Jus4SweetZ Pregnant Belly Baby Bump Shower Cake

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Finally, here is my step by step fondant and decorating video on how to put together a baby bump cake perfect for any baby shower.
Decorate as you like.

Please feel free to comment and ask questions as well as any suggestions you may have.
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Link to how to assemble baby bump cake http://youtu.be/cUHFToQB2yY
Link to No Fail Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting http://youtu.be/CNeH4pqAB-M

Thank you and God Bless


Emmie McKenzie says:

hi your cake is just out of this world i was wondering if you have a video
on making the sponge cake its self! x

anseaman92 says:

Can you share the link for how you make your fondant

Bran ikey says:

Love this. thanks for sharing step by step videos, you’re awesome

alberto linares says:

and the baby foot mold plzzzz

alberto linares says:

what kind of molds did u use for the belly and boobs

mesatop5 says:

How cute!

mady snuggles says:

That was realy cute great job

journeyandjoy says:

Hi, I am getting in the cake business! How much would you charge for a cake
like this?

MAYRA112CUTE says:

hi,great video! I have a question and i know its weird but could i use the
steam of my iron?like steaming it carefully? i know its weird but just
wondering..hope you respond!

Jus4sweetz says:

Thank you so much, God Bless to you and your family

Jus4sweetz says:

This cake serves roughly 20 to 25

Jus4sweetz says:

I do get paid for these cakes. I have another one this weekend to do. I
enjoy them. Each one is unique and different. Thank you for saying I teach
well. I try, but I always get tongue tied.

eveangel1325 says:

Love this cake…thank u for posting it, I was wondering how would u price
this cake?

Jus4sweetz says:

Yes, I think a foot mold would work just fine and definitely on the
chocolate fondant. I think that would be perfect. Thank you for watching.

Laura Flores says:

how many servings is this cake?

Jus4sweetz says:

Thank you Ang, she really loved it. I hated fondant too at first, the more
I work with it, the easier it gets.

Jus4sweetz says:

HI there, not a weird question at all. I dont see why it wouldnt work, just
do a couple practice rounds and be careful, but should work, if not, I got
my little steamer on ebay very cheap, so check that out too. Thank you for
watching, have a great day.

melissa Carey says:

I cannot find your video for the baby bump cake from scratch

solmayratorreblanca says:

what type of board do you use to put the cake on

Jus4sweetz says:

I just used a large rectangle cakeboard that i got at Michaels.

Jus4sweetz says:

Thank you. I priced these at a local bakery and they ran roughly $200, I
price mine under because im not in a building. Mine are right around $95 to

Michael Farina says:

what a lovely job dear

armywife says:

I certainly hope you get paid to do this because you do beautiful work and
you should consider your self a professional. You also do a great job of
teaching, you are clear, easy to understand and you make it look so easy,
though I know its not. Thank you for sharing!

nefemnakita says:

What are the measurements of the breast and the belly? How long did you
freeze the cake before filling and dirty icing it?

Jus4sweetz says:

Yes, it can be frustrating, but after you do it a few times, it gets
easier. The first time i did it, I ripped it off the cake and threw it
away, lol

Jus4sweetz says:

Thank you so much

Jus4sweetz says:

Hi there. I charge $95 to $100. I know professional bakeries charge about

Priscilla Espinoza says:

pregnant belly cake set up and dirty iced is the title of the first one

Tynisha Skinnell says:

I love the ruffles! Can you do a video on how to do them? I know its
probably pretty self explanatory but I am just curious lol. By the way what
size cake board are you using here? And exactly when do you freeze your
cakes? After baking, after crumb coat, and after its done??

FitAnge S says:

Wow Michelle this is fantastic, what a great cake and you did an awesome
job of that fondant. I’m too scared to work with it LOL. I hope the lady
that ordered it appreciates the time and effort you put into it. Good job
Hun xox

Jus4sweetz says:

Hi there, I will do a video on how I make my ruffles, they arent great, but
they turn out ok. I freeze my cake right after I bake it, then crumb coat,
then freeze again. Im not sure of the cakeboard size, I think its a 13 by
20 something. I get them at Michaels in the baking section. They are a
large rectangle.

Jus4sweetz says:

Thank you

pat ritchie says:

Great cake, it is so cute. love it. God Bless.

Jus4sweetz says:

Hi there. Thank you so much. I used a 2lb container of Fondant for the
entire cake, so 4 lbs should be more than enough. They are so fun to make.
Good Luck to you.

Ashley Rafferty says:

Hi There, I love your video. I’m making a baby belly cake for the first
time next month and I was wondering how much fondant do you need to cover
everything? In canada is sells in a 4lb container. I hope you can help!
Keep up the great work!

Moriesha Doby says:

Wonderful tutorial. How do I make a baby bump cake that will show the
seemingly skin for the boobs part. In other words how can I cover the brown
part of the boobs without cutting the fondant while cutting the dress part
to make a v neck dress (heart shape top)?

angela crue says:

Can you use a foot mold for the foot? Can I use chocolate fondont for boob
part the cake is for my daughter am african American

twbigdogsgirl says:

My daughter and I tried to use fondant once, and that was enough for us!
LOL Love this cake.

Ruth Flores says:

Awesome. I have a question. If you where to served around 40-45 people
would you make make a double layer ??? Soo talented

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