4 Weeks Pregnant After Miscarriage + Belly Shot

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R.I.PBABYMIA p says:

i just had one way to scared to try again i could imaging how you must feel
hang in there and bring that baby into this world you can do it good luck 

TeaandTimW707 says:

Congrats Hun! I just found out I’m 3w6d preggers with #2! I also had 2
losses. Fx everything goes well for u. I will do vlogs once we announce it
to our families!!!

Emmaandfamily says:

No I didn’t think it was rude, it’s okay :) when I watched it back after I
recorded it I thought the same thing but I am excited and definitely
thinking of the positives but the negatives are still on my mind.

amygiggles says:

I hope you didnt think my comment was too rude. I know you are very happy
and excitied about being pregnant, but i totally understand why you would
be worried and scared. Ive never stuffered from a MC. Touch wood. I really
hope you have a healthy pregnancy, i will be watching all the way through!

Chyna Long says:

I feel the same exact way, im only four weeks i suffered a miscarriage on
Feb 14 of this year. I have no symptoms and it worries me. Just stay
positive, thats the only way i can see getting past the hurt. Good luck :-)

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