Pregnancy Belly Progression | 13wks – 39wks and 5 days

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Wanna watch my belly grow through my pregnancy???

13 weeks – 4 days after I gave birth.

I gave birth when I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Lets chat:

Music is by my friend Gabe Hascall
Song name: I love almonds
Gabe gave me permission to use his music for my YT channel

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor asked to make this video. I own all pictures


Talia Renee says:

Thank you! And yes I do. Went through a tattoo stage when I was in my early
20’s lol

Elissa Walsh says:

Loved it, thanks for sharing! Roman’s beautiful and u look amazing! Xo

Kelseyandbaby says:

I absolutely love your harry potter stretch mark! 😀

Talia Renee says:

Thanks mom!

queenxpeaches says:

congrats love! hes such a cutie you have so many tattoos! lol love it xox

Talia Renee says:

Glad you liked the vid and thank you!

Machel Heldstab says:

LOVE IT!!!!! He is such an adorably handsome little man…. And of course
you look amazing! Love big round belly – your were a gorgeous prego mama :)

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