How to Flatten Your Abs after Pregnancy

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Get a flat stomach after having your baby with these simple ab exercises. Please see your doctor before restarting your workout routine.

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Cornelius Hudgens says:

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84coleR says:

nice boobs says:

Getting back in the game – flat stomach workout routines. –

Boogie T says:

I love you

Sarah Fit says:

working on one now :)

foreverpink30 says:

Hey guys please come follow me on my weight loss journey…videos will be
uploaded every Monday. Please come support. Thx

Kin Community says:

Great workout! Thanks Sarah!

blahishness88 says:

I love those shorts! they aren’t booty shorts…what kind are they?

Maria says:

Hi Sarah! I LOVE your channel and all your posts, I really value your
opinion. I’m soryr for the unrelated question but I dont know where to put
this…So I know you are a huge fan of the Tone It Up girls but they
recommend all these bars, like Clif and Luna, that have way too much sugar
for one bar!! I dont care what time of day you eat it, its too much sugar.
Do you approve of this?? Please tell me some Sarah approved bars?

NYVirgo1972 says:

I had three kids- two were twins and I gained 90 pounds with them – my
advise is that you should get your abs as flat as you can BEFORE you get
pregnant because it is impossible to get a flat stomach once you have a
baby but it is pretty easy to get BACK a perfect flat stomach if you had
one before – just my 2 cents

Mithen Patel says:

sarahs thighs are so fuking hot

MsAlmadden says:

Hey Sarah, I would like to know more about how many grams of sugar I should
be eating a day? I am confused about fruit and sugar content and how much
to eat in a day. Many gurus talk about no more than over 24 grams, but
sometimes it seems like that’s just one piece of fruit!! Any info is
helpful, thanks!

Sarah Fit says:

Everyone’s body heals differently. Some people lose baby weight quickly
while for others it takes a year. Try doing these at least 3 times a week.
Your abs will always show a bad diet so try to keep it clean too :)

Christine Evers says:

Many women who have just given birth have a condition called diastasis
recti, and should not do planks, with the exception of the side plank. The
pressure put on the abs from gravity can make the separation/gap between
the muscles worse. They can result in hernias and not all Drs check for it!

Sarah Fit says:

I’m wearing @OakleyWomen Forehand sunglasses that are rose colored :) Love

Roopa Rao says:

Hey Sarah , Could you please do excercise routine for moms, who are on the
rush . And also How to lose the Fat which is there on back … Like below
your Bra.. ;)… Help!!!

Itgyrl909 says:

None: stop jocking celebs & their kids people. Good vid tho

Sarah Fit says:

No the baby hasn’t been born yet! I scheduled this video around the due
date lol

Sarah Fit says:

Thanks for sharing your tip :)

Sarah Fit says:

Thanks :) I got them at Target in the athletic department. They are
basically just spandex shorts that come a little longer.

XxSharpieItBlackxX says:

I’ve tried side planks but always fall over, is there modification to use
until I gain better balance and stronger abs?

crashdummydown says:

Love your sunnies Sarah! What brand/model are they? x

Aya Khalil says:

yay thanks!

Tasneem Rajkotwala says:

Thanks for the video. Its been 19 months since I gave birth… are these
exercises still helpful for me to lose stomach fat and get flat abs? Also I
wanted to ask if abs hurt after crunches? Thanks.

Sarah Fit says:

Have you tried bending your lower leg and placing the knee on the ground?
Your hips are still lifted but the bottom knee is resting on the ground and
so is your shin but hips still lifting high.

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Sarah Fit says:

I mention this condition at the end of the video!

Forest fields says:

lmao did she have the baby? I’m English and live in London and have no idea
hahah. Talk about living in a bubble ;D

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