Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercises ★ Beautiful Belly & Healthy Pregnancy Workout

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Here are some exercises I did during my third trimester. This workout helped me stay in shape during my pregnancy and, I’m sure, contributed a lot during delivery :)
Hope you will find it useful. Talk to you doctor. ♦


Alyssa Wade says:

But how did you tie your gym shoes though??? That’s the REAL work out right

Sarahandherworld says:

congratulations :)

Morgan Rudley says:

I wish I started this work out early on but no time like now! Thanks for
the exercise video! I love it!!

Deviltje123 says:

A nice routine for beginners :)

Alana J says:

I love it! :) <3

Babycare TENS says:

Great! :)

haha says:

Who would unlike this video? I don’t understand

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