My 109 lb Weight Loss Journey: Dealing with Loose Skin

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Six years ago I embarked on the BIGGEST and most significant journey of my life–WEIGHT LOSS. I never thought I would lose over 100 lbs but with embracing life changes and a whole new outlook on life–I did it. To this day I continue to maintain my “new self” with a combination of fitness, a healthy diet and a positive attitude!

Today’s topic is loose skin and how I dealt with it. Please check out the other videos in my Weight Loss Series as well as my eBook, Embracing the Change.

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*Please note that I am not a certified nutrition professional. The content presented in this video is meant to give tips on eating healthier. I’m sharing what worked for me during my 100+ lb weight loss. Please check with your doctor before altering your own diet.


Figure Friendly Foodie says:

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say thank you for watching and that I you’re
find the weight loss series helpful. I plan to be back soon with some
figure friendly autumn inspired recipes so stay tuned! Sending love to you

Ashley Dufault says:

Everyone recommends Palmer’s, but the truth is, it’s crap. Same with
Vitamin E and cocoa butter. My stretch marks became transluscent just
through time. If I ever want to get rid of those, it’s surgery time.

Libby R says:

I’ve currently lost 135 lbs. And still have another 40 lbs or so. I’ve now
got loose skin on my arms, thighs, and tummy, but when I look at it I
started to cringe, but then realized, that means the fat is gone, and now
I’m looking at it as more of a badge of honor. It’s better to have saggy
skin than the health concerns that come with being overweight. Surgery is
too expensive for me, but life goes on. Thanks for posting this. 

Shelby_Wooten says:

I asked for another reason to motivate me to lose weight, and I found your
video. I’m done looking the way I do, I’m tired but always being the
“bigger friend” and the biggest person in my house. But knowing I’ll always
have these stretch marks is really upsetting, but life is what it is,
right? Here goes everything I’ve got, in one year from now I’m going to see
where I am. I’m going to do my best! And thank you so much for this video!

salam algerie says:

thank you so much for being humble and down to earth , you are gorgeous
inside out …i am struggling with my weight too but i ‘ll keep things calm
and positive ….i was seeking perfection and that stopped me from the
start , i was frustrated even before starting , but now i feel at ease to
try and enjoy what i do in every day bases , May God bless you =) 

Tanmayee Thite says:

You have said it so truthfully that you have to sweat it out and that marks
are going to be there but rightly enough you dont focus on nice! 

Aleta Sykes says:

Im so glad I found your channel it brings me to tears. I am so motivated
and inspired by your story. My inlaws too made fun of my weight actually
all of the women who got pregnant and it is hurtful and shameful. I can’t
wait to lose my weight!

Brenda Marlena says:

You look PHENOMENAL, girl!!! Not just your dramatic transformation, but how
you’re encouraging others to focus on the POSITIVE aspects of the journey,
not to be fearful about the “What-Ifs” that prevent a lot of people from
EVEN TRYING. You’re a beautiful beacon of light and positive energy- with
gorgeous skin and a heart to match!!!

Chrissy Carlson says:

Beautiful video, thanks for sharing :)

peachakina says:

Something that may help with the stretchmarks is visiting a dermatologist.
My sister had those dark purple marks on her belly and lower back after her
pregnancy and 10 months later are almost completely gone. I’m sure they
could even take a look at the loose skin and have a cream that increases
the elasticity of the skin. It is a little bit pricey, but the results are
amazing and worth it!

caz foo says:

Your absolutely right! I’ve lost 107lbs over the past year and still want
to lose 50lbs more. Yes I have lose skin but The focus is being healthy not
vanity. I work out daily and eat for health my life has completely changed
since. Having surgery is a cop out and doesn’t change your mindset or show
how to live a healthier lifestyle. Having parts of your body removed is not
right and are serious risks involved. Just working hard and thinking about
the positive effect of working out and eating clean will change ones life,
to know you’re adding years to your life should be the focus especially if
you have children and family. I know someone who had gastric bypass the
same time i started eating healthy and exercising we’ve lost the same
amount of weight but She is more saggy than me and seems miserable, I’m
more toned and happy. We eat the same kind of food, in fact i eat more
because her stomach can’t handle certain types of food, so what was the
point in having gastric? just work had on your body and focus on all the
benefits of exercise and eating clean it will change your life forever!

