Natural Remedy for Saggy Stomach Skin : Natural Skin Care

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If you’ve got saggy stomach skin, the problem may have came about from being pregnant or losing weight too quickly. Find out about a great natural remedy for saggy stomach skin with help from an experienced skin care professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Regina Di Silvestro
Bio: Regina Di Silvestro is an herbalist, Natural Product, Peptide and Cosmetic chemist and creator of RD Alchemy Natural Products.
Filmmaker: Rick Stephens

Series Description: It is always important to think very carefully about taking care of your skin no matter how young or old you happen to be. Get tips on natural skin care with help from an experienced skin care professional in this free video series.


santana6481 says:

+Rami Hayek
*Thats so wrong. Cellulite is not a medical term. It was coined in*
*European spas & beauty salons to refer to the unsightly dimples*
*and bumps on the skin of many women. Good thing i have my*
*program with me that works great! I tried it few months back and it*
*did what it promised! cellulite was gone permanently ,^^*

Let there be light says:

I am from Denmark. I am not sure what a few of the tings would be over
here. Would you write it down for me.The names of it. Green, tea, coffe,oil
we have. ; – ).

Deborah Hopper says:

I’ll give this a try, Thank you.

Jorbin Gonzalez says:

Guys this isn’t true lol just face the facts that the only way your going
to get the body you want is bye eating the right foods in that case keeping
a strict diet and exercise come on you can’t be taking these supplements
their a joke just do what you need to do good luck at the end of the day
I’m just giving advice bye ;)

Dorothy Rowe says:

Thank you so much for this recipe. Can I make a double batch and
refrigerate half for the following day?

ashley duke says:

where do I get all these products ???

Ann Arroyo says:

The clay that you are using in the video can you spell that and where can I
buy this clay

MsRotgra says:

+Manh Vannguyen
*I decided to browse google for cellulite remover I wasnt gonna buy any
creams or do any expensive wrap sessions. I just wanted to see what is out
there. I found there program and couldnt wait to get started. After a first
few times I could feel and see the results.I knew it was working! And the
best thing is i was not sore that bad! My butt looks really good now.* yehe

Marcella Beeks says:


Myra Slater says:

Natural Remedy for Saggy Stomach Skin : Natural S…:

LambsSlayDragons says:

Looks like Nutella.

Luke Anthony says:

In the video you say that tea and coffee work by “shrinking the cell

This is absolute pseudo-science nonsense, based on outdated myths.

In fact, when a skin cell shrinks it is actually dehydrated, and that’s not
good for a saggy tummy. When skin cells are plump it’s because they’re full
of moisture.

The best way to moisturise skin is from the inside, by drinking plenty of

I’m sure this is very therapeutic, but it’s not a cure for a saggy stomach.

D Pham says:

Can we make this ahead or we can only make this just before the treatment?
If this work for stomach, does this work for saggy breasts also? thanks for
sharing this recipe.

Patty Webster says:

Can you make more of the recipe and store it in the refrigerator or
something? Instead of mixing each time?

Alma Talledo says:

Could you please repite again the first ingredient

doostdore says:

Great advice and she seemed lovely! Thanks!

Ali Razz says:

Could you please write down in ingredients name

Silvia Rodriguez says:

I’m going to try this 

Aleasha Rowe says:

I’m wondering, does this help tone your abs?

lucybondify says:

*What I liked about the program is that it isnt just powerful in getting
rid of cellulite but it doesnt require harmful devices, tools that is not
effective and unpleasant eating habits modifications, Its all pure workout
techniques. it did wonders to my skin.:)*

D Pham says:

Oh, can we use ground coffee and matcha instead of just coffee and tea?

tator9955 says:

I have a question! I’ve been using this for the last 3 weeks and I dont see
really any difference should I use it everyday? Also is it ok to go to
sleep with it on or should I wash it off cause I actually have been putting
it on after I get out the shower? Also do you happen to know if coconut oil
is good for stretch marks?

qhiramini says:

how long does mixture keep? does it have to be refrigerated? does this work
for other parts of the body?

borikenazul says:


Marcus Garland says:

Wow!!!!!! Great info….

tator9955 says:

Also I make a small portion at a time since the red clay is 5.99 a jar here
where I live.. but my question is I always have some left over and i just
leave it in a cup and put some aluminum foil over it and use it for the
rest of the week is it ok if i do that please let me know.. Thanks

Jennifer Almarez says:

how do u spell the last product mentioned to make this

angela mcghee says:

I’m having trouble finding witch hazel extract, could I use tea tree oil

Joyce Jutras says:

I am wondering if you have a recipe for a cellulite gel or lotion?

