My Belly & Post Partum Pics, With My Twin Pregnancy!

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Here was my journey from pregnancy to the postpartum aftermath, with my beautiful, baby twin girls. Visit for more pics, soon videos, info, featured articles of the month, my blog, shopping for twin gear, giveaways, contests coming, clothing for mommies of multiples coming soon, and more. Website is building by the day so come on and bookmark us:)

ps- soon i will be promoting the special belly binder i thank for this entire postpartum recovery. i NEVER expected to come out of this unscaved, it’s a miracle, that you to can accomplish, and i just KNOW it had sooo much to do with this special binder:) I get asked every day how i did it so i decided, heck i’m gonna let the whole world know, soon enough! (time is hard to come by, lol)

OH and it IS possible to avoid twin skin, and stretchmarks in a multiple pregnancy. I did, and i’ll be adding all of my tips and secrests, shortly, at

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Twinpossible says:

@Thetwinpossible STOP by i meant, not top by, lol

f gayle says:

Go girl! You got your body right back! Love it! Beautiful little ones!

24378180 says:

beautiful xxxxx

thesheppards84 says:

God you are do lucky my baby’s left my belly tore up I got a ton of stretch
marks lucky they are all small a down low! Blah!!!! Congrats on the
baby’s!!!!! :)

Twinpossible says:

@fAshoo0 Thank you. At the time I felt like a barge, but in looking back,
you kind of see things differently. My only regret now, was not videoing
the entire thing. I was just so scared and in twin shock, taking weekly
pics seemed like enough for a memory, but now I wish I had vlogged the
whole time, like others on here do. *sigh*. OH well….no going back for
us, hub has made that VERY clear, so I’ll have to be satisfied with what I
got to share here. Thanks for such a LOVELY comment!

kosmoblade420 says:

u look great! and the babies r adorable congrats!

krisney27 says:

Wow mommy you are a magician!!!!! where did that belly go?

Twinpossible says:

@hohomarkopolo Thank you so very much! What an amazing comment:)

Twinpossible says:

@tsunamieyes Thank you love! *hugs*. I agree with teen wanting babies. TV
shows are actually glorifying teen moms in a sense, by paying them, and not
showing the real deal, as I was a 19 year old mom, and it could have been
worse, but I was still young. Girls wanting babies & TRYING at 15,16, 17
years old..that makes me VERY sad. Motherhood is VERY hard work. It’s not
as easy as TV makes it seem. Wait awhile. Times goes VERY quickly. You have
plenty of it. God bless you to sweetness!

karirobas says:

seriously!? bra and panties while you hold your babies?

Consider Eden says:

You are the woman that all other pregnant women call a bitch. LMAO! You are

Gabriel Gomes says:

: D

Twinpossible says:

@catdreaminginthesun Bless you honey! As long as the babies measure on
track that is ALL that matters. Some people get huge with one baby, some
get equally as large or smaller then that person with twins, it’s just
unprecitable. People should never ASS-ume, a baby or babIES health has
anything to do with belly size. I know a girl who was on #1 & looked like
she was having triplets. She had 1 4 lb. 1 ounce baby. WACKY but true:)
Congrats!! NEVER forget to take pics:) xoxo

GLbigthumb says:

Wow, so not fair, lol! You are gorgeous, I have twins too, however my twins
were enormous, 7 lbs, 11 0z and 6 lbs 14 oz! I definitely don’t think I
could prance around in a bikini now haha! Well but you look great and what
beautiful babies, congrats!

Twinpossible says:

@boombangdang Oh at 18…don’t worry about it! I got pregnant at 18, and
had my 1st at newly 19, and I gained the most weight of any pregnancy, and
everything went back so fast, it was honestly bizarre. I sware youth REALLY
helps out, so especially with 1, I wouldn’t worry at your age, which is a
benefit really. Should have had twins back then, lol. JK, WRONG guy at that
time (Long story, lol). Feel free to email me or PM me, if you want to
chat, I love to help and motivate others.

Yanellytapia says:

Waw !!! Damn !!!!ummm can we plz switch bodys !!!! Omg you have the most
incredible body after 2 bambinos !!waw im inpressed !! Im barely 18. I had
my baby 7 months ago via c section n i have strech marks all over !! I hate
my body !!! But am gratefull for my health though n baby ofcourse waw wish
you the beat n i look up to uh !!!!!

007bcom says:

Incredible (beautiful postpartum belly) I’m trying to see how non-stretch
marked skin retracts versus stretch marked skin. May I ask, how many
stretch marks did you have?

Bgirls277 says:

For twins you look good

courtneymcmillian says:


Kristin Cummings says:

awh your gorgeous! and so are your babies (: you have a nice body and
looked good pregnant

foxrabbiteater07 says:

cute ^W^

Twinpossible says:

@kt1997ful Yeah, please don’t ‘go there’ yet. You got much life to live
before having a baby, believe me. It’s wonderful when the right time comes.
Thanks so much. YES, to answer the question, it did hurt towards the end.
Sort of felt at times that my skin was ripping and might break, but it
didn’t. One baby was stretched out breech making for an unpleasant feeling,
and punches in the ribs. 2 babies stuffed inside a belly is far different
then 1, and it gets extremely cramped in there.