Rh1no1 says:

I lost 10 pounds just dealing with men. LOL (KIDDING)
Cheers, you look fantastic and are a very sweet person.

Lou Ro says:

For all those worrying about lose skin, I think what would work while
losing weight is some sort of support belt. It may get uncomfortable
eventually but it will help. 

namiko26 says:

Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I appreciate how REAL you are
and sincere you are about the loose skin and stretch mark issue :) I was
having major issues with it up until watching this video…now at least I
can accept that it’s like a “battle scar” to show where I’ve been…you
look amazing!!! Keep up the motivational videos :)

Karrie Lariscey says:

Dont ever let anyone tell you stuff to make you feel down. You can do
it,you have to try and push yourself,it takes time but you can always get
through it never give up. I thought the same thing when i was pregnant with
my babyboy. “I can eat anything i want,im eating for two.” “I can always
deal with my problems later.” No! Dont keep thinking that,start soon they
even have pregnancy exercises. Safe exercises for you and your gift? Yes!
You saw correctly! Get someone to motivate you,or if noone do it yourself.
Look at yourself in the mirror and say i can do this,i want to be happy of
the way i look. Im 16 years old and i just started exerciseing because i
got tierd of having trouble getting up off the couch because my weight,got
tierd of getting called fat. I was 175 and within 5 days or less i have
lost 5 pound,this is just the beginning. I feel better already. I am
believing in myself just like you should believe in yourself. I am still
working myself to the point i feel good but not working myself to the point
i feel weak. Diet,supplement pills and exercise is what my help is but
mainly believeing. I am happy with myself and im going to make my babyboy
proud of his mommy. :) # BELIEVE !! yall CAN do it! 

jennifersenn says:

You are truly an inspiration :) I am your newest follower and hoping to
lose weight and be a size 7 again. I am also into vintage things and love
collecting on the classic Hollywood stars. My favorite stars are Carole
Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Jean Harlow and Sharon Tate. Looks like I’ve found
someone who I have a few things in common with! (Also my real name is

Selina Portillo says:

I so want to cry because I don’t feel comfortable in my own body the way it
is. I mean I’m not hugh but I’m a size 14-15 in jeans.
I just really hope after loosing weight I feel comfortable in my new body

anybodycanart says:

You are a great healthy role choose words and messages that are
so vital for wellness, you look amazing young lady ;)

Amanda Burkhart says:

I REALLY love how candid you are. You aren’t afraid to show or talk about
the uncomfortable parts, which I truly admire. I have to say, you were
gorgeous before your weight loss, you’re gorgeous now. I am in the same
boat for the most part, but I have been struggling SO hard for years,
nothing seems to work. It’s really wonderful to have inspiring stories,
especially ones based on positivity, is SO helpful to me.

Marie-Pierre Robidas says:

If my stretch marks end up looking as good as yours, I’ll be happy!
Seriously, I am trying to tell myself I dramatize over my stretch marks as
they will fade away. It’s like I fear that they won’t fade as everybody
says that they will always be there. It’s a fact. They will be there. But
so pale that it’s minimal… A small price to pay to have children indeed.
I am still learning to accept them, but it will be easier with time, as
they fade away. I am still on a weight loss journey and trying to get my
body and my life back. Thank you for this video <3

sparky says:

Hey- I think your channel is terrific, and I think you should keep up your
positive message to others! It is a WONDERFUL message. God Bless.

ShellyToday2012 says:

wow, You just helped changed my life with your honesty…i was in a
terrible accident a couple of years ago…I am paralyzed on the left side
of my body, and as I write this I am at least 100 pounds over weight. I NOW
have diabetes, Fybermyalgia, Neropothy and possibly more issues. I have the
excuse that i CANT loose 100 pounds because I am paralyzed…I also CAN NOT
afford any weight loss and or saggy skin surgery…so, I have lots of
excuses why I DON’T even try to loose weight…Honestly….Please keep
going with your videos…you JUST NOW Helped me change my life…Its NOT
about what I CANT do….its all about What I CAN DO…focusing on what is
positive…I may not be able to go work out like you, or even go on a walk
around the block. I am in a wheel chair most the time. But…I DID NOT need
to JUST EAT 2 PIECES of Pecan Pie right before watching your video….I
have learned from you….its what I CAN DO…not what I cant do. I will
take what I learned today…and well, take it with me on my NEW way of
thinking…living. Seeing myself as a person who CAN have a future with my
grand-kids…etc…etc…etc….THANK YOU

Abby Moline says:

wooow you look amazing! i cant get over how much weight you lost, you look
soo much younger in the after photo, like a totally different person!! 

