19 weeks Pregnant + Belly Shot

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Hey! I am 19 weeks pregnant! In this video I will be talking about my new symptoms, birth options, changing doctors, baby buys and more. Please Comment, Like and/or Subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you in my 20 WEEK UPDATE :O


Fly Won says:

I can’t wait to my baby girl first kicks :-( Im 18weeks and nothing yet´╗┐

RikordingMyLife says:

Thanks so much :)

Karen Jackson says:

Congrats on getting married and the baby! God bless

RikordingMyLife says:

Oh no!! She just kicks my bladder for now. I’m dreading the days she lays
on it lol. Thanks so much for watching and congrats on your pregnancy :)

Twitch Marie says:

You should try watching The Business of Being Born. It helped my a lot with
my birthing plan and accepting natural birth. Hope it helps you too!

Twitch Marie says:

The whole video is here on Youtube as well.

RikordingMyLife says:

Thanks so much! I know you are so excited to find out the gender. I got the
clothes from Gymboree. They are kind of pricey, but I had a gift card. I
would def. recommend Targets baby clothes. They have such good quality for
lower prices. That is where Im going to be getting a majority of her

RikordingMyLife says:

Thanks Kat! And the kicking bladder is no fun lol

sapphire valentino says:

Awww congrats so glad I found you I’m 23weeks and I couldn’t help but to
find out what I’m having. I wasn’t gonna at 1st but it was so tempting I
plan to reveal the baby’s gender like later on my orginal channel is
(romanticstyle98) I’m having problems uploading on my channel due to my
google account so I upload here. I also subbed you :-) can’t wait to see
what baby is.

naynay4u says:

Congrats on your wedding and may God bless your union with peace, love and
joyful moments. Cute outfits for your baby…will be finding out the sex of
my baby in about 2 weeks then I can start shopping. Where did you get the
outfits from and were they descent priced with lots of variety?

RikordingMyLife says:

Hey!!! Thanks so much for watching my vids. I dont know how people wait
until the baby is born to find out the gender. It takes a lot of patience
to do that. I will also sub to your channels :) cant wait to see what you
are having!

michelleforever21 says:

congrats lol kicking bladder my little girl is doing the same and stay most
of the time there lol tell me about it lol your babys getting strong:)

naynay4u says:

As for the gas, yeah its quite uncomfortable and my mum says its
inevitable with pregnancy, but that apparently when your pregnant things
that don’t usually give you gas…may do that now…so for me eggs and
cheese give me gas now…so be on the look out…

Kat Garcia says:

Congrats on 19 Weeks!!! Enjoy your last days before the halway point :DDDD
It’s crazy to know baby will be here soon…. ahhhh!!! Ouch! that sounds
crazy, baby kicking the bladder, I don’t think I’ve felt that and I hope I
wont jeje….Beautiful BUMP!!!

XxEnviedxX says:

awww I can tell you went to gymboree for the baby clothes…(i used to work
there) they have such cute things but could be on the pricey side..i have
to catch the sales lol

RikordingMyLife says:

Lol yeah they are pricey, im so glad I had a gift card!

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