! You deserve it! And you don’t have to be nervous
about showing ur tummy cuz ur gorgeous. …but I do give u serious props
for having the balls to show in front of so many!!!! I just admire u so
much! OMG IM SUCH a dork….I love sundays cuz I have a day off and I can
sit and watch ur videos!!! I know this video is an old one and I’m sure
you’ll never see this but I had to comment anyway! !!! 

Kelly Lloyd says:

are you going to get your thighs done too to balance everything out?

I Am Kimber says:

I think you are beautiful inside and out

lflipsss says:

So cute! Enviable figure.

Mariana Douglin says:

Haters are haters, no matter what, after all people who place videos in
here must expect comments, unfortunately not always good, but no one is a
golden coin.

Mermaid Al N says:

“If you’re not healthy, You’re not happy”.
So true. Love it.

Samantha Retzer says:

SO Awesome! I am with Plexus and I’m losing weight already BUT I KNOW I
will need a tummy tuck. This is inspiring! please follow me as i post about
my weight loss journey.

Carolyn Hare says:

Thanks for sharing your experience. Love your voice and attitude. :)

rockyourheartandsoul says:

I’m proud of you :) I’m needing to lose weight so hopefully I can get that
going. A family friend lost tons of weight and I know she’d b more happy
with a tummy tuck but who knows. You look awesome & I know this was from
forever ago but congrats I know its really hard work!

JRLM says:

Fighting gravity….. Nice results… My wife wants this.. I told her I
like her the way she is… But seeing how happy you look.. I might just
give her what she wants. 

ciriusn says:

If you are Happy, who am I to judge your decision, but me personally I
prefer the good/hard workout method, because only that way your body slims
down evenly and in a healthy way. And in the end if you end up with some
persistent fat, maybe a lipo. But like I said, if you are happy, that’s
what matters!! 

Stephanie Mclean says:

Seeing some comments on this video annoys me so much! She has lost an
amazing amount and surgery isn’t the easy option. No matter how much
exercise you do some peoples skin won’t return to ” normal “.

I have lost over 100lbs and workout 6 days a week and I’m currently looking
into skin removal/breast surgery. I don’t think that makes me a cheat.

Being confident and happy in your own body is important to many people and
no one should judge someone for having surgery.

Mariana Douglin says:

Why she did not exercise? someone asked? a tummy tuck is to eliminate
excess skin, that cannot be worked with exercises, so dumb!

Bernieriz Collazo says:

Hi Marlena I have been watching your videos about a year now. And I love
them!!! You seem so Humble and beautiful in and out. You are truly an
inspiration. Now I’m trying to watch all of your old videos lol keep up the
great work❤️

Sabrina Pass says:

How much did the surgery run you for? I’ve heard it’s very expensive but
I’m looking into having the same work done. I lost 120lbs and you can only
tighten up but so much skin with exercise. 

rayallen226 says:

Why didnt u just work out??

Robert Prior says:

Looks great!! I will recommend it to my wife anytime!!

Candice Fandrei says:

Your tummy tuck reminds me of my hysterectomy and I know that must have
been painful. Congratulations on your success and good luck. Take care and
God bless

Yvette EvyEve says:

The way I look at it, God didn’t make plastic surgeons so they could

Erykah M says:

After my lipo I changed my Gerdel from the one they gave me . With that
mess up the form on my body?

Tristan Santos says:

she seems very nice and demure.

G0DSGL0RY83 says:

You look wonderful! I’m considering the same procedure. TFS

Sabrina Pass says:

How much did the surgery run you for? I’ve heard it’s very expensive but
I’m looking into having the same work done. I lost 120lbs and you can only
tighten up but so much skin with exercise. 

Anna Witte says:

I just got a breast lift and implants 6 days ago! Not really in pain but
taking it easy so I don’t pull anything. I find the recovering and not
doing much the hardest part.

Jennifer Johnson says:

Thanks so much!,,,you look fabulous!

qultaholic says:

awesome! Yoou look great.

Breanna theawesome says:
Mike Mania says:

You look great I also just lost 90 lbs been posting on YouTube . I was
thinking of the tummy thing aswell lol

salozmen29 says:

Damn you are hot.

sona Jah says:

Your so beautiful, and I know exactly what you went through I still have my
tummy and just waiting for the day to do what you did and feel complete
with how I look on the inside burst out to the outside.. 

EliteMexicanxX says:

What’s yo # 

ladycellus says:

thanks for sharing

Thin Thin R says:

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I was thinking of doing the
same procedures for myself in the future.

chrisluisangel says:

wow!! you are sooo beatiful. im in love with your face!!

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