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2011teenagemom says:

To all who thought I was lying in my title then why don’t you take a look
at 8:32 and watch where I try on a pregnant belly. Its not lying. :) And
thanks to all who actually care more about the video then the title. Its
not a big deal and it makes me laugh for people to get so upset over
something so irrelevant. 

xxRellznRickyxx says:

that belly is hilarious! btw what camera do you use for your videos? much
luv from London UK xx

awesomebomb54 says:

The title made me laugh! Haha loved the video !!

jasmine rayamajhi says:

Every time i see Lilly, i die of cuteness overload <3 <3 <3

Erika Lynn says:

Lol you got me! I was going to say… Your belly was not that big yesterday

Alyssa Aceves says:

3:33 Vanessa shes singing let it go!!! Lol well it sounds because my little
sister sings it the same way

fredthesheep kirby says:

Lily running through the house while yelling ‘Daniel, Daniel, Daniel’ was
SOOO CUTE!!!11<3

animefreak962 says:

Don’t wear black clothes in the summer it’ll make you hotter >.<

wasntborntofollow226 says:

We’ve had those hand dryers in Canada for a couple years now :)

beautifuldancer241 says:

Did you cut Lilly’s hair?

Hann Greenwood says:

Tracy is STUNNING!

Jasmine James says:

Bi thought you were pregernant

Kim Taylor says:

After two kids, I just have to be bloated from bread and I look pregnant –

PamelaLW says:

“sulking in the sun” > “soaking in the sun” ;)

Ashante Smalley says:

P.S do have another babyLOL

BellaHanz Al-kathiri says:

When i first read the title i was like wait .. How many videos did i miss?!
Lol! It’s all in good fun ;-)

Rosie Lalonde says:

I love this video omg!!!
Lilly shopping =best part
She’s talking so much now it’s so adorable 

AmbersFamilyof4 says:

Wow, I can’t believe people get so upset over the title of a video. That’s
just weird!! I would not pay any attention to those strange people. I
thought what you and David did for Mother’s Day was so sweet!! I enjoyed
this video. Lily is too cute, as always!!

Andrea Díaz says:

I was like

Abi Richards says:

It’s mothers day in America? I’m so stupid, in England it’s in March, I
thought it was all over the world! lol Happy Mothers Day USA! xxx

MayMommy2011 says:

Was the tank top Merona brand? I noticed they run kind of big sometimes. If
you’re normally a small maybe an xs in that brand would be better. You
could also just wear a bright sports bra underneath. For working out it
would be fine. 

Jamie's Journey says:

Those hand dryers work the best!

Thais Lara says:

i love your vlog and whos your bff

Allison Bennett says:

Vanessa, where did you get Lily’s pink jelly shoes? They’re too cute, I
have to get my daughter a pair! :)

Isabella Saldana says:

You don’t know about that dryer it’s in every bathroom

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