How to Tighten Excess Skin After Weight Loss

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After making a big effort to lose those extra pounds, looking unattractive due to loose skin can be very frustrating. Now that you’ve lost weight, the hanging pouch around your stomach, together with the extra skin on your back, butt and hips, are all preventing you from achieving the body you dream of.
But don’t get discouraged yet; with this video you’ll learn the reasons why your skin is loose, plus some great tactics and strategies to make it tighten again around your body as quickly as possible.
The first thing you have to know is that skin is actually a living organ, which changes and adapts constantly, and whose cells are being created and eliminated non-stop. The skin layers that are located immediately below the surface (the dermis and epidermis) are composed of an elastic tissue. When a person loses considerable weight in a short period of time, the skin’s elastic capacity cannot tighten around the new body fast enough. Highly restrictive diets worsen the condition, because a lot of muscle is lost besides fat, increasing the amount of skin left hanging.
Depending on how much weight you’ve lost, the complete readjustment process can take up to 2 years. But you need not worry, if you apply what you learn in this video, you’ll tighten your saggy-looking skin in much less time and without it affecting your health.
There are 2 important factors you should take into account to make your skin tighten around your new figure as fast as possible. The first is “tighten the skin from within”, and the second, “tighten the skin from the outside”. I’ll now explain each one in detail, and I’ll also give you a few simple ways of putting these concepts into practice
Factor #1: “Tighten the skin from within”
I know this concept may sound a bit weird; what it’s meant to cover are diet, hydration and muscle mass.
Diet: You should know that collagen and elastin are two of the skin’s essential components; they determine its elasticity and firmness. An unbalanced diet can lead to shortage of either of these components in your skin, making it look saggy as a result.
Vitamin C and zinc are fundamental for collagen and elastin production. A correct intake of these two nutrients will make lose skin go away quicker. Some foods that are high in them are: red bell peppers, parsley, kiwis, broccoli, oysters, liver and whole eggs.
Many people find it difficult to incorporate the daily required amount of vitamin C and zinc into their diets. In such cases, buying supplements is a good alternative to avoid nutrient deficiencies.
Increase the amount of high protein foods you eat; they are rich in collagen and other amino acids that promote the skin’s health and elasticity. Some protein-rich foods are: eggs, dried fruit, fish, and red meat, among others.

Needless to say, you must eliminate junk food from your diet; not only it doesn’t provide any nutrients, but it will also make the task of regaining your skin’s elasticity much harder.
Factor #2: “Tighten the skin from the outside”
Skin elasticity depends a lot on external influences as well. For example, certain soaps can drastically reduce the skin’s strength, while other creams and products will go a long way in making your loose skin tighten again quickly and easily.
While you may use creams to help tighten your skin, you have to make sure they have been made from natural ingredients, and are rich in collagen, retinol, and Vitamins A, E and C. These ingredients are designed to increase collagen and elastin skin levels.
Use exfoliants as well, they help eliminate dead skin cells and improve circulation; which lead to healthier and firmer looking skin.
Avoid soaps that contain sulfate (SLS) that dry up the skin and make it lose its elasticity. Look for milder, better-quality soaps. If you swim regularly, try to take a shower immediately after; chlorine also tends to dry the skin.
For the same reason, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.


J Russell says:

Sorry to be the one to say it But none of the advice in this video will
tighten Loose skin. It will help to improve the condition of the skin. But
not tighten it. I wish these kind of claims didn’t exist to give people
false hope. The only current method of tightening Loose skin is via
surgery. Only if you have slight loose skin, can you improve it via toning
exercises to increase muscle, which would fill the loose areas. But you
would need to do toning all over your body in order to create balance. Once
again this only works for slight skin looseness i.e age related skin
looseness around the stomach and abdomen. This can start occurring during
your early to mid 30’s even if you are slim build. 

lelemucho says:

+Heshie Segal *I agree with I noticed a dramatic difference*
*in the appearance of my skin and body after a few*
*weeks of following there exercise program. My*
*lower body is tighter and more toned and my*
*cellulite has started to disappear.*

Marlene Mejorado says:

I CARE. Thats why I share. Always !! Use precautions. :)

AnnBearForFreedom says:

200 pounds lost, 200 to go. And I’m getting a bit floppy. Loose skin in
honestly my last concert right now. Healing my body, reversing my
diabetes, and cleaning up my eating all take priority over loose skin. But
I have to start dealing with it somehow, so…. lets see how it goes.

