Stretch Marks From Pregnancy!

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This video is about my stretch marks I got on my belly from my pregnancy with my son & how it looks now 1 year postpartum. They faded dramatically over the past year naturally without any treatments.


LifeStreisand says:

+9showstopper *I agree with I noticed a dramatic difference*
*in the appearance of my skin and body after a few*
*weeks of following there exercise program. My*
*lower body is tighter and more toned and my*
*cellulite has started to disappear.*^^

roxana Carolina Cocina says:

I was lucky no marks What I did was to use different oils every morning and
night plus I rubbed oil on my belly at work during my break 

alijoification says:

My stretch marks came in a weird order: boobs, butt, thighs, stomach. ech.

Pami Manu says:

Before trying any expensive surgery, you have to consider some 100 %
natural treatment solutions for stretch marks

Anna Shaw says:

To everyone spamming and bashing… Shut up!!! I’m pregnant with my second
kid and I have stretch marks. Now mind you, most of them are from my first
pregnancy, but it wasn’t from “pigging out” it was because my daughter was
over 10 lbs. I didn’t get them until the last week and there wasn’t
anything I could do about it. Truth be told, IT IS GENETICS! Any
Dermatologist with half a brain will tell you that!

fuckyoutoads says:

Eww your kid is black thats fucking gross…have fun being a single mom you
dumb whore.

Ava Collier says:

Before attempting any expensive surgery, you should consider some natural
medication for stretch marks

Gissie D says:

Plaster them straightaway with caster oil and zinc and support tights.they
need creaming.

Nikole Ezra says:

where else did you get your stretch marks?

Lawana05 says:

+Pami Manu>>>Before trying any expensive surgery, you have to consider some
all-natural therapy for stretch marks

Lila J says:

Just use a loofah and viatamin e oil and those should be gone in about 4-8
weeks. Do not exfoliate more than twice a week to allow cell turnover.
Had mine for 6 years and they were gone in 2 weeks. Try it, it works!

Sandy Castellanos says:

Thank you for sharing my son is a miracle I know a lot of women say that
but he is my 7th pregnancy and only child at almost 40. I was a trainer so
you can say I was vain about my body… there’s nothing I would change my
“tiger stripes” are a reminder of his 9 months living inside safe and

Kyle Aressiont says:

You can clear away stretch marks, no matter if you’re woman or man, dark
toned or light, overweight or underweight

Rose-marie Lacroix says:

Thanks for sharing and being so honest about it. Makes me feel better as
i’m almost 9 months pregnant and getting stretch marks myself. You look
great !

Sarah Catcher says:

You were very brave to share your pictures. Have you tried Cozmos Elite
Scar Gel? That’s works on any sort of scar with great results. Blessings!

Kenneth Wood says:

Is Strectozine Secrets effective to completely erase your stretch mark
naturally? I’ve read numerous good things about Strectozine Secrets (look
on google search engine).

joey rollns says:

I sub when I saw the pregnant video it’s natural and mines remind me of
child birth such a blessing when u see the baby

Lizette Sotelo says:

Thank you so much for sharing . 

Bella Caesar says:

But you have a beautiful boy!!! He’ll love you forever!!!

Thea Butler says: @theaziska

rashell lemus says:

Your baby is louder then
You next time speak up!

minty xo says:

thanks for sharing!

quezcoptal says:

Me too! What I liked about the program is that it
has its work out routine that can be done at home.
Its not some wacky diet/ crazy weight lifting gym
workout routine. And in just 20-30days, my skin
has never this looked good before. Cellulite was
vanish! Thanks to that wonderful program at:
www *StopCelluliteNow* info
*of course, remove the unnecessary spaces – OH I hate the new YT filters!*

Daniel Saint says:

You are beautiful and brave for sharing this video.

MellyNVinnysWorld says:

Yea that’s what I mean lol. Yes exactly, good for you! They are a reminder
of a beautiful 9 month journey & I’ve grown to love mine. Even with all the
stares when I would wear a 2 piece bikini. Thank you so much!

brance2007 says:

You look great!! I had my baby 4 months ago and mine have not faded nearly
as much as yours. I just did an update and if you want to check it out I
show my lovely belly :) thanks for sharing

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