FULL TERM: Week 37 BUMPDATE + Belly! Pregnancy After Having a Child with a Disability

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Hey Everyone!
Welcome to our baby #2 weekly pregnancy vlog.
We hope you enjoy our journey just as much as we do!
Thank you so much for watching!
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Nursery Tour: http://youtu.be/–qMaDb-tCw
My Birth Plan: http://youtu.be/TnGzoI58Gxs
Last Bumpdate (Week 36): http://youtu.be/BWInRo7EYD0


Sam Cassidy says:

Our baby carry sleeping cot bag, with both my kids. Instead of carrying a
baby bag, I’ld stack everything in the sleeping cot bag and if they needed
a sleep I had the bed ready. Was my best buy ever :)

Nyssa Camacho says:

One thing I could not live without for my baby would be his “baby” which is
his blanket :) 

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