Twinpossible says:

@xMia311 That isn’t mean! simply a question, & 1, I would have liked to
have known, if what I expected had actually occured. My secrets, thru the
pregnancy was Palmer’s belly butter. LOVE the stuff. Keeps the skin, soft,
& elastic at the very least. I still applied it for months after I gave
birth 4 the loose skin. Also, belly binding, with the Squeem, rubber
binder. BEST purchase I ever made, and now I’m starting some light
exercise. U can bind months or yrs post baby so it’s not 2 late.

GabeandJesss says:

I’m SOOO jealous! Lol I’m can only hope and pray that my belly will look
like that when I have my boys 😛

aRawLifestyle says:

U look SO fab hun! Nice job. Very inspiring! any advice to getting back b4
baby bod?

Twinpossible says:

@notagrd LMAO…I thought so. Very true. Not a one that I know.

sootskie says:

Your body is amazing!

Twinpossible says:

Thank you kindly

Twinpossible says:

@Thetwinpossible Bind afterwards & start a slow routine of exercise, at
least movement. With a section you have to move slower, but when you can at
least walk..walk. Just don’t get down about what you see in the early wks.
Things change & quickly. You sound like you started out on a good note & I
will say that when giving birth to twins you do lose a lot more of the baby
weight. I didn’t expect so much would shed off so fast, but duh..2 babies &
placentas. YES..I did get to have them vaginally:)

LiAAAk says:

im sitting here trying to find horrible videos of being pregnant with twins
just to mess with my cousin who wants to have twins “sooo badly” and i find
this, GIRLLLL you are a lucky lucky lady!!!! i give you props for taking
such good care of your heath and diet….cuz me, im still chubby 2 years
later, good ol csections….

AutobotShadowFox says:

Wow. Looking good at the end there chica. How’s the girls doing if I may
ask? C.D.

Twinpossible says:

@LaMommy1 You are more then welcome, and thanks so much, you made my day.
God bless you xoxo

ReillyAJ says:

i literally just said out loud how is that physically possible

hohomarkopolo says:

A great chronical of the transformation. Your clothes are beautiful, they
celebrate the colour and adventure of your pregnancy. Thanks for showing
how beautiful a woman can feel during and after pregnancy. Just wonderful!
Thank you. And of course … congratulations on the healthy births –that
goes double in your case, lol!

strawberrygemini1 says:

Wow. I am definitly jealous of women like you that can bounce back to a
gorgeous body after delivering. I had one baby and my stretchmarks were so
wide, dark, and dense that my stomach looks like Freddy Crougar used it as
his sharpening post!! You’re very lucky especially for having beautiful
twin girls!!! Congratulations!

Twinpossible says:

@nicholyse The Squeem. Check out twinpossibleDOTcom/bellybinder for more.
Worked a miracle for my shape…HIGHLY recommended!

Twinpossible says:

@karirobas Seriously? It’s called a swimsuit. Ever heard of one?
DUHHHHHHHHH. Get a life!

Twinpossible says:

@MsVodkababe . They were 5 lbs 13.4 oz & The little one was 5 lbs 3 oz, Not
small at all for twins. So 11 lbs of baby in there. Still so hard to
believe. I couldn’t have fit any more lol.

sharon escalon says:

Roca Labs helps you lose post pregnancy weight gain. It is made from
Natural ingredients.

Tsunami Lan says:

You look georgeous! Congrats on your twins are dolls! Too all teens!
Pregnancy is 100% preventable you can wait. You’ll be great parents soon
enough. We love ya’ll God Bless–Kisses to you MoM

Khalea Saviour says:

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys and I to have a small
figure like yours , this is truly an inspiration for me because I am so
scared of what I ll look like after the baby, Im a nice size now but weeks
from now who : ).Just curious did you have a vaginal delivery or
were they delivered by c-section????BTW U LOOK FAB!!!!! nd CONGRATS :)

Twinpossible says:

Double trouble baby, lol. Now their song FOR LIFE. TEE HEE!

Twinpossible says:

@alleoanalovevg Thank you so kindly! That is always so nice to hear,
especially when you don’t always feel ‘So hot’….(rough childhood, abusive
relationships, body dysmorphic disorder), kind of makes it hard to believe
compliments, but I am surprised at the portpartum me & proud of myself, for
one of the few times in my life, but like I told a PP, anyone can bounce
back, if they just do a few simple things. Granted it may take more time 4
some then others, but there is always reason 4 hope.

Dalima26 says:

Wish I looked like that during my twin pregnancy. Although I wasn’t a tiny
figure like yours, you bounced back in no time. My boys are 2 now and im
just getting back to my ‘normal self’. You look amazing:)

ChenaeNae92 says:

Oh my gosh you looked amazing after

Twinpossible says:

@ChenaeNae92 Thank you honey! I feel very blessed, not in just that way,
because I didn’t hold much hope there, BUT in the way that my girls are
beautiful & thriving! THAT’S most important! I appreciate the lovely
comment! top by anytime!

sexy42087 says:

you look like the nany..

Diocela Cruz says:

Thank you so so much this is what I needed. You just motivated me. U r very

chantellkiana says:

you have an awesome body how did you get back into shape after? i just
found out im pregnant and so dont want to get any strech marks lol

Taylor LaBrecque says:


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