Do Your Own Body Wrap (Before and After)

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35 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

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Here is my second follow up to the Do Your Own Body Wrap Video. You all have requested to see before and after so after 2+ years I am wrapping myself again on camera this time with my tape measure to bring you all the before an after. Visit my blog for tons before and after pictures and more about my journey:

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Josef Nagy says:

If you want to lose weight, cut your calories intake. If you want to be
healthy and nice – exercise! Every other way is just bull .

crysta50 says:

+delma208 *yes I still think that exercise is way better than a*
*surgery!It might cost a lot of money plus its not safe you know.*
*Good thing I found this famous site that offers cellulite removal.I tried*
*it myself and it works after a short period of time.*^^)

Rita Vark says:

instead of a heated bed if you dont have that. you can just wear this to
the sauna at the gym

Emily Mendoza says:

For everyone asking if they can use salt instead. NO! Lol. Epsom salt isn’t
actual salt. It’s magnesium sulfate that comes from Epsom Uk.
So many health benefits. And gardening etc. You can google Epsom salt and
read up on the Epsom salt counsel website. :)

BeautyWanna says:

+Haku22205 *I need to get rid of cellulite in my hips & especially in my*
*thigh area. the program was amazing and you were using*
*it too glad to hear that. My friend was the one who recommended*
*me this and I can clearly say that it worked for her. Her skin was*
*smooth. Im looking forward to this in the next few weeks :)*

beautybyme22 says:

can u use normal salt? someone help me please

junior Suarez says:

should i sleep with it if i wrap it not so tight

Amanda Croxon says:

you have lost half an inch. When you first measured you were 31 inches,
although the tape measure was not accurately placed to see a clear
indication of size, the second picture shows 30.5 which means you lost half
an inch. The picture of this also shows the tape measure pinching to the
left of the pic……. Don’t get me wrong Im all for great experiments that
help you lose weight but really I think good old diet and exercise that
take months rather than days is unfortunately the only way to get healthy
weight loss that stays off. This is not effective, maybe the salons my
work but way too much money. Sorry hunni

daniisoOoaw3some says:

Hey! I was wondering how long the effect last? Like the day after? You’ll
look slimmer only? And if I can do this every night?

Marrisa Bishop says:


amanda saephan says:

Instead of using the aloe vera gel can i use bio oil to moisturize my body?
It helps for stretch marks but I’m not sure if it’s a good moisturizer to
use with the Epson salt…what else can I use besides aloe vera? Please
some one get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks

Tennitra Newsome says:

Thank for video. Simple informative and you shown how it works :-)

13stupid is stupid does13 says:

I have had so many wraps from so many different spas and they love to say
that I’ll see even better results in 2-3 days and don’t take a bath the
same day as the wrap yet I hardly ever see any difference afterward and
they measure before and after but WOW!!! I just did your wrap and lost an
inch in 1 hour…Really, Really? I will be saving my money from this point
on and you have NO idea how much I appreciate this video. Please keep up
the good work. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH :)

Skyla Shanell says:

Me watching the video…. O_O Mind blown.

I’m in the Navy. I’ve heard of these things to make weight. But I didn’t
think it worked.
A lot of people use preparation H. 

Ravali Reddy says:

can v use sea bath salt for this and any skin oil ?/

luvfunnyflix says:

But don’t you gain it right back ? It’s just sweat! Soon as you drink water
it’ll be right back! What ever happened to good old fashioned exercise?

lilkimmycup123 says:

Would this work on your thighs?

lanie lula says:

I love your videos u do so well u don’t blab the whole time and u know what
your doing I really appreciate everything u show how to do and i don’t say
that much keep working at it and u will be youtube famous

angel phan says:

5:25 nipples

Jamilah F. Pryce says:

Is there a way to keep it from sliding off while you exercise with this on?
Or am I only supposed to lay down with it on?…. And also, if I do it
continuously would this be a good way to lose weight and keep it off?

erikadrummonded says:

I lost A LOT of inches on my stomach the other day by giving myself an
enema. There are plenty of videos on here about it and the results are a
lot better and last longer.
You should all try it.

Soul Seekers says:

If you don’t have salt I use cream it is really good just use moisturiser
or something in the parts you don’t like and leave it on either sleep with
it or excessive with it and it works hope this helps if you don’t have any
of those products :)

Ma Lydia says:

like the idea of using VE and salt. Will try.

Elizabeth Burke says:

I use the wrap idea when I am working out. Not for the idea og losing 3
inches all at once but just to help tone my body

ADaywithisabella says:

what happen to your belly botton

Britney Tucker says:

can we use sea salt instead 

Kre8ivlyTwysted says:

You weren’t at your waist when u measured…you’re probably smaller than

fpratt1980fp says:

Wait?! U really lost 1 whole inch doing this? Wow

qwertyuiop36371 says:

Does it make a huge difference if I leave it on overnight as opposed to
just the 45 minutes?

bellamybeatz says:

Those eyes though

Cher Feng says:

Personally the thought of opening up my pores against tight plastic wrap is
cringe-worthy. The plastic would break down from the heat and the chemcals
absorb into your stomach. Also, i found that if you use something like a
waist slimmer (check amazon for cheap ones) and wrap it tightly around your
stomach and then do an hour or two of cardio & strength training or any
form of exercise you want really, the results happen quicker and a lot more

emilie knecht says:

She said 31 1/2 at the beginning….. o.o 

Jahnay Zamone says:

I feel like you can workout, diet, and use a full treatment of body wraps
so the results will remain.

Krystal Vaughn says:

The thing about wraps is, it causes you to sweat. So its pretty much “water
weight”. Plus you wrap your body tight for a while. It’s just like if you
wear a brace or something on your knee or arm. It will shrink it
temporarily. But the skin always bounces back after a day or so. 

Heather Ledford says:

Can i use this with my belly button peircing?

kevin baxter says:


Blackened Rose says:

She got the same results as “before” this was a waste of mines and her time

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