Getting a sexy 6 pack after giving birth, yes its possible!

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Having cravings while pregnant doesn’t mean forget about your figure but more importantly your health.
Janet Parker sits down with fitness expert Christy Seguin and new mom Traci Abraham on how Traci got her abs back just 8 weeks after giving birth.


Carrie Henry says:

Sometimes though, depending on the woman and the pregnancy, your muscles
can separate during pregnancies. That’s why when women go get tummy tucks
they sew your muscles back together, because without them being sewed back
together you will not ever be able to achieve a flat stomach or 6 pack.
Again I say… NOT all women and not all pregnancies. It has nothing to
do with weight either. 

cherell ward says:

As you can see she was already skinny while pregnant/before pregnancy so of
course her body is going to go back to being thin. Now for someone who is
fat or medium fat if that make since it’s going to be very very hard to get
that weight off and its not going to back to where the body was before

L . Ka says:

the woman in the middle is just.. wtf did i just watch

Vero : says:

Dang girl! I am speechless! Yeah, she was slim before but she is toned as
hell! Just a question is Michael her first baby? 

Sunanta Wilson says:

omg! i wish i could know this sooner! 

shelley keevers says:

I admire her staying In check of her health etc but dont agree with her
advice of supplementing with protein shakes when 99% of them are not safe
whilst nursing/pregnant.

joy garcia says:

For me, after having my first baby, I got my abs back by breastfeeding
right away because it shrinks your uterus. I didn’t wear any corset/girdle
or even workout..guess I was lucky. However, after having my second
baby…that’s a different story. My skin stretched out even more and its
really hard to get my abs back. I read on online that after your second
baby, its usually harder to get a flat stomach. Not impossible, just

fawk cku says:

No matter what lifestyle you live, you still have time for some type of

renice donatien says:

Corsets work and breastfeeding my two weerms and my stomach has shrink
tremendously but I wanted to know hw soon can I start to tone my stomach

Diana Heel says:

Strong woman.

Tan haania says:

that is Inspiration..
Good on her. She looks amazing and the baby is so cute. Well done

renice donatien says:
fobieieie says:

@ renice: 6 weeks after birth, if you had a C-section: 8 weeks. Sooner than
this you risk urine incontinence and muscle damage!

Crazee108 says:

She stayed in control *DURING* her pregnancy

Chelseah Romero says:

is it to late to wear one??? my baby is a year old

Traci Abraham says:

Thank you all for the positive feedback and comments! You can follow me on
Instagram for more motivation and fitness tips! I also have a Facebook like
page for my personal training. It’s

Traci Abraham says:

@Thebrownislandgirl oh I just figured out how to reply to messages lol I
left ur answer above

T Abe says:

You go girl!!! Love you cuzzo

IamLyricMarley says:

That baby is cute!

LaRhonda Clark says:

Wow, motivation!

OmfgMy namewontfi says:

yay i have hope. im 37 weeks and abt the size she got woohoo

evahill38 says:

It was never that it wasn’t possible the issue has always been where do you
find time to get into shape like this its never been impossible it was
about having a break for basically 24/7 care for your newborn & usually
that break is used for sleep

My'kael Harper says:

What exercises did you do, for your six pack?

Thrifty Curly says:

All I can say is wow!

sashasbox says:

I always wore a corset/girdle for the whole 6 wks .after giving birth.
People would ask me how I got my stomach so flat, so fast and I told them..
How I wore a girdle to get my uterus and stomach back to where it was.. My
stomach is no where as ripped as hers. but I can tell you that it really
does work to flatten your tummy and helps A LOT!!! I tell my friends to
immediately get one when they are close to delivery and pack it into their
hospital bag. Her tummy is AMAZING, Good for her!!

Daniel Liberti says:

Gotta love INSANITY!!!

littledevil9009 says:

Wow u go girl

Traci Abraham says:

sixfootbombshell in instagram and Traci Sixfootbombshell Abraham on fb

Traci Abraham says:

@andrew isaacs thanks lol

thedolphin1985 says:

Hi Traci! You’re so inspirational!:-) I’m trying to start a fitness
routine. Would waist cinching would work for a person who doesn’t have

andrew isaacs says:

That mom is a cutie. M.I.L.F.

katta mapa says:

If you seriously want to get rid of fat quickly, you should do a google
search Exyph Fat Loss. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Andriy Poltava says:

Hello! I’m Jake.I did -35 lbs in 2 weeks.More here

Traci Abraham says:

Hey @brownislandgirl it’s not too late to start waist cincher training.
It’s just that those first 8 weeks is the best and easiest time for the
best and most dramatic results. It still works without having the hormone

mona72122 says:

Where can I get a waist cincher from?

fabulasityisme says:

Amazing!!! wow

rantazz23 says:

Lol that’s good baby!

andrew guzman says:

Brazilian faja, info, where to buy plz!

Traci Abraham says:

I did insanity and did spinning and Zumba on rest and recovery days from
insanity @my’kael

Barbara Silver says:

where did you get the waist cincher ? and the brazilian sqeem ?

Traci Abraham says:

yeah.. i shocked myself with this lol

Barbara Silver says:

so you use that ever single day ? for how long ?

Traci Abraham says:

It’s never too late to start waist cinching! It’s just like weight loss,
you see a gradual reduction over time. It can take as little As one week to
see inches come off but the thing is you have to keep at it bc once you
stop ur waistline will return to its natural size. Those weeks right after
child birth is the best time to get a smaller waist and hips with the
relaxin hormone.

Ainul Najwa says:

this is amazing!!

SashaSimone07 says:


Elizabeth Ramirez says:

What did u do what workout

Muscoli Grasso says:


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