6 to 27 weeks Pregnant Belly Shots

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Jus a compilation of belly shots and videos of my belly so far through my pregnancy from 6 weeks on until 27 weeks. As of September 14, 2011 I will be 29 weeks (7 months and a week) pregnant. I will be back soon with new videos.

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3saTruSty13 says:

that’s cute

PBabyJa says:

@datgirldannie Thank you. And congrats to you as well!

sec12348765 says:

I think I called belly button piercing belly that increases in pregnancy
amazing chemistry is good. It seems sticking out form the belly button
depression will change every time I see the stomach, and become 27 weeks it
disappeared. It may continue to grow still sticking out, the skin on the
belly button that blocks the belly button piercing hurt or I are likely to

ladder49isthebest1 says:

no offense but pretty much everything before 18 weeks is just you sticking
out your gut.the baby isnt developed enough to show so early

PBabyJa says:

@SeriousDiva Thank you. Thats the same thing the girls at work told me when
they found out how far aong I was. lol


Ur stomach is very small.i must really be fat

PBabyJa says:

@TeyTelevision I’m not sure what that means… but ok?

PBabyJa says:

thank you

PBabyJa says:

@MzCie lol. It took us a week to move and then it took t he cable people
another 2 weeks to come out and set up our phone, internet, and cable. SMH.
Thanks. And I was still watching yours on my phone haha

Celeste Brown says:

ur belly is so tinyyyy! :) it’s adorable

MzCie says:

Its about time we got SOME KIND of update! lol But you are still so
tinechi! Good to see a video from you!

MzCie says:

@PBabyJa lol aw ok let me know something good to see you 2 doing well mama!

Michael Maxwell says:

X Weeks pregnant now i have to do math

Angelsbbymomma702 says:


PBabyJa says:

no, everyone’s pregnancy is different, you shouldn’t call yourself fat,
just because you arent the same size as the next pregnant woman

TeyTelevision says:

@PBabyJa Smh, most guys aren’t attracted to pregnant women. Some even act
but they’re really not. When I said I’m still choosing, that basically
meant I don’t care, she still got a sexy frame and I’d holla. But I take it
back now because I didn’t respect the tone in your reply lol. Bye.

TeyTelevision says:

…… im still choosing lol

lynnieluve says:

You are finally starting to look pregnant. Your boobies sure are growing if
nothing else….haha!!! You look cute!

PBabyJa says:

thank you

PBabyJa says:

@lynnieluve tell me about it! I’ve grown a couple of cup sizes. It kinda
sucks because I had to go out and buy new bras that were hidious :(

datgirldannie says:

looking good!!!!

PBabyJa says:

@Angelsbbymomma702 thank you

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