tummy 2 weeks after giving birth

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heres my belly,granny pants,ugly nursing bra and beautiful baby boy.belly is much better than after last pregnancies but i can still pinch more than an inch,but it has only been two weeks so i will update again soon.takecare.x check out my story at



EP2807 says:

CONGRATULATIONS……….. :) im so happy for you all, and that you and
babe are healthy. Your tummy looks great…. i do so hope mine will just
like yours….im actively trying!

Savideth says:

Congratulations !

decee1778 says:

Please update! I’ve followed your journey and am curious as to how you look

GabinkaB says:

gorgeous baby, and it seems the tummy tuck actually helped your tummy to
stay quite firmer and flatter than most post- baby tummys :o) Thanks a lot
for posting this. After my twins I went under a tummy tuck and since then I
had been scared of a new pregnancy… I thought my belly could not resist
and would tear off!!! LOL But you have showed me it is not that big deal :o)

LuxieSadie says:

So @vfvaml1990 ur mad? Lol get over it bitch

Misty DK says:

Your tummy is not that bad at all! My stomach was huge after my first kid!

Workout Moms Malaysia says:

Your baby is so adorable..you made me have baby pangs. LOL!

Brandi Baca says:

thank you for posting this im a mom of 2 and expecting my 3rd but im
considering a tummy tuck after this one but idk if im dun having kids i
want to have a big family i only have on question for you did it hurt more
then normal when you got bigger like did it affect the scare at all

bentlooha says:

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You look great!! Your tummy really looks amazing and
your baby is beautiful!!! I am so happy for you :)

SassyQ87 says:

hes beautifuuuuuul! and you look awesome

Antoinette Pinnock says:

can i please see an update, its been more than a month. again congrats on
your baby boy

okaysnoopy says:

Awwww! Sweet precious baby!

linda treacy says:

so the prenancy did not “undo ” the tummy tuck thats amasin you’re tummy
doesn’t look like you had a baby

Caribeanqueen79 says:

OMG what a cutie pie!! I’d love to see more recent pics of your belly!

LadyChimpson says:

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy, he’s gourgous!!!! Wow your
tummy looks amazing! there’s no baggy skin or anything! and who cares about
a few tiny stretch marks that will fade anyway because by the looks of
things you will have a tight flat tummy again in no time! Thank you so much
for these video’s, I may just try for a couple more one day.x

C'est Angele says:

OMG! You look amazing!! Congrats! wow! Who says not to get preggers after a
TT, you look fantastic!!

TJ James says:

U have a adorable baby, please add more videos.s

TheSweetdarkdoll says:

Congrats!! I am also trying to get pregnant after my tummy tuck! God bless
u and give you long life and health together with that nice creature!

uksuperstar1 says:

omg that baby looks so cute and ur tummy tuck still looks great like u were
barely even prego

TheBUNNII27 says:


natty says:

Congrats on the new baby….

joysdabomb says:

Hello I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago and am now 7 weeks pregnant. I would
love to see how you now. Post again if you can. Best wishes to you!!

jenna cross says:

put some fucking clothes on

PageF1975 says:

Your tummy still looks rather nice after having a baby. Can I get the
infomation on who and where you got your tt work done at?

Antoinette Pinnock says:

wow, you look great, i am amazed how flat your tummy is now, i had a tummy
tuck a yr and 2 months ago and now i am 6 months pregnant, u give me hope.
thank you.YOUR SON IS BEAUTIFULL AND BIG :-) how much did he weigh?

VeeNatural says:

Congrats on the baby! You stomach looks great. I’m anxious to hear an
update but I understabd how busy you must be.

LYE PYC says:

OMG thank u so much for ur videos

The Umbreon says:

Congratulations for the adorable baby.he is so cute…..!!! ♥_♥ You have
ALWAYS been an Idol for pregnancy after TT…just one question please , was
your delivery a C-Section or Normal ?? ty and good luck ♥

Deena Connery says:

Gosh I could not believe my eyes, the TT is not much affected by the
pregnancy and this is only two weeks postpartum, how much did the baby
weigh? how much did you gain throughoutt the pregnancy and did you watch
youe weight or have a special diet ? more pics pleas, thanks

minziej says:

Congratulations on the beautiful babyl. Your tummy looks great. I had tt 3
years ago and am considering pregnancy with my new spouse. Thank you for
posting this. Brave and helpful for other woman in the same situation.

The Umbreon says:

you are my idol for becoming pregnancy after a TT…just one question
please..was it a c-section or normal delivery ??

BERITA31 says:

de verdad estas personas , se operan para nada creo que las mujeres que se
hacen estas operaciones es por que no “tendran mas hijos” porque dañan la
cirujia que horrible

Jessica Lee says:

I dont get why girls would get pregnant after a tummy tuck all the money
you spent just to get it again, dont want to bash parenting skills on
anyone cuz Im not perfect but your kids looks like they could use a lil
more attention from you the lil girl didnt even have her hair fixed!!
Please girls dont be so selfish to get a tummy tuck go thru all the pain
and time for people to help you only to get pregnant again so selfish!!

pinkkrosse says:

ur baby is precious i wanna get my tt but only have one baby and of course
i want more but later like in 5 years … i dont want to wait until im done
with babies i wanna live my live now…. thanks 4 ur videos

wavey1490 says:

thankyou all of you xxx baby is 14 weeks now and doing great

Spade Clark says:

Hello, I have a question . I just lost alot of weight and according to the
doctor, I have nothing but lose skin. He recommended a tummy tuck: however,
I still want more kids. How is it now. Your tummy is looking great

meleciale says:

Amazing, this is why it is worth to live, I’am 2 months pregnant and my TT
is one year old, I’m so scared, but I know everything is gonna be Ok.
Congratulaton, and thanks God everything went so fine. I know is gonna be
hard because even know I’m starting to feel it, because on my two first
pregnancies, I got a big fat belly. I lost 75 lbs. and after that got TT.
and now I’m starting again. jajaja

Cassandra Jenkins says:

You look amazing for 2 weeks post partum, and you’re little guy is adorable.

john121a says:

Show your nursing bra…

ThePenguinmummy says:

You look absolutely fantastic. You do not need to redo the surgery, hope I
look as good as you when I give birth. You don’t look as though you’ve been
pregnant at all. Congratulations on the new arrival.

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