Pregnancy after tummy tuck – 12 days post pregnancy

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Hello all! Baby boy was born on 7/20 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 in. long. Here’s a vid I just took. My post pregnancy belly went back to pre pregnancy very quickly and no new stretch marks!! I advise any of you that are pregnant and have had a tuck to eat right and exercise if you can during your pregnancy. it will help tremendously post pregnancy. feel free to email me or message me through you tube with any questions.


Sandra Caskey says:

DId you muscles get repaired with you TT.? if so did you feel like the
muscles were ripping any during pregnancy?

Tracey Michaelides says:

wow you look great!!when you had your tummy tuck did you also have to fix
your muscles back together? Asking because i have to have tummy tuck
mainly just from my muscles being seperated after pregnancy called diastsis
recti. I would need muscles sowed together and a mesh put too. do you
have a mesh?

Siobhan Samuelu says:

WOAH, that looks really good post pregnancy. Yeah, I’ve lost heaps of
weight and I’m just hitting my 20’s. I have money tucked away (no pun
intended) and was considering a tummy tuck. I was worried about a possible
pregnancy after, how did your skin cope? I don’t think much of mine would
be removed, but I’m just curious to get some advice.

melissa claire says:

that is amazing….Im 28 weeks pregnant now and hope my belly looks like
that after – WOW

jesshenry83 says:

Oh you look amazing I hope that is what happens to me! Great job and a big

xCindereilax says:

Hey hun, i had a gastric bypass May of last year and i was thinking of
getting my plastrics after surgury but you have done so amazing, i thought
if u had a child after a tummy tuck it would ruin ur tuck, no how long
after ur tuck did u get pregnat, and what suggestions do you have for me?
Im going to be getting a full body lift…

caryn1021 says:

Wow major scars!….Are those from sugery or worsed b/c of pregnancy?

samnik04 says:

You look great! Can you tell us what your workout routine was and your diet?

tina tzavara says:

hi… i am about to do a tummy tuck and i was wondering how long it takes
for the scar to desapear…

mamabful says:

wow… you look great!!! congrads on your baby boy…. and thanks for
posting your pregnancy… are you breast feeding?

momyclau10 says:


Na than says:

The easy way out.

TabascoChic says:

@andreagabrielles that baby was 8lbs. that is not little.

andreagabrielles says:

Not bad at all. I also want to know if you had stretchmarks before your
tummy tuck, and was your tummy tuck scar that high before this pregnancy?
Did you use any creams or oil on your belly? Also, since you only gained 25
pounds, I wonder if you had a little baby.

mrsemmaaskew says:

you look fab!!! im 26 years old, had a tummy tuck and breast lift last year
following the loss of 10 stone not sure what that is in lb think its about
140lb. I have just got married and we are hoping to start a family next
year however i am very worried about my tummy tuck. I don’t want my belly
to go back to what it was like pre op!!! I love my body now for this first
time in my life!! any tips??? why did you have the tuck, did you loose
excessive lb or was it a previous pregnancy?? thanks xx

Deequarius says:

@mithrandyr89 are you like 10 or something?

RN583764 says:

Wow you look great!!

jkl says:

Hey bebem, do you know why your tummy skin stretched so well with this
baby?I am assuming that you have other babies and your tummy didn’t stretch
those times, thus causing a need for the tummy tuck. It seems like because
your skin is your skin, it would have stretched really badly this time
around also?Any insight is super helpful. Im interested because I have two
kids and am thinking about a TT, but don’t want to totally eliminate the
possibility of another child.PS,you look freaking amazing.

jasmine meyia says:

I was wondering is there any way to reduce the scar? Im thinking in doing
it but Im afraid of the scar

lauramo75 says:

@firelilly08 i have jsut had a tummy tuck i am almsot 7 weeks post op i am
also a fitness instuctor, i train between 5 and 7 hours a week more when i
am trianing for an event like triathlon or half marathon i eat healthy and
i can tell you the skin was going nowhere exercise will not change the
damage done to skin from over stretching. just thought i would answer your

M Davis says:

what kind of diet and foods did you eat? you look fantastic!

Siobhan Samuelu says:

HEY! thanks for the vid. I’m just about to finish uni and get working soon
and have talked to my hubby about getting a tummy tuck before kids (maybe 7
or 8 years after it). How long did you wait after the op to get back into

Melissa341 says:

wow, I hate you! lmao.. You are lucky… dont worry about that scar tho
hon, you have a beautiful body… I got stretch marks up to my inner rib
cage and covering my entire abdomen. Cant hide something like this lol…
keep up the fitness!

Rosa munoz says:

Thank you for this video. I had my tummy tuck 2yrs ago and I think i might
be pregos. thank you it makes me feel better to see this video. I will be
taking your advise with eating better and exercise.

Paola Chica says:

sorry but I think the scar its way up ..u look good but it should been
lower . Applying scar therapy patches will help fadescar a lot. Good luck.

Sandra Caskey says:

This is amazing….How did you look before your TT if you dont mind me
asking? You should feel so happy..;)

mia12421 says:

congrats hope hes doing good u to girl!!! im so proud u did this u look

SaoirseBonnieLass says:

how soon after ur tuck did u get pregnant? I heard u shud wait at least a

Mandy H says:

You look incredible! Good to know if I ever get preggers again. I had my TT
in Feb, 2012.

Kellawanda says:

Thats awesome, thanks so much for posting! Did you also have a boob job
when you had tummy tuck or are those natural?

TheBUNNII27 says:

@buttercreamgirl Hey Im on the same boat we wanna have more kids now but Im
scared since I had a TT done a few months ago PLEASE message me and let me
know how your pregnancy went and most important the baby Thanx

Deequarius says:

@momyclau10 Calm… down…

firelilly08 says:

what i dont understand is why wouldnt someone just go to the gym and do
some cardio and eat healthy. at least then you wont have a 30 inch scar
across ur belly. but i am not bashing u. you look wonderful. very amazing
that you just had a baby. congrats to you

Nancy Cook says:

Hey thankx so much for posting this. I had a tuck in 2010 and now I’m
pregnant with my fourth. (ACCIDENT) but I was really nervous about what
would happen. Is it more painful?? Did you do anything different to prevent
stretch marks?? BTW you look great

melissa claire says:

I had my tt 10 years ago.

LadySyhoitta says:

@firelilly08 You have to understand that not every woman can lose all her
gained pregnancy weight. Sometimes, there are issues with skin elasticity
that can’t be overcome. Stretching the skin to such extremes, like when
you’re pregnant, sometimes destroys the elasticity within the skin, meaning
that, even if the weight is lost, the skin won’t conform to the body; there
will be extra loose skin no matter how much dieting or exercise one does.
That’s where a tummy tuck comes in.

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