Watch My Belly Grow! (5-36 Weeks Pregnant & Few Postpartum) VEDA Day 25

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Watch My Belly Grow from 5 Weeks to 36 Weeks Pregnant!! With Kinsley!
& Few Postpartum at the end! :)
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Sierra Giles says:

Oh wow! I literally looked like you had a watermelon stuffed under your
shirt because you were all belly and carrying SO high!

Jayla Jones says:

Or belly look so so big

erasmo rojero says:

she’s fine wish it was my baby(:

Eva Libowski says:

Good Video! But it was better with music…

Bryan Garcia says:

Cool video

Tiasha Shenae says:

Love It

HairStylistHeather says:

Thank youuu so much!!!

kim johnson says:

Very welcome

chloeclift16 says:

Wow so cute

HairStylistHeather says:

Neato! i love it:)

HairStylistHeather says:

i was 21 here:)

HairStylistHeather says:

– Thank You So Much!!!! :)

Jose Morales says:

You get extremely big ans still look very sexy still.

HairStylistHeather says:

thanks so much!

rebornlover whiting says:

Aww ur baby is so cute :)

sasha peters says:

Dang you got really skinny after pregnancy like a model

HairStylistHeather says:

– Awe Thank You SO much! :))

HairStylistHeather says:

– thank you!

HairStylistHeather says:


sahvanna lopez says:

can you give me advice om how not to get strech marks im not pregnant but i
thinki might need that when im like 30

angeles12lopez says:

That’s a beautiful family

alissa martinez says:

lol your daughter was born a day before my birthda!! that just made my day
my birthday is january 17th

HairStylistHeather says:

– I was 21 here! :) thank you!

HairStylistHeather says:

thank youuu i am 5’2

HairStylistHeather says:


Milica Kostic says:

Cute *.* family

Deanna Mombie says:

she is beautiful! (:

inspiredmom824 says:

Oh my gosh you look amazing!

Karolina Valerivna says:

Wow! Can we say a fucking retard. YOU said that 99% of moms pig out, not
me. Maybe you should read your own comment. Dumbass.

Twinpossible says:

You were rockin’ your style the whole way through your pregnancy…I LOVE
that:). You looked gorgeous before, during, and after. What a beeautiful
mother & daughter! God bless.

girlygirl073 says:

im tocophobic

HairStylistHeather says:

Thanks! :)

kdeerslayer says:

You look great with a belly !

weyheyitstilda says:

Shes gorgeous

Samantha Hajicek says:

How did you fit into an Abercrombie tanktop at 18 weeks?!

HairStylistHeather says:


UberAntisocialist says:

You sure popped in the second trimester! How tall (or not) are you? Cute
baby. God bless.

HairStylistHeather says:


sarahoc53 says:

Yeah… I’m going to be huge!

Cambria F. says:

I’m so glad that this all worked out for you and your baby is so cute!

HairStylistHeather says:

thanks so much=-]

Dionne Fryer says:

soo adorable :’) x

HairStylistHeather says:

im 24 now, then i was 21.

Pamela Anderson says:

are you on crack dumbass? Who said women cant get their figures back after
pregnancy? Get off the drugs and read my comment with a little more
attention. In case your blind eyes did not see and read it well I did not
mention anywhere women cant do that. Wow! can we say a crack-head lool

bollan2000 says:

So cool

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