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Hey guys! This week I’m talking about what Emilia & I have been up to in her 2nd week of life, what products she & I have been enjoying and I also show you guys the belly 2 weeks post partum! Hope you enjoy :) Don’t forget to check out my blog for pictures! xoxo

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N Luna says:

OMG Anna so pretty with long hair pls grow it out!!!

Leia Ward says:

Anyone else flinch every single time she was waving and whipping her hands
around that baby’s face?? Lol Jesus. 

Jemma Allen says:

Wish my tummy looked like that after having a baby :’) lol.

katherine vasquez says:

Be carefull with your hair. You put like a thousand times in the face of
your baby; that not good for her

FEHWMT says:

I am honestly surprised the child health visitors, and nobody else have not
told you; but I do not think so it is a great idea to share your bed with
dogs or any other kind of animals when you have a baby. Especially putting
the baby toys and blankets onto the same bed. I can see they are clean and
all but they are still animals. You are looking great and Emilia is very
cute. Please do not take my advice as an offence. All the bests.

xiomara vazquez says:

Godd bless you and your beautiful baby…and ppl what’s up with the
comment’s!!!!!! She is showing us a helpfull tip on how to look great after
giving birth.. women need to bond together and help each other on tips like
this instead of against eachother,if your self esteem is high videos like
this won’t bother you just take the tip!if you don’t need than is just not
for you;-)

1whitehorse1 says:

I would suggest using oregano oil on your nipples for the cracking – babies
can get oral fungal infections or thrush from that. And it grows on the
breast too from the sore flesh. Put oregano oil on after feeding. Don’t
feed right after! Oregano oil is strong and bitter and it stings a bit.
It kills bacteria and viruses and fungus. I used it on a REALLY bad belly
piercing infection that was really painful. Rather than taking
antibiotics, I put the oregano oil on it two or three times and that was
all I needed to cure the infection! It worked amazing and totally natural.

jellybellyificent says:

Jeez woman tie up your hair.

sharny morrison says:

how many babies do you have now? is it two?

Siamah B says:

This is so weird, but your accent is stronger in this vlog compared to your
new vlogs o.O Still, love the accent (:

Alexia A says:

You look gorgeous anna!

Dreamseeker731 says:

I love your videos you have a very nice personality. Your very expensive
with your hands. However in this particular video I thought you were going
to bop little Emilia with your hand on accident.

brian says:

Anyone with a problem with dog on bed…blah blah blah, if its your family,
he can lay there! …my cat slept with my baby sometimes, it was sweet,
never went near childs face-nothing… and besides, your hands are dirtier
when you think about it… ;-)

monica cruz says:

Ugh i hate it when i spent freakin 14 min waiting to see ther results…
Name your videos something different. It was just too much talking. Btw

Foto 5 says:

What kind of filter do you use for all you thumbnails? It looks great!

UK's Dazzling Beauty says:

What a gorgeous yummy mummy xx

tamousha says:

Pre- pregnancy, during pregnancy and post-pregnancy: BIO OIL FTW!

iamdrim says:

i just don’t understand why they allow their dog to walk and lay on the
bed, right where all the baby stuff is. Everything for the baby is
supposed to be c l e a n and bacteria free…

Sophie Doll says:

You look amazing! Congrats:)

Bassen_Hjertelos says:

Just one thing; Stokke is a Norwegian brand. There is no such thing as a
Scandinavian brand. It would be the same as saying Philips is a European

emma boo says:

We called them binkies :)

Katja Kesner says:

Love your hair in this video :) ♡♥

Angie Perez says:

Poor baby , your putting your hair all over her face……u should of at
least put it up 

Jamie George says:

So funny to sll of you cyber lsmes talking sooo much crap…BUT WHY DID YOU

Yani Melgar says:

OMG the long hair is beyond gorgeous.

Sierra Giles says:

“She’s a very sucky baby” lol

Victoria V says:

you look great. i was like you i lost the weight real fast with my
daughter. pregnant with number 2 hope its the same. your hair and makeup
looks amazing!

teffy Vargas says:

wow you look amazing for two weeks after giving birth

Becca Conway says:

What is postpartum? 

Rebecca Auer says:

She’s soo pretty!

Cherish Adventure says:

Thought this was Edwardo wow Emilia looks just like him when she was born.
It’s a great idea the public nurse wished they did that here, it would help
out families a lot.

ULLIOP says:

It’s so strange! My birthday is in September and I weighed 7lbs3oz as well
when I was born! I hope I can be as good a mother as you someday!!! <3 

taylor clark says:

Why do women feel the need to show of their postpartum belly? I do not get
it.. To each their own I suppose

Paige Spivey says:

Anna you are so gorgeous in this video!! Not that you aren’t all the
time…you just have a glow about you here!!

Jamessa Guillory says:

in the future anna had a baby boy and she did a 2 week postpartum video
SPOILER ALRET but anyway shes so pro and emilia is soo tiny

Honey Bear says:

Eduardo looks so much like Emelia when she was that’s age!!!

Lauren Ellis says:

you look so beautiful! i love y’all so much! :)

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