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Katie and her partner Scott have their first baby on the way. The pair is eager to be new parents, and feel they are prepared when it comes to parenting. Katie plans to work full-time managing a women’s health clinic and Scott will take on the role of a stay at home dad. Therefore, while Scott is busy playing Mr. Mom, Katie will be able to focus on work.

The arrival of Leah presents Katie with the impending reality of being a working mom and not being at home with Leah throughout the day. Katie is like so many other new moms who have to balance their time between working and being a parent, but she worries about missing out on the experience of raising her newborn.

What was your life like before and after baby? Tell us in the comments below!

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Lolli Popper says:

No, sir. You’re Mr. Dad. Dads are a thing, you know?

Leah Mae says:

my name is Leah<3bless this child

Deb A says:

You are not mr. Mom. You are mr. Dad and you will be nurturing and loving
and you dont have to have the “mom mindset” because it should be a parental
mindset to do the best for their kids. You are a great couple and you will
raise a wonderful girl!! 

Jessica Tovar says:

Before it was easy sleep,cathing up with friends,having your baby kick or
feel their hiccups.
After it was a huge change. Stayed home,nap with baby,cuddle. I love every

puppy2509 says:

The baby is cute :3

Opened Toybox says:

My new baby cousins name is Leah :D

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