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Thank you so much for watching! :)

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Charlotte, NC 28277

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Trish Vieira says:

I’ve never been so excited to watch a family grow that I don’t know
personally haha :)

simplydee11 says:

So beautiful… My favorite utuber!!!! 

Allison Kilpatrick says:

Will you be doing any baby buys videos?

ashleighBeeBee123 says:

CUTE :) and yes, you do repeat yourself a lot but I have gotten used to it!
Lol (: I am so excited to see the room and meet baby Nolan!

Lyssa W says:

Thanks for cutting the intro short. 

MrDramos2 says:

Big Baby

kiley henry says:

I’m so exited to see him and their room. I feel like in the past 4 weeks or
so you have just popped 

hailandbaby says:

You look tan in this video! Are you using any tanning lotion? It looks
natural lol! Maybe it’s just your pregnancy glow!!

Lyndsey Bieber says:

Britney your so pretty! Your make is so light and natural it’s so pretty!
Can you make an updated make-up routine? 

Allie Craig says:

Y would anyone dislike this. 

Shuffle686 says:

I love you! You’re one of my favourite youtubers. Aria’s so cute!!

Jami McDermitt says:

I love your little family! I always look forward to your videos! I
seriously look up to you & want to be as good of a mother as you! Aria is
beautiful so I am very excited to see Nolan! Keep being a great mom!! ❤️

BriaAsAMom says:

You look amazing! I looked like a manatee on legs when I was this pregnant
;). Whatever you’re doing, keep it up!

Rae Styles says:

Your going to be a great mother Britney u are a wonderful person and aria
is going to a great big sister

youngmommy&wifey says:

For me the glucose test wasn’t that bad i didn’t have no effect during or
I wilk be sending you a little gift for Aria,Nolan, and you soon so excited
and good luck next week on the test ♥♥

KierraAndBaby says:

You look great ! You carry so well .. I feel huge and i’m 8 weeks behind
you . Lol .. One thing i am definetly NOT looking forward to is the glucose
test . Yuck .. I got orange last time thinking it would taste like orange
soda .. -___- lol

JustAddABow says:

You are so lucky! They gave me fruit punch and I got to take it home and
keep it cold too but it taste like cherry medicine to me and I hate cherry
flavor. I will ask if they have orange next time.

ALLLcrew says:

My daughter, Hope was born at 24 weeks and 1 day last June. She was 11 3/4
inches long & weighed 610 grams (~ 1lb 5oz). After a 4 month NICU stay, she
was able to come home At almost 6 pounds. My son was just 20 months when
she was born. She’s almost 2 now and is starting to walk & weighs 20
pounds! She still requires oxygen and we are waiting to close a hole in her
heart that didn’t close after birth, after that is closed they think she
will be able to come off oxygen. She’s our little miracle and so sweet.
Keep cookin’ your sweet baby boy!! I love watching your videos. :-)

momsmakeup07 says:

I can’t believe you are 24 weeks already! WOW! Nolan will be here before
you know it. Random question…but where did you get the comforter/quilt on
your bed? I am in LOVE with it!! 

Lo P says:

You look great xx :) 

Eden Jackson says:

Can’t believe your 24 weeks, before long you’ll be doing his 1st week of
life update!!!! 

Infinity ∞ says:

i really enjoy watching your videos .

Heather A says:

your baby bump is adorable!

6quigley says:


Sayda Sandoval says:

First comment
I love u

Delaney Sudol says:

You r my fav youruber luv u watch u everyday

ChokingOnHappiness8 says:

Ahh you are just wonderful:) I love watching your videos and can’t wait to
meet little Nolan! 

lifelover mia says:

Can’t believe u are 24 weeks pregnant!!! Can’t wait to send stuff for Aria
and Nolan! I love you guys so much!!!!! :) <3

Emily R says:

Could you please do another video on aria going to daycare please !!! I’m
thinking of sending my 2 yr old to daycare soon :)

Emma Bradford says:

you have a perfect bump! think i say that every video lol, from face on you
dont even look pregnant Britney! Lucky girl lol xx

amy marin says:

You should add a detail to your videos by weighing yourself at the end of
the video too

Mallory Murdza says:


Kasi Pratt says:

You seriously have the cutest little family. Can’t wait for baby Nolan’s
arrival!! You’re an amazing mother and really do a lot for Aria <3

Grace Dellinger says:

Ooh so exited for Nolan to get here!!

Elena Andreea says:

are you going to do a birth vlog?

Chelsea Frazier says:

i got sick after drinking the stuff for the glucose test,so i have to go
back friday and take it again and hope it doesnt come back up again.lol

xokellie8228ox says:

Ur awesome. 1st comment♥

zelda5553 says:

Are you going to film the birth of Nolan? :)

love charmz says:

what was flashing in the backround

Lottie Hughes says:

Personaly I found the fruit punch flavor to be actually really good! I
never had the orange soda flavor everyone says is so terrible but the fruit
punch flavor tasted like a thick Hawaiian fruit punch! I cant believe how
fast your pregnancy is going by! :)

Marissabell Merwick says:

Nolan is getting so big! I wonder what his personality will be like…

Serramist says:

Wow the time is going by so fast and it seems like only a short time ago
you announced that you were expecting.

Marianne M says:

You’re so beautiful! LOVE your vlogs!

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