Get a flat tummy after baby!!!!

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Saewa says:

I heard waist trimmer work great and cheap! I’ll try it after my baby born 

ZoOmediN says:

Alright everyone! Have you experienced – Lozillan Fast Flat Abs – (google
it)? I’ve heard some great things about it and men, women can’t stop
talking about the amazing results they had with it.

kwill099 says:

Can I wear this even tho it’s been three weeks post?

Sabira Bibi says:

what shit us this

henaszaman says:

i have the same print! :) love it so cute! im 3 weeks postpartum, been
using the belly bandit.. did u wear it the entire 4 months? and how wud u
know u dont really need it anymore?

Aman Preet says:


TheAbStand says:

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Susma Gurung says:

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s ravindrakumar Mysore says:

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kruz1208 says:

can u pls post your pic before the belly bandit

thebronzebody says:

@ArtandDesire10 I don’t know if that would work or not, I don’t know what
really makes the belly bandit so special. I just wanted to share that it
worked really well for me. You might be able to find one at a consignment
store in your area. That way it would be way cheaper since the things there
are used!! Just an idea!!

thebronzebody says:

@Sammmy923 Congratulations!!!!! This works very good!!

sweetpyramidgirl says:

Thanks to god for finding your channel, not that im desperate in loosing
weight but just love how mums today of our age are pretty, take care of
themselves and know how to look good. I had my baby two months ago

Chai Yen says:


thebronzebody says:

@DBrazilianBeauty Well I had a c-section and used it pretty quick
afterwards. I think it depends on how your c-section goes if you have one.
Mine was easy and I recovered quick. Others may have had problems, and a
bad experience with this. I think you will be fine either way. I’m smaller
like you and had no problems!!!

ArtandDesire10 says:

why cant you just cut up some cotton material? I’m always looking for a
cheaper way.

thebronzebody says:

@dmoelim Oh no!!! I’m so sorry it didn’t fit, and I am so surprised you
can’t return it. I had no Idea they didn’t do returns! I don’t know how big
I was when I ordered it. My waist is a 25 before I had my son and now. When
I first used the belly bandit it was tight, but I think they are made to
fit pretty snug. Just give yourself some time and it will fit soon!!!! I
still use mine and see results so when you are bale to get it on it will

kimiyx says:

hi you said you ordered an xsmall. I measured my 38 week belly 36inches.
will an extra small fit me post pregnancy?? thank you

Karina La says:

you suck!

Honeylet Y. Ma says:

Hello, thanks for the review. Do you remember what size you were just
before giving birth? I was 25″ pre pregnancy and now measuring 39″ at 40
weeks pregnancy. I bought the XS and it looks like i wouldnt fit it in at
all. Im a first time mom and don’t know how fast can our tummy shrink.
Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

thebronzebody says:

@blade83336 I think it has to do with how fit you are before pregnancy. I
was really fit and had a flat tummy before, and I ate healthy, did light
exercise and didn’t gain an excessive amount of weight. I was lucky to get
no stretch marks. Everyone is different though. I used tons of oil and
lotion to prevent stretch marks!!

RayRayMommy1 says:

@MsSisu81 I got my Stretch marks at about 7 months.I was 107 pounds before
pregnancy and married a 6 foot 7 i had a huge baby! I think I
decided to have a tummy tuck after my next baby in about 3 years .but i
still have stretch marks on my hips and that won’t take them away. Just
don’t use bio oil! It’s over priced crap in a bottle. I’m using cocoa
butter now. Hopefully it works. Thanks for the encourage.And good luck with
your baby! I had a boy also. Such an amazing experience

Anna S says:

@thebronzebody Thank you so much for the tip. :)

Anna S says:

I am getting that this weekend along with shrinkx hips belt as well. Most
of my size 3 pants still fit me I just cannot zipper them up. lol My doctor
gave me the okay today to get them. However, I am still concerned about it
because if my son weighs up to 8lbs maybe 8 1/2 lbs they will allow me to
have him naturally but he weighs more than that… I will need a
c-section(I DO NOT WANT THAT). I read reviews about it, good things but
then i saw a couple bad about csections- any suggestions?thanks!

thebronzebody says:

@Danidubbs91 No problem!!! Congratulations on having a baby!!! It’s the
best thing in the world!

thebronzebody says:

@jehdrake88 Thanks!! Have you tried one?

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