21 WEEK BUMPDATE – Birth Plan, Belly Button, and little Ollie – Pregnant After Stillbirth

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In this bumpdate I talk about my birth plan, body changes, and little Ollie! I’m so excited that you all finally know his name! If you don’t, go watch with the link below! Hurry! before I say it!

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XxbigXWOng says:

I love you guys so muth

Rajendra Bharat says:

Hey Missy!!… im 26 weeks tomorrow and im also having a baby boy. I was
just wondering bout ur thoughts about circumcision. Also if u dont feel
comfertable to tell me ur decision then its also fine. Sooo happy ur 3rd
time was a charm. I feel ur prayers were deffinatly answered 😀 IM REALLY

bambinodreams says:

I’m 23 weeks I can’t wait to feel my little man like that! I have felt him
steadily for about a month but it hasn’t gotten stronger yet

Anne-Marie Scheffel says:

(: Hey Missy. I love watching your daily vlogs! I have a question, are you
going to circumcise oliver and are you against cirumcising at all?

Anne-Marie Scheffel says:

Missy knowing baby ollie is to be arriving in August. How many babies are
you wanting in the near future? (:

bambinodreams says:

Also to keep baby head down — my doctor recommended starting inversions at
20 weeks. You can find the instructions on the spinning babies website – it
only takes 30 seconds a day!

Missy Lanning says:

I will definitely be having a shower, probably in late June. Not sure about
a live shower yet. I suppose if I get a lot of interest in something like
that, but I would never want anyone to assume I’m just looking for more
gifts, if you know what I mean. :) Of course, my shower which will be
thrown by my family, will be recorded and shown on our dailyBUMPS channel
and if there are gifts sent to us by subscribers we will open them on that
video. :)

Missy Lanning says:

It is very hard to explain, but once it happens, and he’s rolling around it
kind of feels like a small ball rolling around in my belly. The kicks
definitely feel like small taps at first. :)

christinelaine93 says:

Both my pregnancies (with a bicornuate) my babies have always been head
down from like 12 weeks on :) I have a very severe one and my doctor didn’t
and wont induce me until 42 weeks (and PITOCIN SUCKS) is it because of your
losses that you can’t go to 40 weeks?

Andria Focht says:

I use to set the remote on my belly while watching tv and when the baby
moved the remote would wiggle. Makes it much easier to “see” movements this
early. So glad things are going so well for you. My entire family loves
your videos :)

skygirl says:

you look so beautiful in this video.. and your blue eyes are enhanced by
all the blue around you… Also the name reveal video was amazing..
absolutely amazing.. i really have no words to say how inspiring and great
you are guys! I always wait the end of the day to arrive home from work and
watch your vids 😀 best wishes and lots of love!

MerleSparkles says:

Missy you look so pretty in this video, especially in the intro! The blue
and of course the pregnancy suit you so well <3 greetings from germany!

Saron Tekle says:

Missy ur gonna be a awesome mom :) Bryan ur gonna be a awesome dad. Great

The Life of a Homemaker says:

Cute :)

mysticshadow2003 says:

Haha, I could totally still see the word Baby on your belly!

George Skylar says:

What did it feel like when your belly button popped?

Missy Lanning says:

Good to know. :) Thank you <3

Missy Lanning says:

I’ve been reading up on that site today. :)

magarcos says:

It is a big decision! My baby boy is 13 months all and intact!

Stacy Marini says:

Cut me off… lol. Anyways, I would not change a thing! My boys are happy,
healthy and have had no issues with it. Guess it’s just a matter of what
you believe in. Good luck with baby Ollie J! :-)

ScandinavianMom says:

Hurray for a good week!!! It is good that you have started to think about
the birth. If you want any suggestions and advice from a doula you can
write to me if you’d like. There is not enough space in the comments for me
to write everything. I want you to know that there are many things you can
do to get your body ready for the birth to avoid the induction. And pitocin
is not the only way to start labor :)

snuusna says:

You are so beautiful, sometimes you remind me of Alexis Bledel :) I watch
both of your channels.. started last week and I think I’ve been pretty good
catching up.. haha :) Hugs from Norway!

KatiieStack says:

If you are deciding whether to keep him intact or not, I suggest watching
Gabeandjess’s video on the pros and cons of circumcision. It’s a very
informative video that will help a lot!! :)

Lauren Evans says:

could you do a video on baby boy’s clothes haul or something similar? :)
would be interesting to see what you’ve bought!

saravsterling says:

I’m 39 weeks this week and having an elective c section this Friday, and my
little girl is head down. Labor is beautiful bit you don’t want to “plan”
birth. Anything can happen! :-) Good luck to you’

Missy Lanning says:

Very good point. And my mom had all 3 of her kids by c-section so I am
grateful that those options exist in this day. Either way, a healthy baby
is the main goal. :)

Missy Lanning says:

Either on our facebook or on my main yt page, go to the “about” section and
you should see our mailing address.

ElectricTetris says:

Can’t wait for this weeks bumpdate! 😀

Kyles45Angel says:

Birth is the most natural beautiful thing you can experience. Meciated or
not. It’s aways natural :)

DannieLouMommy2Be says:

When you thought you was having braxton hicks but know you now it was
Oliver moving I think I’m experiencing that that this week I’m 18 and half
weeks :) also my belly button popped so so early at 11 weeks 😮 now it’s
out sometimes it’s half in n out depends on where is he is Lyin I think
hehe. The part between my percinig n top belly is also hard too, I took
mine out a year ago so I think it’s normal. I think people call it a worm I
av no idea! Cute video again! Love watching you!

nat may says:

Hey im 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant :) i love watching your journey. Were
also having a boy but have no idea on what to call him yet :/. Weve already
got a little girl who is 2. Sending lots of love all the way from the uk :)

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