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Intro Music composed by Jonathan Joly © All Rights Reserved
Intro Composition created by Jonathan Joly © All Rights Reserved


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Homayra Yasmin says:

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhh

Sophie Bannatyne says:


puglover Evans says:


Lara Dailey says:


Niamh Swan says:

love the new intro style….good work :) xxx

itzalljustBS says:

By the way, there was nothing that Anna or Jofus had said that I disagreed
with or that prompted my comment. I was having a discussion with another
person that left a comment. So you basically butted in with something
another person had said telling Anna to have her membranes swept to
possibly induce labor..when she’s not even due for 2 more weeks. That’s
what the discussion was about. Anna & Jofus did nothing to prompt my
comment. There are no actions you need to defend here. Okay?

Grace Abe says:

The intro is genius! Defo subscribing, your vlogs are so funny :)

ninaxdreamer says:

Definitely think this is an amazing idea! Jofus is amazing at filming. And
Anna could do the brides makeup, she is qualified after all. It could be a
special package! Filming + Makeup.

VintageRougeVanity says:

Primark <3!

gar2k12 says:


karmaquest says:

Can’t wait for it baba to come x x

emma f says:

i’ve missed so much what house is this? haha

leanneba15 says:

Albi was so funny hiding his fig roll xD Love the doggies!! 😀 xx

Rachel Burns says:

she died ages ago :(

music4life13571 says:


ThePlusSideOfThings says:

Please check out my daily vlog

Lexie Rogers says:


itzalljustBS says:

Apparently, people can’t seem to understand what my point was in my
comment. Also, Anna didn’t say anything about her membranes being swept,
that was a comment & suggestion by a viewer..So lets get that straight. My
point was that if Anna is doing just fine why would she have it done before
her due date? If she’s past due I completely understand having it done (and
I also know it’s TOTALLY different than drug induced) She still has 2 weeks
to go before her due date & that was my point.

Inês Correia says:

PUPPY PARTYYYYYYYY! Yeahhh 😀 You’re such a pretty family! And I can’t wait
for Emilia’s arrival :) Luv u guys!

125gofsugar says:

Shhh! Is it just me or did a part near the end play twice? Anna you



itzalljustBS says:

See you’ve become so hypersensitive for something that shouldn’t even
matter to you anyway. You’re just tired of their subscribers telling them
how to live their lives? I’m pretty sure that it’s not bothering them to
the point that they are acting out on people like this now is it? That
you’ve actually gone and totally butted in & defended them against another
subscriber? I don’t tell them how to live. Why would I do that? I only
watch them on the Internet. Their life doesn’t affect mine.

Purrrsuasive1 says:

I had the Macbook Pro with Retina….it’s so amazing and has such a high
quality picture that it was too good and gave me a migraine each time I
tried to watch a video, Things moving was so vivid it made me sick. Silly
huh!!!! I had return it cuz it’s too good for me :)

lalooshwashere says:

played the same footage 3x……..

22RAANA22 says:

Please :)

Nichole D says:

Aw, Marina and the Diamonds is playing at the groomers

kaiyjay says:


lanamku says:

the fig roll scene played 3 times including the start 😛

itzalljustBS says:

LOL! I wasn’t judging her! Anna didn’t even say anything about it, it was
someone in the comments that suggested it. Don’t be ridiculous. Good GOD!

lauren ok says:

what did he do differently LOL so confused right now

ashleyrp2007 says:

I cant wait to see the vlog where Anna has Emilia

strawberrybluebird says:


AilbheslovesBeauty x says:


Jennifer Reyes says:

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! :)

Tina Peric says:

they have only one, Emilia :)

irishblondee43 says:

If anyone knows the shaytards he is like the irish version of shay its
totally awesome

Marta dh says:

love your outfit Anna! cool mummy!

SweetLProductions says:

Remember, if the changing table doesn’t arrive before Emilia does, you
always have the one in the diaper bag (;

Kavonyak says:

Jofus, i understand that some people need to take healthy living one step
at a time. I started eating healthier then took up working out a couple
months later and you seem to do it the other way around. But just think, we
are still lapping everyone on the couch! :) Keep up the good work!

mintimouse says:

Haha fig rolls !!!

kimberly Carrera says:

You guys make such a cute couple, and love the pups,1st time I watched you
(my teen daughter said I would like it) Now the baby will make your family
complete, Hey you should get a reality show lol over here in the USA,
EVERYONE seems to be able,. ..I would watch! :^)

esostizzo says:

I used the bamboo belly bandit and loved it! Great buy!

TheHilaryous1 says:

haha, you’d think so. but if you knew him from his vlogs, you’d know he
doesn’t stick to what he says he’s just not consistent and disciplined

ladr99 says:

oh damn, you fooled me got excited for a moment thought the baby was
coming! ..awkward moment..:|

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