Beach Life says:

cool video but fruit is not high in protein. LOL . you want to always keep
your skin hydrated throughout weight loss and after. it helps a lot to
prevent loose skin. lotion on the skin head to toe after every shower. i
like the dial lotions because they can be used head to toe and dont clog

Myrtle Case Quiñones says:

Thank you for the Information. 

Fairuz Ahmed says:

Hello! amazing video :) thank you. * I am a raw vegan and am loosing a lot
of weight. ( I need to loose more due to health reason). My diet includes a
lot of vege and fruits. Should I still include vitamin c and zinc

Connie Craig says:

What is the best form to get retinol in? And vitamin A, E and C??? Thanks 

villagefem says:


Felicia Runcie says:

Thank you, this gives me some hope for my thighs. I haven’t lost weight,
I’m 54, and have gained weight over the years. I’ve lost muscle and since
my previously strong thighs were always super big, now they’re a little
smaller, but floppy and they have sagging skin. I will lift weights, not
enough to get “macho thighs”, so the skin will still be saggy. Hopefully
the sagging skin will get better with your suggestions. Any other
suggestions for saggy thighs? Thanks. No gimmicks or selling, thank you
for that too! 

Jo-Ann L'Esperance says:

MissWooHoo11 is not only ignorant but her profile picture is a DOG…just
saying lol

holymountains818 says:

is the photo on 3:03 loose skin or fat? i noticed after loosing lots of
weight, my lower tummy is flabby, and i think it’s loose skin with fat
inside, making it sag… looks kinda like that photo… 

TheInsaneAussie says:

Anyone who is watching simply to lose weight. I have the ultimate all
natural weight loss program that I can give in 1 comment. Simply eating
better is all it is so eat all your veg, fruit, and meat while also have
all your lipids protein vitamins etc. Now the trick I used so that I didnt
go back to eating the crap was no sweetners. I suffered from gol stones and
fatty liver. Now sweetners are in all that horrible diet stuff. Now if it
says sweetner instead of natural sweetner. Then you probably shouldnt touch
it. Water is your friend coca-cola and fanta is your enemy. Now while
saying this I also advise you that you see a dietician so that you are
getting the most out of this. Now this is not a diet. This is just better
eating. I went from 116.5kg to 88.2kg in 6 months. I am a 17 year old male
with a large build and big bones so that is as far as I can go with weight
loss. I am also 6 foot 4. I personally have never been to gym or exercise
daily. (Im starting to, I didnt due to low self esteem and self
conciousness) I was losing 1-2kg a week imagine how quickly you guys could
do it. Now their is no link. Their is no added program. This is all I
needed. This was not made by a proffessional weight loss adviser. This was
all me and me only. If you guys try this I would love to see how awesome
you guys look after 6 months. I may even post a video including a picture
or video that you guys send. Well this is all I needed to know and it is
all you guys need to know. Take care :)

Old Soul says:

why did you include the Illuminati symbols here? at 1:40 the model shows
666 and winks, which makes the rest of this video not credible or worth

Trishtish007 says:

Lots of great info packed into 5 mins and it isn’t gimmicky or ludicrous.
These are things I can easily incorporate into my daily routine. Now to
clean eating………lol

Dania Alnayar says:

omg best tips EVER!!, thank you so much for this <3

Anon Ymous says:

In total, Vitamin C, the B-Vitamin Complex, Zinc, Copper, Manganese,
Selenium, the Omega 3-Fatty Acids, L-Lysine and L-Proline = A pretty
complete list of Essential Nutrients for the formation of Healthy Collagen.

cocoschnoz says:

They are called trolls for a reason. Besides, opinions are like assholes,
everybody has one. Up to you whether to try, or yield to others opinions
and never knowing for yourself. Who are these others anyway? Do they care
for you? Put food on your table? Pay the bills? Of course not! So why give
a damn what they say or think? 


Thanks for all of these great tips, I lost over 100 pounds in less than 6
months, and to my surprise, I only had a little loose skin, but a little is
still too much for me. I considered surgery to correct my loose skin, but I
am too afraid of the Doctors, plus I really couldn’t afford it if I wanted
to. Thanks for giving me hope without all of the gimmicks.

Kevin Mudron says:

Sun is critical for healthy skin. The right amount of sun is very important
to tighten the skin and keep it healthy.

Iris Glover says:

Awesome video!

D MonarchButterfly says:

Great info! Now to try some of this on myself. I didn’t think creams would
work but watching this makes me want to give it a try. I’m 150 lbs and 5.
7′ tall just started boot camp to tone up. Goal of 140 lbs. So far I’ve
lost 5 lbs in 3 weeks. Yeah! ! I can feel and see muscle growth.

