How To:Get a Flat Stomach After pregnancy(easy way)

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Get that flat tummy you’ve always wanted after pregnancy.what i use to flatten my stomach after pregnancy…easy method to get ur stomach flat in wks.


Yasamin Mustamandi says:

Thanks for sharing, but is there any like to buy it online?

TheAbStand says:

There are so many new moms out there who struggle to lose their baby
weight. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

LaysWorld says:

@lilworkit you can use the plastic wrap but it wont be as comfortable as
using a stretchy type of material

xXchavoxX1 says:

If i left the rap for a week would i loose a lot of weight

sushmaan1 says:

Hi , I had delivered my second baby before 10 months . would I be able to
gain the results by his technic if i apply now?If yes then after how many
days ? ( I eat a lot). Pleae reply

Chelseah Romero says:

My daughter is now 6 months is it to late to use it????

taty12488 says:

How long does it take to see results

Kiyonna Respress says:

I bought a gold gym waist trimmer belt dats da only thing dey had in my
walmart area i really hope it works i slept in minds

aquafina2u says:

Do you exercise in it? You have a pretty figure.

LaysWorld says:

If ur stomach muscles are still as soft as it was when having your baby
then yes,even if it’s not as soft you still can. Congrats!

tomasmata210 says:

I had a c section :(

Kiyonna Respress says:

Im lookn for stomach wrap online at walmart its not showin me nothing

Kalhi0x says:

Dammit my baby is 6 months already and being at home is doing nothing but
making me bigger! will it work if i do it now or is it too late?

ayuhime says:

change your smoke alarm batterryyyyy

LaysWorld says:

I never had a csection so idk how the outcome would be. But I know it takes
awhile to heal after a csection

LaysWorld says:

@ourjourney11 happy new year to you too,you know if you just keep your
stomach in it’s a mini workout especially if your on the go a lot!

Travis Rogers says:

I been using this for my boxing classes and it works so it doesn’t have to
be just for after pregnancy it takes the toxins out by sweating it out I
wear it just to wear it at times and lost a lot doing so

kurruptkyootie says:

If you are looking for one online search for abdominal binders. I bought
one from amazon when I found out I was prego. My baby is 10 days old and my
tummy has gone down to its regular size already. Not my hips though… Wish
I bought the shrinkx hips too.

Edith Vfuentes says:

Can I wear that right after birth or after I get home from the
hospital.??how long after is it too late.?

1022kaytee says:

hey there.. i have been looking for this waist band forever.. i tried to
look where u got urz (models) but couldnt find it.. do u know where else i
can get it? kuz im bout 2be due soon :)

Dynea Gentry says:

How long are you supposed to leave it on for ??

LaysWorld says:

@love11matt sorry it took me so long to respond im just seeing your
comment…and thank you for your complement,congrats on your pregnancy!I
really wouldn’t recommend doing it right after your surgery,and I highly
doubt if you would wat to do it after your surgery because you will be very
sore and you don’t want to risk tearing your stomach.I would give it a
couple of months!As long as your stomach is still soft you can do it.

Treana Lee says:

Thank you! For the information, i will keep that in mind!

LaysWorld says:

if it can stretch then yea,and i think having it on when sleep is the best
although i still think thru out the day u should wear it also.Congrats on
ur lil one!!

Swetlana Klatt says:

I wish I knew this before =( my baby is already 6 months old

LaysWorld says:

If you want to workouthey have ones with a different material so it could
help you sweat…Walmart def have it.

LaysWorld says:

ur welcome 😉

LaysWorld says:

YAY!! I’m always happy to help! We all deserve to look good after having a
baby lol

Denzel Burton says:

whats the name of it

LaysWorld says:

thank you!! i have two the one n this video and one that’s blue on the
outside and black on the inside which helps me sweat and it’s made
purposely for working came as a set.

LaysWorld says:

@MommaInWonderland yes it is a very great idea and I’ve heard it’s a lil
harder to loose the tummy weight after a c-section but I think that’s
because of the swelling and stuff.I even use my band now but as a reminder
to keep my tummy in because that helps you loose weight as well.

ursulaann zaid says:

ok here is wat i tink basically im curvy wideish hips nice enuf shape but i
always didn lykmy tum but it ws fine tbh it ws hard n jus a lil round it
lukd cute..nw im pissed off as im scared my belli wen i excercise n tone up
wil jiggl i tink d secret tu havn nt tu much jiggle is basically not
starving urself nd axcercising moderatly i rekon eatn watevr u wan but
adding d gym is d way tu go.. dat way ur tum wont lose so much fat dat it
jiggles n u dont get tu fat as ur working out

Alexandria Gardner says:

Love this video. My daughter is four months, is it too late for me to start

Nikita Love says:

i have a question what store can i get it at

LaysWorld says:

@sexyuff973 lol i know the feeling,just need to work out and keeping your
stomach wrapped at this point is still good,i hold my stomach in whenever
im outside especially when doing a lot of walking.try it’s a simple and
easy mini workout.

LaysWorld says:

right but the labor is no joke but there’s medicine for that.i rather go
thru the temporary pain then to have a c section,i heard people say they
couldn’t even move to get their baby and stuff,yes it’s possible but that’s
the last thing you would want to worry about.if you have no choice then
that’s different but if you can chose then go for vaginally

LaysWorld says:

@LVForbes33 awww congrats! Yes this method has been out for awhile now,im
surprised by the many people that never knew about it.I also hold my
stomach in when im doing my daily runs because it’s like a small workout
until im able to do my real workout lol

Annie Arballo says:

healthy diet and exercise is better

tomasmata210 says:

How long do you wear it for I had my son 2months ago and well I want my bod

LaysWorld says:

actually it wont work as fast though.

AveIvy says:

I did this after each of my pregnancies and it really worked. The only
difference, I used an ace bandage that I purchased from the 99 cent store.

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