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Belly Breathing for Labor and Coordinated Pushing. Led by Senior Oh Baby! Fitness Instructor, Kathleen Donahoe. Two part exercise. You’ll learn how to perform belly breathing for labor and then move on to coordinated pushing. Focus is on engaging abdominals and releasing the pelvic floor muscle. For more information on safe exercise during pregnancy and after, go to


nanysigma says:

If your fingers don’t separate is because you are taking all the air on
your “chest/lungs” instead of your diaphragm.. Is like trying to inflate
your belly instead of thinking of breathing .. I know this as I learned
this when I took vocal lessons .
So try to inflate your belly :) good luck 

krissy k says:

that is wonderful. really encouraging to make me feel like I can get it
done effectively. thank you

Kaela Johnson says:

Love this video!!! I live in a very small town and they only offer labor
and breastfeeding coaching classes 3 months out of the year, and the next
one doesn’t start until after my due date (go figure, my luck). So this has
been extremely helpful!!!
Thank you so much for making this so simple!!!

Farzana Baksh says:

We’ll see if it works! 

Sheryl S. says:

Ive learned more in these 4 minutes than I would have in any class

MAGH MO says:

i tried it but when i breath in my fingers dont separate as much as the
pregnant lady here… am i doing it wrong?

Elizabeth Hopkins says:

thank you i havent taken any breathing classes to get me ready for labor
and im 37 weeks along but the doc says that i could go within a week or so.
so this is very helpful.

yasmine rodriguez says:

so helpful thanks :)

fl0rida0ranges says:

lol, @2:43- she was patting her stomach and making drawing circles on her
head when she was saying “it’s very difficult like patting your head and
drawing circles on your stomach.” Just shows how annoying that little
riddle is!

Candy Vasquez says:

This makes no sense

Beta Flandey says:

the comment to views ratio on this is ridiculous

Aaresh Mufty says:

my wife is 40 weeks preg .. and expecting anytime now .. is it safe and
recommended to do this exercise at this stage of her pregnancy?

Elle Cavinta says:

my fingers dont seperate at all -_-

Jazmine Laboy says:

its so frustrating not being able to do that breathing technique she does
with her fingers at the beginning!!!

Joshua Small says:

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