Get your tummy back into shape after pregnancy

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Maryam Cook says:

How long after giving birth did you start wearing it?
I’m 6 months pp and I’m still struggling a bit with my belly area :(

CK M says:

I am from Peru and most Latin American countries have this old tradition of
using belly belts after pregnancy 😉 I am glad you are recommending it too

Lakshmi Prasanna says:

after how many days of delivery we should use this…….how many hours we
should use this

Muhammad Adeel Ahmed says:

hi u r so beautiful i wana be like u :) can u please tell me whats ur diet
and which typ of exer u used to do in ur pregenecy im a married girl
planing a baby but very worried abt weight pls tell me milk is gd for
health i m very worried for eat anything thinkin itll fat u know after
marriage i got 3 pounds i was 47 in 2011 n now 50 im very worried about my
weight pls help me u r my ideal my name is midra ,R u available in facebook
? or where is ur contact may i be like u ? i m 24

divaa777 says:

Hi, My baby is 16 months old now. Do you think it works as good, if I start
wearing one of these products 24/7 now ??

Nitya Jardin says:

Breast feeding definitely helps too! I had my daughter by c section, had a
flap for a couple weeks then my flat abs came back, I know the feeding
helped because I cramped so bad during feedings but it shrunk my uterus
very quickly!

Roy Panggabean says:

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Keonna Emery says:

Do you feel suffocated with this on? Like you can’t really move around or
anything? My baby is due in Feb and im wanting to get one of these and
start it ASAP! I’m just worried if its safe?

minamiangelina says:

@YummyBaking Thank you. To be honest, I didn’t diet and don’t diet. I think
breast feeding really was the thing that took the baby weight off. After
having my 2nd child, I’m SUPER busy so i’m always running around. That is
mostly where i get my exercise. I started doing Zumba recently, but the
past month haven’t had time for that either. I do have a healthy lifestyle
for the most part. If you see my video on Who am I, I explain more. =)

Sanam Asam says:

Thanks once again n dis is my 2baby asvel ill check ur other video.

Mabelle E. says:

I know these types of Belts work! I just forgot to purchase one for me :(
my Mom had a belt like that which she wore after giving birth to our
youngest Brother. Worked out for her really well, she does have amazing
figure for her age.

MrKanishka3 says:

Oh hai! Have you considered – fast abs magic (just google it)? Ive heard
some decent things about it and my auntie got amazing 6 pack abs and lost
crazy amounts of weight with it.

Pamelottie says:

I love this!! My cousin is having a baby real soon and could use this
advice! Awesome job!

Cindy says:

Hi I’ve been looking at babies r us, I cant seem to find it, is there a
specific brand?

minamiangelina says:

@theeteeteerockstarr I personally don’t think so because your uterus would
have already shrunk after 11 months… this is basically to help your
uterus go back faster. It would defintely work as a corsette though.

lolizlollipop says:

Whats the brand of the wrap baby r us has lots of brands ???

Abaca H says:

Hey! Im just curious if you remember the specific brand or if you have a
link to the support band you used? I am wanting to get one asap as I am due
in a week! :)

jillbiggs says:

I tried one that I got from babies r us but it was to big.. even the
smallest size was too big.. my problem wasnt the size of my tummy but its
the extra loose skin :(

aminath mizu says:

it being like one year after my baby is born. i really want a way to know a
way to make my stomach back in shape. plz hlep me.

Ayesha Khan says:

Hi,I really like ur video…. And hop it will help me too…. I had my son
7 1/2 month ago…. I heard abt this belt now… Really want to give it
try…. Bez after my baby I’m having still a pregnancy tummy it’s seemso
bad bez I dnt gain much all over bt my tummy is still like I’m having a
baby again plz help me I’m so worried abt it need ur help and I’m
breastfeeding my son too any advices?!?? Thanks

minamiangelina says:

@Babyfullable Oh no.. have you checked online? I’m sure you can get some
for cheap on ebay. good luck!

minamiangelina says:

Hi Midra. You are so sweet. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I
understand all your worries about getting pregnant and thinking that your
body is not going to look the same anymore. I can probably write a book
about this, but since space is limited on here, I’ll send you a private
message. It’s great you are starting early and researching everything!

minamiangelina says:

I definitely don’t think 10 days is too late. It will really expedite
shrinking your tummy. If you’re breastfeeding, that will also help a
tremendously. Good luck and let me know how it goes. =)

Sanam Asam says:

thanks i hv dis belt ,n u look so fit do u do any diet asvel after had urn

minamiangelina says:

@youare4everloved I wore the day i got home from the hospital, so about 2
days after delivery. If you breast feed you really start to feel and see
the stomach shrinking so much faster. good luck!!

minamiangelina says:

I’d also love to hear how your outcome is! Thanks for watching!!! xx

minamiangelina says:

@YummyBaking I used mine the day I got home from the hospital.

jillbiggs says:

@minamiangelina yah I used it all throughout pregnancy and I am still using
it everyday.. IM almost 6 months post pardum.. so maybe in time it will
shrink a little more… i hope lol

minamiangelina says:

Yes, the belt is made to help the uterus shrink back faster. Trust me, it
is possible to get your body back to pre-pregnacy state without cosmetic
surgery. It’s just really important to exercise during pregnancy. I was
really good about exercising durning both pregnancies and you’ll be amazed
at how it helps with labor and getting back into shape after you have a
baby. Also definitely recommend breast feeding, as that really contracts
your uterus to shrink fast. Good luck!!

ForeverYoungLalala says:

Will it still work for women who has never had babies before? Like, just
belly fat.

jessikugh mejia says:

im too late i shouldve bought one my sons already going to be ONE :(

theeteeteerockstarr says:

I’ve had my baby 11 months ago do u think it wud work for me

nilofar khan says:

hi dear, you are very good , how to lose tummy fat and double chin , my
baby is 4 yrs now

blade83336 says:

how many hours a day do u use it? from the time u get up to the time u go
to sleep?? n i herd u said u quit usin it after 3 weeks but how can some1
tell when they r ready to stop usin it?

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