Free 8 Min Ab Workout – How to lose belly fat & get a flat stomach after pregnancy

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Free 8 minute ab workout! Get rid of the mommy bulge, belly fat, muffin top, fupa with ab (core) exercises for after pregnancy using the pelvic floor and transverse abdominis. Lindsay Brin of MIF uses effective weight loss workouts to tighten loose skin and lose belly fat! You must have your doctor’s permission before beginning any exercise.


☜ Sᴏᴠɪᴇᴛ Bᴇᴀʀ ☞ says:

To anybody watching this that drinks a ton of soda, just completely stop
drinking it and replace it with water. I was 175 5’11 at the time I
stopped, and I started drinking about 70-90oz of water a day. some months
later I weigh 150, and even the slight taste of soda makes me almost vomit.

I didn’t even exercise in the process (even though I should have…), but
yeah just stop drinking that shit. Your body will thank you later.

Just make sure to drink stuff like milk and green tea alongside everyday,
they’re both very healthy as well. 

cris estacio says:

How long will I get the results? I’m slim but my post pregnancy belly is
Can you give me a run down of the exercises you’ve shown here? Thanks!

Jennifer Gregory says:

too much talking .. do it

Sumon Kumar Day says:

Hey there! Have you come across Cobrian Ripped Abs Workout (do a search on
google)? Ive heard some incredible feedback about it and my m8 got great
results with it. 

Sarah Hasty says:

this workout is awesome.. I love how short it is too… how many times a
week should I be doing it? 

Tara kaur says:

this looks really good – so informative cant wait to try it – has this
worked for anyone else

Apple Crumble says:

What an awesome workout.
It’s tough, yet doable and you just KNOW one will see visible results
fairly quickly.


Thankyou (^_^)/

Jacqueline F. Cardenas says:

You can actually lo­se 1­0 lb­s na­turally in 2 weeks, wit­hout bat­tl­ing
with foo­d cr­aving

christian rivers says:

Can I buy this workout anywhere?! I would like it in my collection!

Claudia Zelaya says:

i thought it was good

Rianna Bull says:

How long do you reckon it will take to loose 14 pounds ??

Sara Shepherd says:

Oh my gosh, my abs are burning! Thank you for this great video, I learned
so much about posture.

melissaanmarie Sanchez says:


Melissa-Paris Medina says:

this is great im a new mom and I love that this is fast but it still
challenges me I hurt in the best ways! thank you

Colin Munro says:

If you want to lose fat – and fast
You need to balance your hormones first
Search google for: *Belly Fat Blaze*
It is a website that explain how to do it

Aliona Sacali says:

Love this! Can’t wait to see the results!

Jackie Z says:

Can`t wait to get started!!!

JohnnyLProductions says:

Thanks!!! Helped alot! 😀

shaista farheen says:


evas251 says:

Did you only do these work outs to loose the belly fat? I am skinny already
and I do not need to loose wait but after having my daughter my stomach
stretched so much that i have wrinkles on my belly that needs to tighten
up. How long do you think it would take for my stomach to get back to
normal and flat? Please help I am only 21 and I should have a nice flat

dinozi says:

You are like a robot :) I look like a seal while doing exercises 😀 Should
be a lot of work to fix this beer belly

Claudia Gutierrez says:

bessst work out

chillyen says:

i just give birth 2 months ago is it ok to try this

serendipitousingh says:

Excellent demo girl ….. ur great 😉

samanthaa4894 says:

truly good ab work out !!! I’ve been trying to find a good one to stick
with and this is going to be it! thank you!

Themetuk says:

THANK YOU for this..

nancy s says:

my 3rd child is 3 months old and i barely got the ok to workout from my Dr,
hopefully this will work

Tirtho Das says:

Hey there, have you heard of “Belly Fat Quencher” (just do a Google search
for it…)? On their website you can watch a practical free video. This
helped Steven to get rid of his tummy fat. It may work for you too.

stephnei says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other normal
people are able to lose weight easily using Lean Body Stagger (Google it).

Lebanese says:

This actually works. Ive never had a baby but I did her work out last year
a long with a good diet and for the first time in my life I developed abs
and now I am going on vacation and doing this work out again so thank you

MrJahbless67 says:

will this work for me i had a c section

HCGCandini says:

Love how you teach people to engage the muscles, thats an amazing tip!

jaimelynn212121 says:

how many days does it take for you to see results

adiegiese23 says:

yep i am to

0sublime says:

just had my daughter a week ago, gonna wait a few weeks and then start this
workout. hoping it works! thank you! (:

DeviantCandy says:

I need to lose 50+ pounds…how long before you saw results? I had a baby
boy and gained so much weight!

Kay Ala says:

im not pregnant or even a mom, but I’m defiantly gonna use this for my
daily excersice to have a toned stomach 😀 ! thankyou your really good

Gabriela McElfresh says:

Good advice, I have a one year old and I went from a size zero and one to a
size 5! He was a big boy like his daddy lol. I’m dying to get rid of my
belly fat once and for all!!

Wendy Lopez says:

I just had a baby 3 months ago .. I hope this works because I have 50
pounds to lose too



Roy udoy says:

Awesome! Has anyone read the nutrition plan taught in Sweet Weight
Shredder? Just search for it on Google. I read about a lot of people who’ve
removed excess fat from it. Take a look for yourself.

stacey breeveld says:

I’m gonna use these exercises after i give birth to my third child!.. Cant

Vivy White says:

say HA!

NaturalBeautiMe says:

How many times per week should we do this and after how long will we start
seeing results?

lovemegoldendac says:

Omg!!!! My abs are on fire!!!!!

Carola Czalon says:

Once I looked down and said…: DAFUCKSTHAT ?

og8997889 says:

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Krisian Kostadinov says:

If you seriously want to shed pounds, you should do a google search Fat
Blast Lifestyle. They will help you get the body you deserve.

Emil Essa says:

Google Fast Fat Furlong… It’s awesome. This video is great but wait until
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