StinkyButton says:

Gee?!? Proper diet, exercise, good hydration, and good skin care products
are a good idea?!? I’m glad I saw this video or I would never have known.
*sarcasm* None of those things will help loose skin. Excess skin after a
major weight loss can only be fixed by a surgical intervention.

Brianna Reese says:

I was skeptical but this is actually really good advice. Also just be
patient with yourself. It sometimes just takes time for your skin to catch
up with you. You have to be realistic. And if you still can’t live with the
way you look I don’t think there’s anything wrong with cosmetic surgery to
help tighten things up.

Papagiorgio KW says:

thanks for the help! ^^

Pedro Barajas says:

Great Video! I’m afraid of having loose skin later on but i will use these
tips when I start my journey to a new healthy life:)

Mlisa Gates says:

so is there an actual website? i am unable to locate it. Great PRACTICAL
and informative video. Now, let’s see what I can do about these upper arms!
You don’t mention age. Is there a point of no return regarding the body’s
ability to generate collagen and elastin?

Liquideze says:

MWL, How much vitamin c and zinc should one take daily as supplementation?
Would you post this in the description notes please. Thanks! Love your

goodgod38 says:

*Yeah mata Me too. I was using it the past 2 months*
*and it was great! I never forgot how my skin got*
*tighter w/in a weeks and the dimples & bumps*
*were starting to fade! Great isnt?*

Nia Mia says:

I have loose skin. Before I was pregnant with my twins I weighed 115, and I
was 209 by the end of my pregnancy. I lost the weight fast and sadly ended
up with loose skin. I eat/ate healthy, drink lots of water, take vitamins,
and workout… but still have loose skin on my abdomen. I wish we would
have known that this is going to happen, because I would have researched
the proper way to lose excessive weight. I have walked around with this
skin for going on 10 years it’s driving me mad; diet changes, liquids,
vitamins, workouts, sweats, and wraps have not improved the look of my
saggy skin. I think I lost weight way too fast! Wish you all the best.

Jeannie H says:

Miss Woo Hoo…I’m sure that you’re perfect or you wouldn’t be making
derogatory comments to people who are trying to improve their health and
image. I checked out this video because I recently had an accident and was
unable to eat for a while. I not only lost weight that I didn’t need to, I
lost muscle tone because I was unable to walk. Now that my body has
mended, I need to work on it to regain that tone and put some weight back
on. I pray that you never have to go through the discomfort and
embarrassment of having lose skin no matter what the cause. You might use
some of your time to learn how to spell instead of making fun of others!

Domany Davilmar says:

Miss Woo Hoo… I am not obese, but my passion is helping people who are.
I have families who struggle with addictive disorders to food. Just like
chemical addictions, addictions to food are not a choice. When you click
on youtubes that speak to people with addictive disorders and other issues
of transformation, it would serve you well to educate yourself some on the
physiology behind the problem, especially before offering your advice. I
use the term “advice” loosely because your comments are highly
unintelligible. I hope nobody will lose sight of their transformational
goals based on your comments. They are unfounded and, pardon me,
repulsive. Have a nice day. I hope you can find help for any of the
addictive or social disorders you struggle with (note: we all have them,
even when we hide them behind a pretend internet name). Toodles!!

Lori Ireland says:

Do toning exercises!!!

Véronique Welté says:

Great video, simple and sensible advice . I am going to follow them at the
same time I am losing weight. Thanks

Hamad Kazim says:

ah a video that didn’t ask for money or visiting its website ^^ thanks
not to forget informative 

Bill Pardue Jr says:

I lost 227 lbs from working out and changing my nutrition. I just naturally
drink mostly water now and I carry my sports bottle with me almost
everywhere. I haven’t been pleased with the loose skin and some stretch
marks but it could be a lot worse, according to my trainer. I lost it over
the course of 20 months or so. Supplements are already a part of what I
have done since I started working out so this seems like it will be easier
than I thought. Hopefully I will get the results that i’m looking for as I
want to continue with working out so I can get some good muscle definition
all over without the worry of the excess skin/stretch marks. Thanks for
posting this!

SweetMother OfJebus says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH im only 15 and i workout daily and i was worried about
this omg you saved me

borikenazul says:

Thank you so much. One of my concerns in losing weight has been the fact
that not because I am about to lose the weight it necessarily means that I
will look good in my skin. I appreciate this video a lot! Thanks a

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