Twin Pregnancy Belly Progression | Week by week timelapse photos

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watch my belly grow throughout this miraculous journey.
We’re finally pregnant with baby #1 (and #2!) through our first In-Vitro round, after years of trying to conceive and struggling through many failed IUI’s.

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Someday Mama says:

Its amazing what our bodies are capable of!! A miracle.

Serramist says:

the babies are so beautiful. I am so happy for you both. Congratulations

Christina Reichert says:

Are they identical or fraternal??

Holly Dillmann says:

Love the names you’ve chosen for your new lovely ladies! My Grandpas name
is Melvin but he has always gone by Moe. So, that name has a very special
place in my heart. Congrats! x 

VAD IS RAD says:

congrats!! they are beautiful!!! <3 <3

Amber Nicole says:

Oh ma goodness. I don’t know you and I just cried for you when I saw those
sweet babies in your arms. Congratulations <3 I cannot wait to hear your
labor story when you’re ready to share it!

Three Drops of Sunshine says:

You are no longer Someday Mama….but Mama 4 Real! God bless you and your
entire family. :)

Karlie Jade says:

HOORAY!!! omgoodness lol Gwen is at the top of our girls name list haha!!!
so i totally love their names they are GORGEOUS!!! and the girls are just
adorable!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! xoxo

Luciana Nogueira says:

Congratulations! Parabéns in Portuguese!

pesha8 says:

Girl YOU DID IT!!!! You are a MAMA now <3 I am beyond thrilled for you!
I’ve followed you the whole way. Your little girls are precious! WTTW
little ones

Blessedwithamiracle says:

Congratulations. Such gorgeous little princesses

Gladys Cruz says:

OmG…… im so happyyyyyyyyy everything went well…. congratulations and
God blesssss,

barbiediva231 says:

Awwwwww congratulations on the birth of your twins. They are so beautiful.
I too am pregnant but due in January. I cant wait.

WaitingforaDarling says:

Congrats!!!! You had them on my original due date :) they are gorgeous!!!!

Falking Around says:

So cute Jenna!! Big jump on week 31!! Your girls look beautiful!!!

Ruby Bleu says:

Ahhh your girls are here! A huge congrats sweets. They are absolutely
gorgeous x

Michael Cave says:

Beautiful babies. Congratulations!

Amanda Goebel says:

Wow, they are God’s perfection! Perfect little angels!

Kara Boling says:

Too precious, what an amazing process with the happiest ending. I am very
happy for you, they look like their daddy!

Naturallyorz says:

Congrats, you and the girls look beautiful!!!

BabyC Belly says:

Yay!!! Congrats!! They are beautiful just like their momma! 

Babygoodwin says:

They are amazing! They look like little dolls:) congrats hunny!!!! XO

MsPinkFrosted says:

They are lovely!!! Congratulations darling!!!!

Eventual Momma says:

Omg they are so adorable!! Congratulations mama!

Victoria Journey says:

They are absolutely beautiful mama!! Congratulations on your successful
journey with IVF :)

wendy chea says:

oh My God! Congratulations!! they are precious!!! I have been following you
for a long time, you have been an inspiration through our journey, and your
videos have helped me a loooooot…..! My husband and I are currently on
our 2ww first time IVF, and the wait it’s starting to get intense… Seeing
this now just made me so happy! Again, congrats to you and your husband.
God bless your beautiful family =0) !

Gina Moncada says:

You looked amazing all though the pregnancy and now you have your
beautiful, precious baby girls <3 I’m so glad everything went well, did you
get to have a natural birth? How long were you in labour? (you were already
3,5cm dialated before induction! lol).I,m so exited for you! A HUGE
congrats to you and your husband on your baby girls and for the end of one
journey and the begining of another 😀 x

Joy in the Journey says:

Congratulations! They are beautiful!!!

Kelly O says:

Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! The girls are beautiful and the names are
very fitting :) I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and your husband. I
hope we can look forward to another vid when you get adjusted. Absolutely

The Awesome Fossums says:

Such a sweet surprise at the end!!

Jessica Cox says:

So happy for you! Your sweet girls are darling! 

Ashley Coleman says:

Beautiful babies!! Congratulations.

TinksiehTink says:

Oh wow! Congratulations <3

Jordan Nickel-Dubin says:

You are so gorgeous!

Lauren Stelte says:

a million congrats! I’ve been watching all along and I even became
pregnant with twins via IVF during your pregnancy so I’m so thrilled to see
those precious girls and now I’m kind of sad the pregnancy updates will be
over! All the best to you and your family.

Becky Bee says:

Congratulations. Can’t believe u have had the twins I’m 37 weeks pregnant
today and found ur videos at the start of our pregnancies. It’s crazy u
have ur babies already makes it seem more real it’s my 3rd baby n I can’t
believe how fast it’s gone. :) xxx

Andrea Warren says:

I don’t normally write on here but I have been keeping up with your
journey. I cried when I got to the end of your vid. What a great ending.
Thank you for sharing your journey it has been amazing. Congrats to you
both xxx

living the life says:

Congratulations!!! Would love to know how the birth went. Can i ask if they
were born naturally or via c-section? Thanks.They are beautiful

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