Post Pregnancy Belly

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You may get quite a shock when you see your post pregnancy belly for the first time after you have given birth. over the months you have gotten used to an increasingly large bump – however the loose sagging mass after the event is probably something you didn’t think about!

Don’t panic – you really can put it right. Your body is blessed with quite amazing powers of recovery and in a few short days things will firm up quite a bit. You will continue to improve over time but you can speed the process up and get better long term results if you give you body a little help.

The most obvious things are a good diet and regular exercise, there is no replacement for either of those things.

However another way in which you can improve your results is by wearing a postpartum girdle. It helps to support your post pregnancy belly and will make you more comfortable in the early days. Also it helps to restore your internal organs to their former positions and encourages your muscles to heal and gain strength. The ner result is usually a flatter tummy in a shoter space of time – now that has to be a good thing!

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