request : big pregnant belly

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i got some requests to do a fake pregnant belly so i thought i’d try it out after i’d filled up on burger king the other night.

it felt soooo good-how does it look? felt really heavy and fully, rubbing my huge tummy felt amazing.

this heavy belly is make me tired though, i think i need someone to rub it for me….

please send me other requests too!



you made we wet. down below……

Lacie Walker says:

Your big when are you due

david headd says:


clamt roll says:

can you make more videos please?

Alexxi Luna says:


catgirl479 says:

you people are freaks

couvadebelly says:

AMAZING. I wish I would have thought to ask you to do this a long time ago!

shadowddr says:

better than a pillow stuffing would be if that was your real belly

beachhouse23 says:

i will soon! don’t worry!

pulseraptor says:

Wait, that massive amazing round bulge was just your stuffed belly? That’s
so incredibly sexy.

fmbluver says:

I think I’d rather just see you beautiful round natural bell all stuffed w/
BK to the max. No gorgeous, deep belly button to oogle over? :(

kaspatheghost419 says:

Do u make private vids?

Grace Parks says:

Do another one except lay down and make it as big as it was and show your

emma nelson says:

She is not pregnant

couvadebelly says:

I would loooove to see you do something like this again! Would you be up
for it?

Abombx5000 says:

i like it but imho your natural belly was good enough. my request would be
you an alien inside trying to escape your belly, having it puff in and out.

GuiltyOfFood25 says:

To bad you didn’t pull your shirt up to show your belly.

Growing Belly says:

You’re soooo cute xx

kevinojonessr says:

what about a outgrown jeans and tshirts on a very full belly

CarterFarter214 says:

Looks like twins

jolth says:

I’ll rub it :3 And It looked great! 😀

e71aa says:

@asdf, look at it this way, Beach house is fulfilling her own fantasies too

jonathan carlson says:

You should do a vid with a friend (:

hi says:

WTF is wrong with you people?

tulsatrash says:

welcome back.

kevin10001 says:

Where did you get the cute sweater your wearing in the pic

victoria garza says:

Keep your (pregnant) stomach forever you look so beautifull that big!!

john magee says:

If I was your boyfriend and that was your regular belly omg I would smash
you every night 😉

YCSTeam says:

couldn’t you do some fake pregnancy videos, with just your natural belly?
Inbox me if so!

Jeff Johnson says:

I wanna see your real belly!!

Anubis1262 says:

More vids like this! You rock!!

mike taveras says:

Can you inflate

Brittany Keith says:

I missed you!!! You should post a Terrble tummy ache

sarah hayes says:


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