33 Weeks Pregnant Belly Shot – Piercing Stretch Marks :(

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Micheal Vill says:

You can take away stretchmarks, whether you’re female or male, dark toned
or light, fat or underweight

A.J. MacAttack says:

my belly button piercing was the only place I stretch marked and the good
news is it fades and is hardly noticeable after a while :) I am hoping I
don’t get any new marks this time around. 29 weeks so far so good. Good
luck! 😀

TinksiehTink says:

😀 I thought it was a compliment… maybe? it’s all good if it’s said by a
girl anyway, right haha

Evo Mom says:

You have the most perfect baby bump! Congrats again :)

Keras world says:

seriously in like 3 weeks youre going to look at yourself one day in the
mirror and be like…”holy cow, when did i get sooo big…” lol im 37 weeks
and let me tell you i couldnt believe the difference in my stomach in such
a short amount of time!! gotta love pregnancy! ps love the videos

kare bear says:

You look beautiful! As the last weeks wind down, he will continue to grow
and it will feel as though everything is as big as it can be and your
anxiousness will ease and you will just want to meet his sweet face. Don’t
overdo it with the moving and the baby’s room!

AmyLeeAdams says:

Exactly what i though 😀 but i was like…should i write that…? 😀

JPouch BabyBlog says:

Grown so much!

Victoria Rangel says:

I love your videos! I’m 19 and 21 weeks pregnant and I’m a single soon to
be mom. Watching your videos make all my stress disappear. U have a
contagious and beautiful laugh. I’m so happy for u and your husband as well
as jealous. Y’all r gonna be great parents

Kaleigh Anderson says:

When your Stomach stretches when the baby starts to grow does it hurt it
looks like it would

kimberly cimini says:

do you have his name picked out yet

adriana garcia says:

O M G I just recently took my belly button ring out after having it for
several years!!! Noooo mine is probably going to look like I have 3 belly
buttons or something…. Hahaha btw you look beautiful! Love your vids!

Nikki YoungMomma says:

I have the belly button piercing stretch mark as well. It was sooo itchy
during the last weeks of pregnancy!

AmyLeeAdams says:

It definitely is, but i feel weird just cuz i noticed haha 😀

tmathersforever says:

oh great D: I’ve had mine done 6 times!!!! mine rejected every time, I’m
also 5 months pregnant…not excited for that haha

carriegetthelights says:

I just have to say I love your shirt and your boobs look awesome! So
jealous! Congrats on all the baby joy, can’t wait to see the next update!


I didn’t get stretch marks around my defunct navel piercing (though I had
the piercing for years.) However my ear cartilage piercing was driving me
crazy after FIVE YEARS and had to retire it. :(

ZColdsWife says:

You look so pretty. He’s so high! I had gotten my belly button peirced
actually almost the day before we got pregnant with my #1 and took it out
three months later because it got infected and I lost my belly button early
so I have a horrible scar along with the stretch marks on it. Yours looks
so much better honestly.

Kristina Justice says:

It dont hurt. You dont even feel ur belly growing.

Sara Rojas says:

Your pregnancy went by so fast in my opinion! Haha, I can’t wait to see the
little guy!

sarah clarke says:

i had that when i was pregent with my son i could never look at my belly
after that!!! btw cant wait to see the lil guy!!

pollypocketmama says:

You look so pretty in this video! You guys only have a few more weeks
before your little man is here!! yay!! On the piercing note: I have had my
belly button pierced for the last 8 years or so and I am tiny like you. I
can only imagine what kind of stretch mark masacre is going to occur once I
get pregnant and start to balloon out.

treemama meg says:

You look amazing regardless, my dear! where’d you get your top from? Thyme?

radsecret says:

He’s actually low- she said in her previous video she has empty space up

Fiona says:

I’m glad someone else commented about this and I don’t feel as weird but
wow, your boobs!! You look amazing!!

Pamela Anderson says:

hahaha thats what happens with women get the rings in the place where it
doesnt belong. You get a stretch mark! Think ahead; dont you want to have
children, get pregnant? Well, if you have no piercing it will avoid stretch
marks. I got none during my pregnancy thank god!

Shi F says:

Stretch marks are not cool. I noticed mine around 36 weeks pregnant and
they were under my belly button all down my belly to my hoo hah basically.
I bawled that night. After having my baby I realized that I had gotten
stretch marks on the back of my legs, under my butt cheeks, on my boobs, on
my sides, and on my belly. Although it sounds AWFUL. Over time they really
do lighten up and it seems like such a not big deal when you’re holding
your cute little baby.

CHISSIe3 says:

UR SUPER lucky thts d only stretch marks u ave hun trust me could ave been
worst embrace ur bump….its cute;-)

foreverONEofME says:

awwww u look so cute!!

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