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Amanda and her husband Aaron are newlyweds who couldn’t be more excited to be new parents. Join them as they discuss their before and after pregnancy journey, brought to you by JOHNSON’S®.

Amanda explains the range of emotions she feels as a first time mom after giving birth to her daughter Aliya Lynn. Life after pregnancy is now all about Aliya Lynn, who’s always laughing, smiling, and brightening her parents’ day. But it’s important to remember to never lose sight of your dreams as a mother, and it’s Amanda’s dream to dance; she’s learning to juggle her dreams along with her newfound motherhood. As a new mom, Amanda promises that whatever Aliya needs, they will be there for her no matter what.

What was your life like before and after baby? Tell us in the comments below!

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Mrsbehave28 says:

What a beautiful family. Aaron and I went to school together. I kept
looking at this video and was saying he looked familiar. I hope all is well
and congratulations to you both. God bless:).

Britney Ufomadu says:

aww thats so sweet shes adorable congratulations

Ari Sade' says:

Love this!!! Awwwww!!!!!! :) 

Janielle Pratt says:

Absolutely love this!!! 

NaturalBeautyy6 says:

Beautiful baby wow

Che Monney says:

Good for you Amanda!

Tammy Lynn says:

love this

vittala sharma says:

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