14 Weeks Pregnant – MY BELLY POPPED!!!

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I am 14 weeks pregnant now and my belly just popped! I thought I might have some time before I started showing, but nope. I weighed in at weight watchers for the last time and found out I’ve only gained 2 pounds since finding out I was pregnant. And in the next 4 weeks I’m supposed to gain about 8 more pounds!

The baby is about the size of a closed fist and almost weighing in at 1oz!

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Saewa says:

Actually I’m not sick at all just not hungry. 

Saewa says:

Thank you, I really try to eat as much as I can… 

Saewa says:

When I start to pregnant I lost 4 pond and now 14 weeks I’m not hungry at
all :( I worry I can’t eat anything beside fruit. How can I do?…. 

Gwyn B says:

I’ll be 14 weeks tomorrow and looking forward to looking pregnant. I lost
100lbs on WW and have excess skin.

Cathelijne de Jongste says:

I am so happy for you guys! Keeping you in my prayers!! You are looking
great, Dana :) I love how some women can look gorgeous when they’re
pregnant, and you are defenitely one of them! Thanks for the update!

Topping Family says:

Awww cute baby bump!!! SO glad your nausea is gone!! BEST feeling ever!!!!

theshaytardsarecool1 says:

i just add you so you can email to if you what to and your gsmily is so

Liz Mc says:

My 1st month I gained 13 pounds ! I’m 14 weeks today and I have people in
the store stop and ask when I’m due. When I tell them I’m due in Jan. 2014
they look shocked. I all ready look like I’m ready to pop. I’m happy that
your morning sickens is gone. :)

Kayla H says:

Such a cute bump Dana! :)

Dana Schmoyer says:

Aww, hang in there, it’ll all be worth it when you’re holding your little
one in your arms!

Fred Firestine says:

As a man, even after having watched this video, I am not asking if you’re
pregnant. Nope. Not gonna do it. Happy to see all is going well, though. :-)

Heather C says:

I am 14 weeks tomorrow, Aug 11th :)

Erinn O'Leary says:

Yay!! So happy everything going well!!!

theshaytardsarecool1 says:

@theshaytardsarecool1 p

katinatreesee says:

Hi! Really awesome meeting you in Philly 😀

HeyThatsHolly says:

How did I not know you were doing these? haha, I just subscribed, no idea
you had a channel! I love your bump, I am a week behind you and I would say
my bump is very similar in size :)

Danni .Evans says:

aww congradualtions i messaged you on facebook <3

Danni .Evans says:

well it was on your page my name is danielle namoi evans

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