Pregnancy Belly Massage

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As a Physical Therapist, Prenatal Massage Instructor and a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I’d like to show you how you can massage your pregnant belly. I’m 22 weeks pregnant with twins, so it’s a perfect time. After reviewing a few basic tips and the benefits, I’ll demonstrate a few belly massage techniques.

Put on some relaxing music and follow along with this video for a therapeutic bonding time with your baby!

Tips: 1) A good time to start is the middle to end of your second trimester, especially if you are already feeling your baby(s) move. 2) Sit on your bed or a couch with a couple pillows behind your back. Avoid lying flat. 3) Use oil over lotion as lotion tends to dry out quickly. Pick something that will help you avoid stretch marks. Avoid anything with mineral oil in it. I use Baby Bump from Due Maternity. 4) Use light pressure and work at a comfortable pace. 5. Remember to breathe.

Blessings and congrats on your pregnancy!

If you would like to receive a free picture handout/download on tummy massage for your baby to help with gas, digestion and over all health, please visit my website:


damnyou2u says:

doing stuff to her preggo belly while having sex with her and fill her
stomach up with cum 

Chelsea Dyer says:

This is stupid

MyMommyManual says:

really? that’s not the advice of most doctors. always good to ask one’s
doctor though. as a PT I’d avoid belly massage on high risk pregnancies —
so could be you fell in this category.

asbynote340 says:

the amazing and wonderful pregnancy!

alex noble says:

u suck

Jessa Quimson says:

is this safe if you have a low lying placenta and transverse fetal position?

inspiringhealth says:

:) thanks. it was a JOY to video.

Jun Rohmat says:

Have always loved massages having hubby massage my pregnant tummy helps me
bond with both my baby and hubby. Lovely video and BTW, massaging does nt
induce labour, it helps relaxes both baby and mummy. Even if you go into
labour after a massage, it’ll probably be a smooth one coz your muscles are
relaxed and you are at ease….. i have two older children to vouch for

Regislive says:

awsome…i did this on my wife yesterday and she said it felt amazing!

89thejazzy says:

Is this safe even in the 1st trimester?

12valvepower1 says:

pregnancy is wonderful

MyMommyManual says:

how is your pregnancy going? have you delivered??? would love an update. xo

taib5543 says:

beautiful mother..

MyMagicMakeup says:

Loved it. My twins seemed to have enjoyed that too, too more rub shots hehe

MyMommyManual says:

Though I can’t imagine it would be an issue, I’d ask your doctor. It’s
always best to check. ^_^ Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Hope you are
feeling well. xo

MaXzYnn says:

I should try this!!

Saepul Rizal says:

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MyMommyManual says:

absolutely!!! sorry for my delay in replying. just saw this! join us at
MyMommyManual (dot) com for more tips during your pregnancy. and congrats!

MaXzYnn says:

can do this on 3-5 months pregnant belly??

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