Pregnant belly

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chad croger says:

sexy kicking

Rachel Mayfield says:

@jjaakkuuzzee Coldplay – Clocks

laurenashley420 says:

love it! i’m 21 weeks pregnant && can’t wait. this actually made me

LILmoneymaker36504 says:

whats the song plzzz tell meee

TeresaPiers says:

I hope so! I can’t wait to meet him. There will be good times, and I will
remember that in the middle of the night as I clean up baby crap. The boy’s
father is also happy. I nearly blew a gasket when my friend suggested I
“get rid of it” because it would be “hard.” Well, life is never easy
anyway. So why should we do things that we will only regret. Right? This
child is part of both the father and myself, how could we just give up
because it would be easy… LOL- giving up would be harder!

Gerkc1 says:

Dats so amazing…. im 23wks wit my second baby, i forgot how big and
visible they get… its d weirdest feelin ever but its lovely…

Twister2111 says:

Your belly its huge

Justin Burns says:

thats a alien inside you……

CrimsonEmpire says:

terrifying….you were all thinking it.

TeresaPiers says:

I know I don’t. lol … 7 weeks left for my due date. Then after that I
still won’t sleep. LOL

brittgonya says:

That is not comfortable, when the baby is all lopsided. :)

MammaMarianna says:

@DustyBack2Rock LOL

Jandi Rose says:

@wikketdawg She weighted only 6 pounds.

valencia653 says:

@DustyBack2Rock because your dick does not have to go through nine months
of carrying it. Plus the painful ending to a new beginning. ^_^

hannah hooper says:

that looks painful!

305lamala says:

oh oh. but i’m sure getting pregnant and have a baby is the best thing that
can happen to a woman. (sry for my english. i’m austrian)

Kellie Knowles says:


leiahbug7 says:

rood ass

iLikeUrChopstickz says:

How exciting! This looks so cool! My mom told me I used to do this to her!

irinia83 says:

Obese?? Don’t worry….Check my video…. Luv, Irinia

Jade Ashley says:

what’s the name of this song?

harmony120909 says:

@oliness im currently 34 weeks pregnant.. & idt tis comment is directed to
anyone but thank you. that just really made me feel good (=

Ing00 says:

omg thats hughe ! it looks like twins

Revolationsz says:

the song is clocks by coldplay

Kuromikio says:

hi my name is kevin what is your name

MrAa8888 says:

What song is playing (Sounds like something from K-Pax)?

CFAJI says:

I remember those days

bree2496 says:

omg…that’s so adorable, that makes me xcited 2have children in the
future; the plan is when im 30, im 19 now.

bree2496 says:

@DustyBack2Rock omg…lol, good one.

Newt Graham says:

@princessmarthajandio Actually babies are guilty of original sin. The bible
never says otherwise so therefore they go to hell if they die. The catholic
church struggled with this issue for quite some time. That is why they
invented purgatory… only to be recanted. “sorry that place we said your
baby whent when it died didn’t actually exist”

Ashley Umphlet says:

this was so beautiful. The song helped to set the mood. Blessings!

stephaniebrown6585 says:

thats amazing, my daughter did this too, once we could clearly make out the
shape of her hand, no one believed us but it was amazing to see and my
parents were there so they seen it too, im 22 weeks with my second and cant
wait for this stage, i loved the feeling of her distorting my tummy so
much. no other feeling like it in the world.congrats

Jandi Rose says:

@XxLuciferousxX It’s part of life. You do get a baby in the end, so it’s
worth it.

Jens De Vos says:

lol i saw big bellys but this OMG how can u get it so big girl… howd did
u do that and ur belly isnt really normal form huh… its sjut funny the
form of her belly jsut so funny but would needed to make a new one you
titled it want out but its not even moving so i wonder that it wants out or
not i give that litle thingy in there 1 good advice keep in there this
wordl is so stupid and boring… keep in there free food for the litle

beautifulace08 says:

oh my goodness! that looks painful!

missmep1 says:

wow, i just found out i’m pregnant so i can’t feel my baby yet but i bet
it’s the weirdest feeling :) to have a life growing inside of you is amazing

evieromero16 says:

It so amazing , my little girl moves like that!

ZeitIstKurtz says:

AWW we’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months :[ no luck… Congrats
for you though

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