Pregnancy Belly Weight Gain 3-40 Weeks

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xXTheGamingEmpireXx says:

Dang dat ass

TheStrain says:

Your boobs get huge!

Jesus Morales says:

Could you feel if you were pregnate? Like would your belly hurt when it was
pressed on?

grophter2003 says:


NaturallyThriftyMom says:

Wow! I can really see big jumps starting at 32 weeks!

Kaykay Kaj says:

my mom is 30wks and she looks like ur belly when you were 40wks.

ada lopez says:

thats cute, im only 25 weeks and the picture of you at 34 weeks is what my
tummy looks like, my babys huge!!!

TheVeggieNoodles says:

good luck with your baby xxx :) i love babbies 😀

HiManusbeauty says:

this is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen

anisgt says:

I’m 12 weeks and I look just Iike in your pic..

theoriginalako says:

Aww, you should have showed the baby at the end, lol. Thanks for sharing.

awaredino says:

If u know anyone who is going to get pregnant tell them to were the same
clothes throught the viedo

Quentin Hoskins says:

my sister is 20 weeks and she looks like u were when u were 28 weeks

Vova Gilevich says:

Well.. .I did -10 lbs in 2 weeks.Open

Chumlee Luke says:

Hot belly

PanteraNeraInLove says:

W O N D E R F U L <3

DylanAndRikki says:

😮 As far as I know I am only 8 weeks and and I look almost like you did at
16 weeks x.x. I started out in a size 1 jeans lol….. :O Worse part is I
was bigger until the bloating went down.. :) Luckily my fiancee and I go to
get our ultrasound tomorrow and find out how far along we really are ! :)

angeldelight900 says:

Your 20 weeks looks like my belly after a day of eating everything and
letting it all hang out lol

Usma 2014 says:

awww cute

bayi ibu says:

nice… would like to share in our web…

evan joseph says:


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