39 weeks pregnant vlog & belly

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I am now 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant and still no Berkley! I will be sure to update after my Dr. appointment on Wed, Aug 1st (which is two days before my due date). Thanks for watching! :)

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Jaem says:

Have you ever heard about using clary sage oil to help bring on the

mamaANDkaeli says:

Good luck I hope u get ur vbac. I used castrol oil twice in 1 night and all
it gave me was horrible cramps a trip to the er with minor contractions.
But I know women who swear by it, everyone is diffrent do what u think is
best for u. Hope u don’t have to wait much longer.

Ulrike Polster says:

I hope you have the natural birth you´re wishing for, I know that waiting
for your baby is just terrible, but she´ll be here soon!!! Keep thinking
positive, everything´s going to be fine! Good luck

Katelin Burton says:

I rly pray u have ur vbac! I am 25 weeks pregnant bby #2 and also going for
a vbac. I am right there with u not wantin a csection. My babies will be 11
mo apart when my son is born..so I dont have the huge gap between my
csection and possible vbac it makes me more nervous! Not alot of ppl
support my choice in vbac but its what I want! Good luck can’t wait to meet
Berkley! <3

Michelle Carr says:

i was 39weeks and 6 days when i had my daughter…i think i wouldve made it
past my due date but i couldnt take it anymore and decided to get induced,
that resulted in me not being able to get any type of pain medication so i
went all natu-ral. yiiiikes. Goodluck with everything!! hoping baby girl
comes sooner than later!! cant wait to meet miss Berkley!!

lizbreezy88 says:

I’m praying for you!! I’m 33 weeks with my 2nd and its a gile

inflatingtheworld says:

i love how big you are. congrats girl, hope you’re daughter is born soon :)

tubularyou007 says:

My son is two and has always loved using my hair things as bracelets too

Ashleyrse86 says:

I have loved following your pregnancy blog! What is the Facebook fan page

Emma Miller says:

Keep your head up Allison! I’ll be praying for you & the natural arrival of
a healthy Miss Berkley!

Baileyboolove1 says:

I’ll be praying for you! :)

pwfowler55 says:

You are sexy girl

mommyischic says:

hope that you get your vbac! have you tried evening primrose oil capsules
to ripen your cervix?

MommyLexi727 says:

have hope! dont stress and relax. you can have this vbac! sending good
thoughts your way!

mollypop2008 says:

I’m gonna be a little sad not seeing pregnancy updates from you anymore.
Congrats though. I am 28 weeks today and can’t wait for my boy!

Brittany Mazzuca says:

Good luck Allison. Your gonna do great and I hope all the best for a
natural birth, like u want!! Cant wait to see the baby!

monikasea says:

moving around,sex,spicy food should work

Kacie W. says:

Allison I am so excited for you & keeping you in my prayers. Come on

Anneliesxx says:

Good luck with your labor and delivery! 😀

londeroo says:

Eat some spicy food!

Lisa MarieTTC says:

Best of lucky so happy that your doing well and that she is almost here!!!

AussieMummySince07 says:

You sound exactly like me when i was pregnant with my daughter! I wanted
so, so, soooo bad to go into labour naturally and to get my VBAC. I couldnt
stop thinking about it all and come 40wks i still hadnt gone into labour so
i was losing all hope :( But i did go into labour on my own but
unfortunately after 36hrs of labour (3hrs pushing), the doctor checked me
to find she was a brow presentation so i had to have a second emergency
c-section :( I really hope you get your VBAC though hun. xx

marissa agueros says:

I had a dream you update and said you were in labor so once I woke up I
looked on here. No luck. Hopin she comes soon for you! I’m due a week from
today and am beyond ready!!

Inma cope says:

Finger cross!! Good luck!!

reneelynn1965 says:

Prayers for V-BAC and happy healthy baby & mommy!

sracchini1 says:

You are looking amazing, girl! I’ve been following all of your videos from
before Gavin was born, and ever since, I’ve been hooked:) I totally have
faith that you can have this vbac and that you will do absolutely amazing!
Will be praying for a quick and safe delivery (and for it to come SOON!)
and for a healthy Berkley! Can’t wait to see her:)

OurBittersweetLife says:

Gavin is so adorable!! I can’t wait to see Gavin and Berkley together, he
will be such a great big brother. I’m praying you have her within the next

Rachel says:

Keep positive Allison! She will be with you very soon! X

MITMama929 says:

time for ‘sexy time’!! gotta get labor going! 😉

angelfacemoma says:

You are all belly. She’s going to be big.

Bristolbabe79 says:

Has anyone seen on her Facebook if she has gone into labor yet?

misbahnav says:

Guess wut my due date is tomm 1st of Aug wid my 1st baby :) bt no sign of
any contractions lol

SchmidtHappensTX says:

Do some walking up & down those stairs girl! That’ll help get labor
started. Good luck!

makeupjunkie5656 says:

sending lots of prayers and labor dust to you

TheNatatronic says:

Have you looked into induction acupressure? I’ve heard really great things
about. There are some good videos on youtube that show you which points of
the ankle/foot you can message to help induce labor.

EAST_XC says:

are u flimming ur labory and delviery ????????????

SoniBoxer says:

I really hope you go into labor! Good luck!!!!! Thinking good thoughts for
you :)

imsassi says:

Geezzz, will you have that baby girl already – I feel like Im preg. and
waiting. lol – jk – I know you are soooo ready. I remember when you first
found out you were preg. – we went along to your moms house to tell her the
news…the 9mos has flown. Good luck sweetie, shes almost there.

deza711 says:

Im 39 wk tom. I’ve heard acupuncture can help induce labor which I will
also be trying because I want mine out too! lol Good luck girl- sounds like
you’re close either way

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