Loose skin after 140lb weight loss!

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Fatass to Badass dot com says:

You still have tons of fat under that loose skin…..do work !

I BikeNYC says:

You have no idea how brave I think you are for doing this. You have no idea
how much better you have made me feel about myself.


You are GORGEOUS! All the best to you!

(UK 14 is Yank 12)

bat dabash says:

You look beautiful to me

Crystal Chavez says:

n this is the reason WHY to tone and lose weight . sorry . 

destiney walker says:

how long did it take you to lose the weight ? if you don’t mind me asking,
what did you do. i am a 17 year old female, in 5’11 and my weight is 320
pounds. i really want to lose weight but in afraid my neighbors will see me
trying to run and stuff and laugh (because of my size) also could you
suggest exercises cause i i know

RyderDixon101 says:

You’re beautiful! I loved listening to you talk :) Way to go!

Senior Evens says:

Your butt and back are amazing. I’m your type and I want to give you

Akbar Pasha says:

Hey, you look Amazing and you are very brave sharing this to the world
which makes you more beautiful.. This video was posted around Aug 2012..
now it’s been 2 years.. how is it now?

Llayne Michelle says:

You are so beautiful! Very strong and determined lady! <3

M XXX says:

Fucking disguisting

If I would have a date with you and you took of your shirt, I would
instantly dump you

Not even mentioning the ammount of make up you have on your face

Eduardo Silva says:

yet still look beautiful

Tobii-Rhea Starr says:

Thanks for this video it gave me tears and it hit me hard. I am 17lbs down
so far with another 13 ish stone to go and I get so angry because I lost
nearly 8st a few years ago and gained it back (bad pregnancy etc). I
already have the loose skin and dog ear boobs before I’ve barely started so
I dread to think what it’s gonna end up like. But your rant at the end has
hit home and i’ll remember that when I think “ooh lets get chippy” or
similar. I need to lose this weight and I hope to get to where you are! You
look amazing and should be so very proud of yourself! This is the first
video of yours I have seen but i’m gonna go watch your others now xxxx

priya raj says:

Im trying to lose weight and do i have to do the skin removal thing, but
many people do excercise and become slim and they dont hv 2 remove the skin
hkw does ghis work please tell me.

neverblinks00 says:

First I would like to say thank you for sharing. What you have done is
amazing and your beautiful loose bits and all. What you have done is
inspiring. I am a 6ft 2 400 pound premed student. Now I have a big frame so
I’m one of them manly sexy fat men. However, the fat has started effecting
my and I don’t much care for it. A big concern for me is the loose skin.
After seeing your courage it gives me a bit. It’s not easy to show the
world things that make us feel uncomfortable. However, as I stated earlier
you still look good even with the loose skin.

Now I am curious on a few things. You pointed out one of your arms has
toned up. Does this suggest that give enough to time the excess tissue will
heal or regain its elasticity? 

An St says:

Thank you so much for your courage and strength. May The LORD continue to
bless yo u.

Lucas Borg says:

Gorgeous =), i wish you tons of luck.

Vixinaful says:

You are very brave for showing this. I can only imagine how uncomfortable
that is. You are also very good looking, angelic face! Keep fighting,
you’ve done well! <3

kennyrosita says:


mmooppaarr6699 says:

Well done! What a lovely young woman you are, brave as well. Best of luck
to you :)

Terri Holley says:

Thank you so much for having the courage to share with us.

Barrios Groupie says:

I have this theory that if you lose weight slowly over 7 years, then you
won’t get loose skin because the body replaces itself every 7 years.

TanjaEubanks says:

Those are simply the signs of a journey through life. You are lovely, dear
sister. God bless you <3 

la lie says:

Listen, you’re f*cking beautiful, seriously even with all the loose skin
you’re very attractive.

Jugash z says:

comia fácil

HBN_Prophacy says:

We are all beautiful in our own ways and this makes you even more unique.
You are still very beautiful and inspirational to us all! Thank you!

Suzanna Alridge says:

Its not bad at all

Anthony Kwit says:

This girl is sexy as hell. The loose skin doesn’t even turn me off!

joe sheasley says:

good job im very proud of anyone that can accomplish their goals! Your
beautiful, Love your accent :)

Lonestar Marshall says:

that face my gosh just beautiful.t he skin can be fixed. surgery is the
only way for that much excess skin though. great shape of the bum xD

Dmitrij Kolesnikov says:

you going right way

James Madison says:

I feel you girl. Lost 65lbs and so much excess skin.

X says:

Did we just become best freinds? Lol I went from 500 – 200 the skin, oh
lord the skin. The struggle is real.

Samuel Medina says:

You look good hope you fill on top!

David Godfrey says:

You’re beautiful.

LadyFahrenheit20 says:

Wow you are very beautiful. You remind me alot of Lena Headey (Cersei
Lannister in Game of Thrones)! 

Kristy Fagan says:

ure so gorgeous with the skin anyways soooo…. dont worry guys dont care
about flaws…. long as your heart matches your beauty thats showing

Delato says:

How quickly did you lose the weight? 

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