PearsFranceRome says:

Try looking or ordering from the vitamin shoppe

james soames says:

does this actually work??????

Gorgeousbronze -Madison- says:

This is going on my butt.

Yeyi Goldsworthy says:

thanks for posting this video! What’s the name of the clay you are using
here and where can I get it?

Carolina Rodriguez says:

How long to start seening results;)

RD Alchemy says:

Hi Jill, yes! It is best to use caffeinated coffee. Thank you for
clarifying that. You can use decaffeinated as that will also have the
tightening tannin compounds and therefore still have an effect, but the
caffeine in the regular coffee will also help to tighten and shrink
tissues! – Regina presenter of this video of RD Alchemy Natural Products

lisantrouble says:

I usually use a cellophane wrap after the initial detox treatment and then
a wrap over the cellophane wrap. Would this aid the treatment?

RD Alchemy says:

Hi Lili, yes that is Red Moroccan Clay. I like this one as it tends to be
very drawing and tightening and has a high mineral content. You can use
other clays, however as long as they are marked for cosmetic use, not for
general purpose ie. art projects, painting etc. as those can contain high
levels of lead and arsenic. I mentioned that in the video, but it was cut
out during editing to keep the time short. – Regina presenter of this video
from RD Alchemy Natural Products

virgolmw says:

cool can u use this for saggy breast, flabby arms or buttocks. lol and how
soon do u think I will see results.

Axiroxa Iruxado says:

Wow, this is pretty neat. Thanks for uploading the video.

TheCajunbrazin says:

You can get it at amazon or any organic web sites or if you’re really lucky
any localized organic stores in you’re area .

RD Alchemy says:

Hi yes Rosyhopes, this masque treatment does have coffee (preferably
caffeinated), witch hazel extract, tea (preferably black), vegetable oil
(avocado, almond, olive.. which ever your preferance) and then red moroccan
clay. You can also use betonite clay which tends to be easier to find in
the stores but not as strong. Also any kaolin clay (aka china clay). Have
Fun! Regina – video presenter from RD Alchemy Natural Products

crystal k says:

you are ruining the wrap :( , get a waterproof wrap . or try food wrap .

RD Alchemy says:

Hi, yes you can use a wrap also, but it isn’t necessary. Its good to let
the clay dry as that is also what contributes to the tightening and
detoxifying qualities. So maybe wrap for a few minutes, then remove the
wrap and let it dry or try out both ways completely and see what works best
for your body as everyone is different. – Have Fun! – Regina video
presenter from RD Alchemy Natural Products San Diego, CA

Carmen Bozga says:

Coffee, vegetable oil, witch hazel extract, green/black tea, clay ( red
maroccan clay)

ilianesan says:

Were can we buy the mud stuff

RD Alchemy says:

Hi, yes you can use it on other areas of your body!. Your best bet is to do
it at least once daily, everyday. You should notice a difference within 2-3
weeks of regular application. Once you have done it for a while you can
slowly cut down to 2-3 times a week as needed. Of course it depends on your
body type and your level of tightening needed and results will vary. Try to
apply it 15-20 minutes prior to showering, let it dry then jump in the
shower to rinse. Have fun! – Regina video presenter

RD Alchemy says:

Hi Claudia, Yes you could substitute the clay and use aloe gel instead or
pure aloe and then just apply it daily like a regular gel/light lotion and
leave it on. This video is for a treatment masque and the clay will help
tighten, but over time the aloe substitute will work too. Best to make both
and do the masque as often as possible and then apply the gel 1-2 times
daily, Then you get the best of both worlds! – Regina presenter of this
video from RD Alchemy Natural Products in San Diego, CA

lisantrouble says:

Will using a wrap assist the process? Seems the two would work in

RD Alchemy says:

Hi, you can purchase many clays at health food stores or you can always get
it from our shop. I can’t list the website in the comments section but it
is mentioned in the “show more” section listed below the video. – Have Fun!
– Regina video presenter from RD Alchemy Natural Products in San Diego, CA

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