Miami Plastic Surgery – Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgery with Dr. Michael Kelly

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Consider a tummy tuck in Miami Florida with Miami Plastic Surgery A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure used to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. Most tummy tuck patients are dealing with the effects of pregnancies and weight loss and find themselves with loose skin in spite of exercise and weight control. Each year, thousands of Americans undergo a tummy tuck to tone, firm and define the abdominal area.

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Tammii Bk says:

i really like watching surgeries :D

Robin Ross says:

damn, why not just go to the gym?

joy garcia says:

Thank you Doctor for sharing this video with us. I cringed through the
whole time, but very interesting….

Fiero775 says:

*Couldn’t agree with you! I am on my 4week and my butt look*
*like from Victoria Secret model. lool. Well almost but its only*
*been a month! Its so easy to fit in my schedule & I am addicted*
*to it. My niece cant believe her eyes & shes ordering now.:)*

Voidgamez says:

”if the patient is completely relaxed”. She’s asleep, right?

Marin Lyons :D says:

so fat…. :3

Lexichu says:

For all the people saying just go to the gym, you’re being pretty idiotic.
People who get abdominoplasties usually have gone through pregnancies or
extreme weight loss. I myself will be getting this done as I have lost over
100 lbs and my abdominal wall has separated. Getting this done doesn’t make
you fake either so Idk where origami Nick got that from. It’s not like
they’re inserting implants into your abdomen, lol…

femineity says:

Wow Dr. Kelly! Your teaching style, your caring ways shown in the extra
things you do to assure that your patients more comfortable after
surgery….I am truly, truly impressed and I only wish I could have you and
you wonderful team help restore what I’ve experienced due to my having had
my son. Your skill and knowledge reads fantastically well through this
video. Thank you for sharing it with those of us watching.

livelynnlipstick says:

its crazy how you can just open someone up like this

QrystalQlear says:

This was interesting, but the before & after don’t look that much
different, and the after doesn’t look very good. That seems like an awful
lot to go through for those minimal changes. Also, she had a lot of fat
underneath the skin of her upper abdomen that the surgeon did not remove. I
was confused by that. Isn’t a tummy tuck to ALSO remove fat? Furthermore,
great way to blah blah blah starting at around 27′ in, about the firming
gel while the patient is in severe trauma with her guts exposed. That was
reckless, but I do appreciate being able to see the full procedure. It was
very informative.

Jack V says:

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people who may be going to have surgery. There is a program where
professionals will negotiate your medical bills down if you cannot afford
to pay them. People who have used these services have seen an average
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vineeta dutt says:

I want to be Dr. Kelly’s patient; unfortunately I am in New Zealand…I
wish he had a clinic in New Zealand…

Unicorn Sauce says:

Is it weird that I just felt like seeing this

g9concept says:

Very well done doctor. Good job, I really enjoyed watching that entire
process. Thank you. 

tina allen says:

some women struggle with loosing the fat. But even with the fat gone, the
flap from the stretched skin doesn’t shrink back to normal size. I just had
my first child, and all i had to do was stay active and watch what i
ate/drank and it’s been easy to lose the weight and also helps from gaining
too much weight from pregnancy.

Allysah Morrow says:

Here from Rhett and Link!

Vigen Grigoryan says:

go to the gym you lazy bastards,instead of being opened like a pig !

TheJUiCy1117 says:

Thanks so much for sharing!

Luciana Marques says:

Parabéns, cirurgia muito bem feita!

Tanielle Cameron says:

So she’s going to have a flat stomach but the rest of her body ( arms legs
butt) is still going to be fat as hell? 

Rachel Hudson says:

I really want to have this done… my stomach is the same as this

Corbin Delpozzo says:

What is the tool called that sound like it’s burning, I’m not a surgeon :I

Andre Montresor says:

Does it smell like BBQ while cauterizing the flesh?

Geeky Llama says:

I love how he keeps mentioning the belly button

Puchi Gonzalez says:

This is something ive been saving for im so going to do it…

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