15 Weeks Pregnant – Belly shot, Cramps, Kicks, Navel Oranges

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Sorry this is A WEEK LATE. I just started recording my 16 week video to realize my 15 week one was just sitting here on the computer. So here it is, and later today:


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Sophia Jenkins says:

Coolest and non boring video ever I’m 15wks as of now. U made my day lol

Jeannette Elizabeth says:

Hi, I was just wondering now that you’ve gone through this pregnancy and
another pregnancy since this video… do you think it could have been
hiccups or are you pretty sure it was kicks? I’m getting excited to start
feeling something but all my apps say is that I MIGHT feel hiccups. Either
way that’s so exciting and it’s so much fun to look back at your older
videos and see how much has changed in such a short time. :)

kShorty Ruff says:

Your hilarious about the orange because that’s how I feel

Rj Sujatha says:

Hi am 16 weeks pregnant now, am having the cramps at the nights i feel sick
only at the night times like dizziness, vomiting sensation, undigested,
cant even sleep properly and the biggest problem is i was already under
weight now again am going down losing weight am worrying dont know wat to
do? any suggestion?

lovelybuttify says:

u made me smilee!

TweedleTee10 says:

haha thank you ! :)

theresa hicks says:

Navel Orange doesnt seem that large when you have been pregnant previously
and had a watermelon inside of you! :]

TheSmackdwn says:

Ur just awesome…u make me smile when I watch ur videos because we seem to
have the same symptoms at the same time, ur genuine n it also has calmed
any concerns I’ve had:)

Amaddie D says:

See I’m 15 weeks now and I am cramping every day. I’m not bleeding or
spotting, but the cramps hurt. My doctor told me that it’s just my uterus
and all that stretching out. I get scared when the cramps come because I
don’t want a miscarriage or anything like that. Hopefully everything will
be okay. I find out next month what I am having and I am excited!!! I got
to hear the heart beat and I cried like a baby lol ^.^ God bless you and
your little family! Me and my husband are thrilled!!

ksHARRISfamily says:

how much weight did you gain in your first trimester, because you still
look super small, i have gained 5 but it looks like 20

radsecret says:

Torpedo = boy


You’re great im 15 weeks and your videos help me and they are not at all
boring thanks!

TweedleTee10 says:

lol it’s just length :)

TweedleTee10 says:

hmmm…in my 4 week video? haha. it’s never stuck out

Angela In Mamaland says:

Short and sweet, love the update! :) Navel orange- what?! This week I’ve
got a lime, a LIME (that’s relatively large) and I went “oooooh” when I
realized that was in LENGTH, and not weight and overall size – *phew*, too
fast for this mama.

xokizza says:

im 15 weeks too the cramps!!!!!! but as long as there not consistent

CuckingFracked2 says:

I would like for you to stand on one foot while juggling fire, all while
singing Kumbaya…thanks. -slowly getting caught up on your vids! Christa

lunawaffles says:

I had this problem and at the time I had a fever, so I went to an urgent
care just to be on the safe side. I asked the doctor about round ligament
pain and she said it shouldn’t be that. My actual doctor later told me
that’s exactly what it sounded like, so waste of money on an appointment
with some lady who didn’t know what she was talking about -_- lol. And I
felt movement in my 14-15th week too!!

Narneh1 says:

Woo hoo for feeling your baby.

TweedleTee10 says:

I really though maybe hoped that I was, but other than where it is,
everyone is saying girl. It’s really going to be a shock either way, I have
no conclusive thoughts about it.

TweedleTee10 says:

the scale fluctuates every week. this week it was 114ish? which would put
me up three pounds? but yeah, went bra shopping yesterday and was
extreeeeemely unimpressed with my body. it is hard sometimes.

MarieDyztiny Ndow says:

Did u experience bleeding with the cramps at 15 weeks?

TweedleTee10 says:

i didn’t even think of that!

Anna LiCausi says:

hi. im 15 weeks today with my 4th child. i have 1 girl and 2 boys. it looks
like your carrying a girl. my belly was low with my girl and my boys were
higher up. cramps are normal its your uterus stretching. howeverif its all
the time you should call the doc. and my belly is same way too. my bump is
all on the bottom lol

TweedleTee10 says:

all natural at home in the water! (if we can)

KaceesLife says:

I’m not even pregnant, or have ANY plans on being pregnant..and I love
watching your videos!!! And pleeease keep the intro..it’s really cute and
unique :)

TweedleTee10 says:

you’re a 47+ year old balding man with a pot belly who has a foot fetish,
aren’t you? does anyone ever actually take you up on this?

TweedleTee10 says:

so exciting!!!

Desaire Ring says:

Thanks for your vlog. Im 15 weeks today and I love visiting your page and
knowing whats going on&whats normal that week and I like to try and look
ahead and see what will happen next week. So at14 weeks I thought….i was
feeling the baby;they were like these little butterfly movements but
yesterday I KNOW FOR SURE I FELT IT; instead of little butterfly movements
I was FOR SURE feeling pops; it was crazy. An Ive been feeling more
movement when Im laying down or sleeping, its crazy cool!

MrMnichy says:

I never caught your Facebook! You always say your Facebook but we aren’t

XxbabyhopesxX says:

When are youll going to get a gender scan?

MammaJ55 says:

Yay for feeling the baby kick! First time I felt kicks felt like popcorn

TweedleTee10 says:

i can’t wait until they’re more defined :) and until other people can feel

cisum2003 says:

I’m 15 weeks tommorow

TweedleTee10 says:

yeeps…thanks :)

TheBrittbrat2341 says:

I think your intro is so cool! lol

That1HaleyGirl says:

lol! You’re so cute!

nopseudosleft56 says:

I would die to have your hair!!!

TweedleTee10 says:

i hope so! i will be SO HAPPY either way but i wanted a boy first :)

amy1w1 says:

I’m 15 weeks and I too was pretty stunned to hear the baby should be 4
inches now… I’m like where is it then?! I have a sort of hard area that
starts a few inches below my belly button but it’s not really a bump yet.

TweedleTee10 says:

hahaha. cute

Jam ella says:

everything is happening to me the exact same n im 15 weeks.

Aubreanna Baney says:

You may not think you need to show more belly since its in your intro, but
most people come to these videos for those prego shots…I do!! :)

Britneys MamaJourney says:

carrying low, you’re having a boy! :)

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