39 WEEKS PREGNANT (last pregnancy update, induction, belly)

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Doctor called right after I started uploading this!
I am scheduled to be induced Monday October 20th at 7:30pm..and will more than likely will have her on Tuesday the 21st :)
Hopefully she comes before my induction date.. but it’s not looking great :(
Thank you all so much for watching my pregnancy vlogs and keeping up with Ellie Grace and me. I will be 40 weeks in 2 days! Can’t wait to meet my baby girl!



kandice withak says:

Yay so exciting! I’m 36 weeks on Wednesday and feel like i still have to
wait FOREVER haha =) good luck with your labor and delivery! I’ll keep you
guys in my thoughts and prayers =)

nshida n says:

Congrats on your upcoming birth!
You look like you’ve dropped!

you haven’t got any stretchmarks!!! Eeee I’m so jealous! I used bio oil but
sometimes it doesn’t work too well. as well as i’ve hoped..

Is there a technique you use when applying stretchmark cream/bio oil?
Perhaps you could demonstrate what products you use and how you apply them
on your next video? =)
All the best for the birth and hope to see a few more updates!!

Scott Sandler says:

She’s almost here! As always, your bump is fantastic, Kenzi!

WilzyDrmGrl says:

The 21st is my birthday but hey with My first I was 2 days late so don’t
stress it. 

BabyandKenzi says:

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