Maria Landaverde says:

I started my weight lose journey about a month ago and I’ve recently been
thinking about possible loose skin, watching this video has motivated me to
keep going and to focus on the positive of just better health over all.
Thank you

Susana Pidroni says:

<3 <3 i love your energy and your good attitude towards life!!! THANKS SO
MUCH!!! :) 

amaterasu48 says:

I’ve tried dieting a few times in the past and I gave up in the middle.
This time, I’m not giving up. I will go all the way to my ideal weight. I
have lost 5.6 lbs so far.

Miranda Voth says:

wow congrats. I just started weight watchers 9 weeks ago and am vlogging
about it too! Thanks for the inspiration

Jessica Ortiz says:

Your video has helped me with my weight loss. I might not be over 200 lbs
but I’m short and curve. So when I gain weight it hits hard. One of the
things that have been hurting is the stretch marks but listening to your
motivational talk helped. Thank you.

priya ragoo says:

Wow… You motivated me.. Think positive !

Amelie Santos says:

I was feeling pretty down after visiting a thread where everybody admitted
that surgery is the only solution to loose skin. This video helped me gain
perspective. Thank you! I wish my body will recover as well as yours have.

ampavoo says:

First visit here.
Very sweet presentation.
Gentle feminine and caring,

Kara Keung says:

Love your sharing. Yes loose skin n stretch marks r nothing compared to
diabetes high blood pressure stroke n heart attack. Keep it up. Thanks for
the motivation. 

RoYALHadoudo says:

im currently water fasting, I get super cravings … sometimes one after
the other, and I notice how much stronger my self control/discipline is.
Its because of this that I must say to you, congradulations! You look
extremely radiant.

ebony bizzell says:

You are so beautiful and seem like a genuinely sweet person.Thankyou for
the video. The tip about taking a pic to see yourself at the worst point
for motivation helped alot!

Abbie Sewell says:

I look exactly like what you described as your old self and seeing you
looking so gorgeous has really lifted my hopes up as I also got told I was
going to be fat at a very young age, so thankyou! You may have saved my
life! :’)

Sarah Fulks says:

You are such an inspiration. I’ve begun to lose weight, and whenever I feel
like this is getting to hard I’ve been coming here and watching this video.
This video keeps reminding that I do deserve to feel better and look
better too. 

Isabelle Roger says:

Please can you tell me about your teeth, they are beautiful. Is this

CrafTEA Mom says:

Wow…you look great!! Awesome job!!

Smore W says:

Your voice is so peaceful and calm

Jessica Raczkowski says:

Thank you SO much. I am STILL struggling with this. My son was 9 lbs 7 oz
so you can imagine what he did to my stomach. I have never been se
motivated to be where you are. 

Sasha Kristyana says:

Thanks, very helpful and inspiring. :)

Mas W says:

Really love your personality and all the heartfelt sharing. Thank you for
being such an inspiration! X

Ámoŕe Verdaderò says:

This girls personality is just as beautiful as she is. That loose skin, who
cares. You are healthy you’ve out done yourself. Great vid.

Yvette Velarde says:

I have just recently started my weight loss journey. I’m 5’1 and weigh 185
pounds, and set a goal to lose 60 lbs. I was so embarressed of my weight
that rather than dealing with it, I fell into a depression. However, I’ve
been committing to a change in my life for a healthy lifestyle. I have been
reminding myself of what you said, it is worse to deal with the effects of
living overweight and unhealthy than the effects of some loose skin. I have
to thank you so much for this video and your encouragement.
Here goes nothing! :-D

Beach Life says:

love that bedding

zuriBqueen18 says:

This is what i needed:) thank you

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